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Ultimate PKer Contest September 7 2015

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Do you think you are a good pker, but can't compete?


PK Contest to be held in 2 Weeks, Sunday September 6th 2015 @ 18:00GMT


Contest Rules:


You will need to create a new charater and it must have PKC in it's name. For example, I would create a char called WizzyPKC

You will have two weeks to train up your charater.


You Can trade with your Main charaters Freely


You will be limted to Human Nexus 4 Equipment must be limited to Human 4, and resets while wearing equipment or nexus transfer is not allowed


Gods, Perks, Attributes are up to the player


Equipment restrictions and other Bans for contest

No Summoning (Includes Stones)

No Bombs, Wards, Caltrops

No Glowy Swords, Bolts or Arrows


No Brod, Bod or swords with those effects.

No Elven Bow

No rare Magic armor, Ubbers, Tit Helm of Life, Ect.




Contest will have two parts.

Team events (chosen at random) in KF

And Last player standing (arena)


You have two weeks to prepare.


Prizes (So far determined)


1st Place Team contest 10 daily cooldown reducers

10 Haidir Passes

5 Horse Whistles

2nd Place Team contest 100K GC


1st Place Arena Challange 1 Purple Royal Cape


2nd Place Arena Challange 1 Red Royal Cape





Please add your +1 to this thread if you are participating



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What time will this happen? If it's a suitable time for me then +1 LittleLooter

To be determined, I am trying to figure out the best time for Euro/America. I am thinking about 2:00 AST which would make 18:00 GMT, and 10am Pacific

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If you haven't made a character yet, now is the time! A quick start guide for you to hit 40-50 by saturday:


1. Get human 4 and the rest of your initial pp in coord.


2. Buy magic sigils, spam noob heal from now on whether you need to heal or not until you can cast shield.


3. Get mortos or aluwen and take unolas. If you dont know how to get to the magic god without teleporting, ask a friend.


4. Do some novac quests until you can train wolves.


5. You should be able to take negs, so take power hungry, antisocial, Scotty died, and icd (you can remove later but early pp help alot). Raise your coord to 20, phys to 8, and take some will.


6. Go to haidir and uses passes until you get raccoons or sprites. Kill them but do not turn in yet. You shouldn't need many passes since there are few options available.


7. Go to daritha and use passes until you get tit chain or tit shorts, but agan don't turn in.


8. Wait for tzu day this saturday (and send caduceus with thank you spam xD)


9. If you are bored waiting for tzu, train wolvea or goblins, or work on novac.


10. On tzu, do darithas buy xp quest (Not daily).


11. On tzu, do dagger training quest.


12. Now turn in dailies, whicher gives lower xp/level first (probably raccoons unles you accepted a bad daritha).


You should be close to 40 a/d and ok magic level with just a few hours of prep time. There is also supposed to be a magic day saturday, so if you have extra time you might want to get shield/MI ings ready.


Note: if a mod wants to delete because of quest content, please edit post instead ^^.

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Thanks everyone who participated in this event. Do remember this was a test run for a much larger contest planned (details soon)


Congratz to Cad and Rabbitman 1st and second place.

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So here my photos of that nice event :).


After the fast slaughter in KF and the winning team RED, it was time to move on to

the 1vs1 last man standing round.


Spectators gathering to watch the fights in the dpa 40 arena:



Starring RabbitmanPKC and LittleLooterPKC in and interesting fight:



For the final we moved on to the WS arena:



The final fight demanded a long breath from the spectators but it was interesting to see the different strategies:



Gratulations for the winner: CaduceusPKC and I hope we had all fun.

Maybe we get a bit more balanced teams for the first round (team vs team) :)


So looking forward to see you all for Wizzys second - already announced Contest.

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