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    You are not being honest, you never bought it, you forced koizu to scam it for you. Secondly you also tried to scam _killer_guy_ char and succeeded in doing so and I am always thankful to Aquila who locked the char and Radu who helped me get the pass back for Killer Guy char. You earned that title when u first scammed Cadecues for his char and you still living upto it. Oh yes i did ask you and also asked radu to ask you on my behalf to return the char but you never had a conscience to return the char you "scammed". I understand that char was tempting but i have been hearing about this " pay vio the gc for his loss" since you and koizu scammed me. Yesterday you had a chat with me about that and you wanted me to farm instance with you so that you can give me gc, which i find very lame coz i dont trust you m8 and you earned that. But if you still wanna get clear of that scammed tag you should pay radu the 30 mil gc coz i have a feeling that after this post here you will make a post soon saying that " i have paid vio " just like you say " you bought rather than scammed the char" I am sure you earned a lot from those gold coins you sold. So when u pay radu the 30 mil gc or return char i will be first to say you have a clean conscience , until then please drop this act. One more thing you need to know , you got name change to "kingpin" coz i wanted my name back, so i am thankful to radu who did not let you change your name this time and let you hide away with your tag as "scammer". cheers Hi kaddy When you have a char with awesome sto and all attributes maxed to 48, lend him your password and we shall see about your opinion <3 Oh and i know sharing password to a "good friend "was my mistake so i am not interested in any 2 cents about risk about sharing passwords. Ty all vio
  3. Ranging fix

    +1 FT
  4. Ranging fix

    Well it helps while taking little blue dragons and giants off you while doing casty/ bricker and we wont have serpers and enemies if its fixed, New players wont need to learn it as their wont be much left to learn, so it will be boring. But then again i would back up cherut and vote it to be fixed <3 cher
  5. PK contest

    i like it , but prizes need to be above 500kgc for each slot
  6. http://imgur.com/a/ibxq5
  7. i died twice and lost 2 bricks because of it
  8. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    i give up, i am unable to do anything, whenever it is fixed plz post here so i can log back , ty
  9. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    vino plz send link i cant find anything
  10. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    i am not good with this plz explain step by step
  11. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    i cant login any of chars -- from india
  12. I totally agree with maxine and vino, game will be more fun and interesting. More players are always good and EL is the best online game indeed. i always agreed radu should take some % on character sale, people are spending thousands of $ and would easily pay for the percentage. There should also be an email verification tagged to char so when password is changed you get confirmation. So less scammers better game.
  13. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    not bad idea indeed , add more perks
  14. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted no , there are much more things to look into before raising caps. Need more OA lvl to get pick points, need good perks. Raising caps would ruin the game and maybe loose more players. There are other ways to make the game more interesting than to increase caps.
  15. PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

    yes there will be spectator guild for those who want to watch