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NFL League

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Smeegle and WeaverDAS are hosting the third annual NFL football league. last year we had about 20 participants, and are hoping it grows this year. The more that play, the bigger the pot and the more fun. It is fun and quite simple to play.


How the league works:


Every week, all players must pick winners/losers for each game that week. The person who predicts the most games wins. You will also have to pick a total score for the Monday night game in case of a tie. If 2 or more players tie at the end of each week the winner is the player whose predicted total points come closest to the Monday night game's actual total points scored.


Entry fees:


500gc/week (Regular Season) 16 weeks total

750gc/week (post season including Wild card) 4 weeks total

2000gc for the Super Bowl (Optional)


Total: 13kgc to enter, including the Super Bowl


The person that picks the winner of the Super Bowl and comes closest to the total score wins the Super Bowl game pot.


The winner of each week gets the whole pot. If we get enough interest in this we will move forward to the next step...the more players we get the bigger the pot and the more fun it will be...so let's go people, NFL season is almost BACK!! Send Smeegle or WeaverDAS a forum PM or PM in game with your e-mail address so that we can e-mail you an invite to join the league.


Current Participants




Rajun (payed)

Deopolis (payed)



Weaverdas (payed)

Smeegle (payed)

Reiki (payed)

Smurf (payed)

Princsstitanium (payed)

Terrance (payed)


Pinkroses (payed)

Lyssa (payed)

Ednovel (payed)

Bren (payed)


Scorpion_King (payed)



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