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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Such sad news. We have had so many interesting conversations over the last 20 years, Learner will be sincerely missed.
  2. Obviously the safety officer stay_puff has been lacking in his duties ensuring people are staying safe. I will have a word with him in pm and return to this thread when a solution has been made.
  3. Why the game is not on steam

    It was looked into, and there are issues to do so. Radu can speak more about it if he cares to.
  4. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Well, merc was the example above. It could be a new ore that you need to harvest with cutlass's. But creating a reason to go and fight over makes the most sense. This is also why hydro bars should never have been added to the NPC But oh well
  5. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    I have been saying for years that there should be a resource of some sort that is needed, and only available in KF. People need a reason to go in and fight for something. Once upon a time it was Merc. Now it there is nothing, except for as flower daily.
  6. Yes, having these as radu said above is fine. Invisible rats don't attack and should not even be a question.. 99% of players have never seen one or an Ivan... There are plenty of unused maps to invade, so the few with outdoor storages having a designated afk spot is fine with me. This will even give us ammo when we hear "I dided in invaison afk" .. and were you in a Safe Space?????????????? I go back to my adult colouring book now Wiz
  7. Traitors Row

    Do this!
  8. Its fine with me, would suggest that the invasion safe zones you mention are marked on the Burn'd tab maps so we can see them easily at a glance "IS" or some code like that. There are plenty of unused places to invade, so I have no issue if that is what people would like.
  9. *NOT* Unban Anamir

    Anamir has been unlocked, with storage wipe. Macroing is never a good choice. But, at least you can start fresh. Wiz
  10. *NOT* Unban Anamir

    Hi Anamir Suicide is never the right option... I spoke to Radu last night, but had to log off before I got a reply. We will get back to you soon. Wiz
  11. It becomes a damaged tit axe Take it to Tankle, he will sort if for you!
  12. Help need first time bot owner

    A bot needs an MM cape if there are monsters on the map (or maps the bot will travel to) that would auto attack due to low a/d level. Bots are unaffected by invasion monsters If you have a bot that was leveled up a/d it wont need an MM cape Perks like Hellspawn affect bots just like players... that said One perk as well will apply to bots, and bots are easy targets to bomb........so don't take that.. You can trade with your own bot as much as you like, you can give it items, take items from it. It is your bot, np there. Sir_odies service will set up the bot to an admin page, and you can make all your settings there before making it live.
  13. It is my experience that NPC's rarely care about your feelings. Heartless npcs!!!!1111