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  1. Photography stuff

    Cute cat!
  2. Afk mastery quest

    Great, could we please have a quest to break fire/ice arrows?
  3. Invasions

    I've noticed that often they are in caves on C2 so as to allow people to do dailies and such on main maps.
  4. Hi, could I clarify which instance creature drops p2p coupons?
  5. Hi, As there have been a few new suggestions recently with the new client updates, I thought I'd contribute one of my own here. I tend to watch these numbers down below when I'm trying to figure out how much my maximum mirror damage is, or maximum critical damage from a particular monster, instead of watching the floating numbers above my character as it's harder to see which numbers belong to which player. I realize now that this could be fixed by turning off others' health information in instance mode, but could these numbers be displayed all the time and not just while cursor is over the health bar on bottom? Thank you for all the work that's gone into the client and the new quality of life features!
  6. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    In any case, thank you so much for sharing so much of the code!
  7. Random Experience Giver

    Hi, Surely others have better data, but from what I've seen they cap out at ~100k exp, independent of skill levels.
  8. chart

    Hi, First, critical-to-hits are unaccounted for. Second, it appears to imply that in case of a failed critical-to-damage roll toughness does not serve to aid armor in absorbing damage. Third, I believe "critical dodge" is misplaced. Shouldn't a critical dodge (such as from eva) have a chance to occur in response to any hit, not just critical-to-damage?
  9. Out of curiosity, has anyone tried carrying, say, 1 evtr ring and 100 anitora rings? Or is it definite you need 100 of each in inventory?
  10. Change icons for degraded items

    I've seen a bug where degraded ice dragon cuisses will appear as a female goblin or orc token in the trade window. Sounds like some icons need some fine tuning anyways, and perhaps that isn't the only item it happens with.