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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are/will be the system requirements for the game?
A. Right now, the minimal system requirements are: P2 450, OpenGl 1.2 compliant video accelerator (it works fine on a Vanta TNT2 8MB), 128 RAM, and at least a 28 Kbauds Internet connection... these requirements might get higher/lower during the development of the game.

Q. When will the game be finished?
A. We don't know yet, it highly depends on people's input, suggestions, help, time, etc...

Q. Will the game be free?
A. Yes the game will always be free. We will however sell extra features such as items, different playable races, and other misc. things. Check out the Shop page to see some of the things available.

Q. How many races, skills, items, etc. will you have?
A. So far, we have six playable races, and two genders for each race. However only three of the races are free to use(elves, dwarves, humans). The other three you must pay for.
The skills so far are: harvesting, attack, defense, alchemy, magic, potion, summoning, manufacturing, tailoring, ranging, engineering, and crafting. More will be added in the future.
There are many items in the game, too many to list. For an example of some of the more common, click on the Items page.

Q. What programs do you use to create the 3d and 2d art?
A. Right now we're using Blender for the 3D models & animations, and Adobe® Photoshop® software for the 2D art/textures.

Q. What programming language do you guys use for this game?
A. This game is entirely made in C, using SDL and OpenGL.

Q. Do you need volunteers? I am an artist/programmer, and I would like to help.
A.We do have a need for programmers (c/c++ only), check here for projects available: Programming Forum. If something you'd like to program for the game is not listed there, you're still welcome to propose it on the forums. Right now, no more artwork or sound and music is needed.

Q. Is there any payment for the volunteers?
A. The very concept of volunteering is to do things for free, so there will be no guarantee of getting anything for free. However, you of course retain full credit for anything you have done to help us with, your name & info will go on the volunteers page.

Q. I have a question that is not responded here.
A. Then go to the forums page, register, and ask in the appropriate category.