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  1. this game needs a new start!

    Ok i will reply with better english( or a better translator) i have been playing EL for seven years on and off and seen many people come and go, and now the player base is very small and as most people have at least one alt i bet actual single IP address characters would be 30-50 so i have a slightly edited suggestion; a new iteration on a new server, create a new server that runs along side the current main game server that has a fresh start, new toons, empty storage and some other defined rules from the main (reinstate rule five for one thing) plenty of toon buying and broken economic would be solved. Many older players would return now there is a reason to play again
  2. HAYO! this is a great game, agreed, although imo it needs a complete wipe and fresh start! a new iteration could be just what is needed to breath new life inot some of the (way long dead) elements of EL
  3. Control Rosto Prices

    I not play the el for rosto price is very big, make cheap many will play again. Big price of brick mean many not fight, at all! Is shame as fighting monster and other people best part of el. but i no afford 10 dollars or more for one good invasion is more money needed than any other games i play. eternal love for el but i too poor to play this game
  4. Mobs that can range players

    Mobs with different/better AI has been suggested before. Mobs that can range mobs that can use spells mobs that use actual tactics to attack and not just amble about are all great suggestions. A Lorc armed with a bow and point defense, mobs takin on an offensive mage role and mobs following tactical plan would make imho EL a fun place to fight and mix up the currently stagnate combat invasions Im all for it
  5. Alt rules

    Reinstate rule 5, EL was cooler when social interactions were needed to play. Odd to abolish a rule infavour of many complicated subrules aiming to do the same thing as the origional rule was in place for
  6. Dwarf Muskets

    This topic has been bought up soooo many times. The argument goes something like this; if you ask about the possibility of adding the gun people instantly put on there troll mask and ask 'politely' if they can have a tank or a missile or some such nonsense, that or the ignorant stance of guns play no part in this game of orcs n spells' or even in this 'time period' whatever that may be iirc radu once said in @6 that he wasnt against the idea
  7. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    Raccoon? Lol? Actually you can the OP strength of the harm spell is worked out between rationality (will and reasoning) and magic level and has nothing infact to do with A/D, so you can already become a good mage and never have to don a sword n shield, most dedicated mages have a special build to maximise rationality and fighting ability is often sacrificed. The reason most high level mages have high A/D is because fighting mobs is the main skill and backbone of EL.
  8. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    Every body makes suggestions on how to 'improve' the magic system even entropy has thought about the mage class(inclusive of special spells or whatever) But in the heavily paraphrased and slightly out of context korrode I think there is a very good reason why these ideas have been ignored. I havent a clue what those reasons are, but they must be good
  9. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    Ideally two things:* all your chars and all chars of the other person are perma-banned* You'll be prosecuted on grounds of fraud and subsequently fined or jailed. +1
  10. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    Char selling, swapping or sharing shouldn't be allowed! Ever! Aislinn for mod... surely there could be a poll created to see EL player base thoughts on toon sharing and gc buying, like what happen for changing rule 5
  11. Zombie Invasion

    So have long ago high lvl players roaming pk maps if you could incorporate bombing summoning stones and magic into the bot combat algorithm coupled with a decent pk esq drop would br quite fun
  12. The daily for all skill would be nice if; A- the item(s) required by the npc had to be mixed within an 'x' tile radius. ( I think the current daritha manu daily should be reworked to 'mixed within an x tile radius formula, and also kaleb giving exp only to peeps with inorg nex of 6). B- if you are unable to complete that daily for whatever reason you could use a haidir pass (ie pay real money to skip) or go the Dorel way and wait a long time if you wanna skip. C- the current dailies reworked a tad as they are currently A/D heavy. Unpopular sentence I know. This way leveling skill would be a bit 'fairer' for peeps who dont have a big bank balance or Prefer to make armour and potions than instance or Pk. I think would be bad for game if peeps who have invested no time or resource into anything other than fighting skills being able to buy exp for all skills lit. on a daily basis. Just my two pence.
  13. If u don't wanna do the quest cause is to hard, don't. Simples. Imo is free exp, as buying the skins is a cake walk.
  14. Guns.

    It would make more sense if it was the other way around, in terms of burning less used items, pay whatever it is for the gun and have an engineer make you some bullets some of the first uses of gunpowder where as celebratory fireworks, they where later put to military use as rocket propellant and fire lances in the early ~800AD but buy 1200AD they had developed hand cannons literally small cannons that ft it in your hand that idea of using a propellant to fire projectiles rapidly spread west but enough of that history junk. i dont mean this to be a patronising link btw http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/war/gunpowder.htm