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Found 3 results

  1. 80100 invance signup

    Hi, I am not entirely sure what to put here, but I would like to organize daily 80100 invances. We already have 4-5 players in the range that are always interested, but not always on at the same time. I'm not really looking to have the massive invances from before, but perhaps if enough people are interested we could even try to schedule a second team to run! All skill levels are welcome, and if you are just looking to gate we can definitely use you too! Currently our group seems to all be available at about 2200-midnight GMT, or noon-1400 PST/PDT. However, this doesn't appear to be a great time for others, like Maxine or Jofuran. I, for one, am generally available between noon and maybe 1900 PST. Please comment below with your typical availability and any questions you may have. We'd love to have you run with us!
  2. Basically first you want to learn how to survive there and how to win as a team. But you can only learn that by going there as a complete noob and knowing how strong some monsters are compared to you. This is very discouraging and many players will consider them too weak to join one of those. So what if you don't drop any stuff when you die in your first 10 invances? Even more, once you get invance lvl 40 you get a pop up saying you can do those and get encouraged to join. Maybe even make a quest that will reward you with 1 rostogol stone after your first successfully 10 invances. And the same for the instance.
  3. High level monster drops

    This is another poll that has nothing to do with any official discussion or plans for change (afaik). I am simply curious how other people feel about this topic. Currently, when fighting high level monsters like the Bulangiu and Mare Bulangiu it is possible to put in a lot of effort and resources for the chance at a pretty decent drop or a really crappy one. My question is this: Do you like the system the way it is now where you have a chance for a really low drop and a really high drop OR would you like to see a system where there is a decent sized minimum drop in exchange for a slightly lower high end drop? Again, this is just me being curious as to how other people who experience these drops (instancers, invancers, invasion attenders) feel about the subject. It has not sprung from discussion anywhere in 6 or on forums or anywhere else lately.