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Found 1 result

  1. Do you think you are a good pker, but can't compete? PK Contest to be held in 2 Weeks, Sunday September 6th 2015 @ 18:00GMT Contest Rules: You will need to create a new charater and it must have PKC in it's name. For example, I would create a char called WizzyPKC You will have two weeks to train up your charater. You Can trade with your Main charaters Freely You will be limted to Human Nexus 4 Equipment must be limited to Human 4, and resets while wearing equipment or nexus transfer is not allowed Gods, Perks, Attributes are up to the player Equipment restrictions and other Bans for contest No Summoning (Includes Stones) No Bombs, Wards, Caltrops No Glowy Swords, Bolts or Arrows No RDHOLM No Brod, Bod or swords with those effects. No Elven Bow No rare Magic armor, Ubbers, Tit Helm of Life, Ect. Contest will have two parts. Team events (chosen at random) in KF And Last player standing (arena) You have two weeks to prepare. Prizes (So far determined) 1st Place Team contest 10 daily cooldown reducers 10 Haidir Passes 5 Horse Whistles 2nd Place Team contest 100K GC 1st Place Arena Challange 1 Purple Royal Cape 2nd Place Arena Challange 1 Red Royal Cape Please add your +1 to this thread if you are participating Wizz