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Playable Characters

There are 6 playable races in the game. Humans, Elves, and Dwarves are playable for free. Draegoni, Orchans, and Gnomes you have to pay for.

Humans feel the need to create a shelter by cutting down trees, and anything else that stands in their way, and to constantly create, build, and improve things. They hunt animals for food, as well as eating the vegetation of the land. The humans take whatever they could and use it to their advantage. Although they also show compassion, kindness, and generosity when the times are right. They have many abilities and create big cities and towns.

Elves revere life, and are very careful not to waste things. They hunt animals in low moderation, always giving thanks to their god when they kill, and before they eat. They build their homes in the forests, in a style all their own. The Elves are very friendly to the most of the other races, but have a deep hatred for everything they consider to be evil (such as the goblins, orcs, ogres, etc.), and don't fully trust the dwarves or the orchan (whom they consider barbaric). The Elves are very knowledgeable, and harbor a great repository of historical books in libraries which they open to all, for they live lives of up to five times that of a human.

Dwarves stay to themselves the majority of the time. They don't travel too much, preferring the warmth and comfort of their own home to the outside world. Dwarves are excellent craftsmen. They build the most sturdy and elaborate structures, the most accurately carved statues, and exquisite jewelry. They carve wood, chip stone, and shape metal until it is almost perfect. Because of this they generally have their homes in or around caves, building mines that they share together.

Gnomes are another small dwarfish race, but unlike dwarves they are outgoing social travelers. They are also pretty good craftsmen, and tailors of clothing. Another skill of theirs is map making, although you can never trust a Gnome's map to be 100% accurate all the time. And not to forget their insatiable curiosity for trying to find a new invention for one of life's many difficulties. They are probably the most helpful, generous, and unbiased of all the races.

Draegoni are what look to be a cross between a human and a dragon, yet much more human than dragon like. Legend says that they are children of the mythical dragon god, Iringold. They are highly magical beings that dwell in the colder regions on the extreme ends of the world. It is said that their inherent magical abilities come from the dragon blood that is mixed in their veins, and in their few scales that sparkle on their bodies.

Orchans were named so because they look like a cross between a human, and an orc. Whether or not they were bred that way is a commonly disputed topic, no one knows for sure. There are legends and myths going in each direction. They are a people that believe in judging someone on their strength, heroism, and bravery. They hold many contests of strength, and also elect their leaders by the competitions. Many of them are fights to the death, which the other races see them as being barbaric. They are also very honorable however, always keeping their word when they took an oath, even if it means their life is at stake.

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