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  1. I have to agree with RM there, I have seen rostos for 60kgc then they rose up to 80kgc. Then suddently they dropped back down to almost 60kgc and now again back up to 80-100kgc. So I can imagine that there were some bots invovled in those price changes. Or how would you explain that the price did drop again after it already was at 80kgc. I think that this first rise to 80kgc was made, but then dropped again as there were still enough rostos around. Question is if the current price right now is made again or if there really is that lack of rostos that would drive the prices up. On a side node: How do you like the suggestion i made previous (no one but Maxine replied so far)
  2. This topic was actually ment to make a survey. But as people have started to also try to supply some suggestions to the topic I will also misuse this topic to write down a idea I had this morning. How about introducing an item called: Rosto Splint. I would think of those Splints worth around 10kgc and one splint only protects gear of human nexus 1. 2 splints protect human nexus 2 gear 3 splints .... and so on That way if you don't have such a high end expensive gear you also dont need that much gc to protect it. If you die and have a rosto it will burst into rosto splints and you have a chance of xx% to keep rosto splints. So maybe you end up with 3 out of those 8, thus dieing with a rosto doesn't hurt so much. Also those rosto splints can be found harvesting or from mobs (maybe more frequent than rostos do, for the smaller players def. a nice feature, as they only need splints) In oder to limit the splint price to go up, make NPC sell it for 10kgc each. Also: make 8 individual rosto splints joinable (what ever skill ) back into a rostogol stone using EEE (merging something as powerful as a rosto splint needs a lot of energy ). That way if you loose a few rostos, after like 7 deaths or so (depends on percentage mentioned above) you have chance to craft yourself a free rosto, or if you dont want, just sell to newer players that cant/dont want to afford a full rostogol stone. What you think?
  3. Hi, I would like to make a sort of survey. Question: How much would you be willing to pay for a Rostogol Stone? Or rephrased: What price do you consider to be a fair price for both, the sellers and the buyers? Please answer only in 5kgc steps. Thanks. So let me start then: 40kgc.
  4. s2e for hydro

    Just been adding up s2es from http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59552 for his first post was 289 and for the second part was 1422 s2es ... and there anyone says hydro running is dead The latter was within 2 months, thats an average of 23.7 s2es a day he gets/got. So almost 3 hydro nexus in 2 months. I have to agree with Patriot there, that adding on top the armor drops its a very profitable business he is doing there. @ stivy any recent updates? EDIT: I just noticed the update is only about 2 months. So the s2es drops are across 9 months. So average of 5.26 s2es a day and almost 3 hydro nexus within 9 months. This ofc makes that business not thaat profitable ...
  5. s2e for hydro

    Generally I don't see the market of FE/ iron bars affected by this much. I agree that s2e price got affected. Steel bars lowered 5gc each but still thats not too much. Iron bars are still more or less 50gc/ea. Using the iron bars for other skills like engineering where they are heavily used still keeps the economy for making them. Regarding FEs I have known them for 5gc ever since i played (yeah im not one of those 10 years players ). Why is 5gc nuts? If your a low level player u can sell FE for good money. If you need FE as low level player you can easily mix for yourself. If your a high level player and can't be bothered to mix FEs, then just buy them Farming the money from mobs to afford the FEs shouldn't be a problem for higher level players. @ vino yes my calculation didn't consider some costs. I agree that you would need some more items running hydro than u needed back when NH was campig hydro path. But 5 Invis spells is a bit too much i think. Also one would either let a high level mix the bars or /and wait for recycle to cover any potential crits. Nevertheless I agree that there is a situation now where players prefer not to run anymore but rather buy from npc. I also strongly doubt that stivy "are" camping hydro path for radu. I rather think they do it because they can. They do it for the pure fact that they have some impact on the game. Again I don't think that the economy got affected by it that much as some might point it out. 5gc less per bar isnt much, npc's buy for 35gc so we still can sell them for better. Will there be any chance soon? We don't know but I strongly assume that stivy will continue to block that path to the best they can. I also know that there are high level players that can kill stivy/uzb and are able to clear the path for the rest of the community but if they can't be bothered I guess the rest of the 90% of EL community has to go and buy from npc. (Isn't bad either, takes out money out of game).
  6. s2e for hydro

    I don't think that it was that few before. I remember s2e sold for 1240gc. So 10 swords is 12400gc-15000gc (bar) which is a profit of 2600gc. Consider this for the 50 bars one nexus needs. Running the swords would save you up to 130kgc. I don't think that 130kgc is few. But yeah with that higher risk right now, ppl rather buy the hydro bars. With s2es sold for sometimes only 800gc the paradox situation is that for every two successfull run s2es one could afford losing one and be at same rate as if not losing any at cost of 1240gc. So with that lower price you only need to successfully run 2/3 of the swords. Yet less people run.
  7. Ultimate PKer Contest September 7 2015

    So here my photos of that nice event . After the fast slaughter in KF and the winning team RED, it was time to move on to the 1vs1 last man standing round. Spectators gathering to watch the fights in the dpa 40 arena: Starring RabbitmanPKC and LittleLooterPKC in and interesting fight: For the final we moved on to the WS arena: The final fight demanded a long breath from the spectators but it was interesting to see the different strategies: Gratulations for the winner: CaduceusPKC and I hope we had all fun. Maybe we get a bit more balanced teams for the first round (team vs team) So looking forward to see you all for Wizzys second - already announced Contest.
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi can you please extend the date of expire for my ordered iron ore? --> [PM from mercator: [ mrone GenX is not online. mrone was last seen online 4 Days 21 Hours 21 Minutes 11 Seconds ago] I didn't manage to get a hold of him yet. Thanks
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, I'd like to order for Skadi: * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 1] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 2] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 3] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 4] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 5] Total: 197.5 kgc
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, I'd like to order for Skadi: * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 1] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 2] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 3] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 4] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 5] Total: 197.5 kgc
  11. New perk ideas

    As much as I like that idea i know that its not good to have such a feature from other mmorpgs. As its easily abused to raise low level chars, thus destroying the hard work of others who did the leveling on their own.
  12. New perk ideas

    Name: Skadi Perk Name: Perfect fool Cost: 1 pp , 50 rat tails Effect: You can switch on/off appearance of joker and fool others Removal stones are only dropped by the real joker.
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi I'd like to order for Skadi: * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 1] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 2] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 3] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 4] * 10k iron ore (39.5 kgc) [bATCH 5] Total: 197.5 kgc
  14. Guild Storage

    Sometimes it is wise to re-read posts of a thread. Maxine has already mentioned here a defined clear "yes". I didn't keep that in mind and just re-read all posts again as Finja/revi pointed me out to that. Sorry for any inconvenience caused !!! So this indeed satisfies me and I'm done with the topic now. (Any moderator can close this now if wanted) Kind regards PS: I am not robotchicken Edit: Just got also an answer from Radu: [PM from radu: ok, but if you get scammed, don't come to the mods]
  15. Guild Storage

    You already name it revi I want a definite answer. From whom? I don't care if its Radu or any moderator. Suggesting that "robbing a bank" is an alternative to earning your money by working is a statement too, but its not legal by the laws (at least in my country . So what really would satisfy me is quoting my question as you have done and writing beneath it: "yes" (from Radu or ANY moderator). And then I'd be happy with closing that thread