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  1. Top Players Has Returned *beta*

    Thank you, Burn. Much appreciated!
  2. Excellent job, Burn. I'm loving the site so far.
  3. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    L, you were treasured, and will be missed greatly. I hope you have a brandy in your hand at this very moment. Peace.
  4. Peace Day Poll

    It's fine as is, except you should not be able to kill with engineering either.
  5. Status update

    Thank you for your service, Raz.
  6. Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

    That was beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  7. KF proposed changes

    That is the goal, Radu. I know you have changed this here and that there trying to please people and increase PK activity. I believe the above recommendations will help. I promise to do my part.
  8. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    1. Return KF to normal, just no drop; 2. Make beaver tokens not work in pk areas; 3. Plenty of capped pk arenas in game already; 4. Keep current srs/emps/brs/ghp cd; 5. Keep 1 sec cd on rc mines/deto's; and 6. A KF spectator area would be cool, but couldn't have magic reach into it or out of it.
  9. No Sound Alert on Death

    the warning.ogg? yes I wanted no subtleties lol I updated my snds_alert.xml with your new info and it works perfectly. Thank you!
  10. No Sound Alert on Death

    Got it. Thanks!
  11. No Sound Alert on Death

    Try this, Bluap: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lOCGPVz3yD-nvvHmiyIpEtR73CHyRpLz/view?usp=sharing I also can't access your .xml file
  12. No Sound Alert on Death

    I'm using what I seem to remember is a custom sound, warrning.ogg. Please see attached. warning.ogg
  13. No Sound Alert on Death

    I have also noticed this. Any ideas?
  14. Oh my teh_god, yes, yes, yes. Thank you thank you thank you!
  15. I have to say these last couple of client updates are among some of my very favorite improvements! I can't thank you enough. The equipment swap is working perfectly and it's so lovely to have the unequipped item take the place of the equipped, it helps my OCD! Along with resizing the client and internal windows, being able to use the keyboard for "unseen" spells and items, I'm in heaven. One of the features that I've wanted for a very long time is the ability to categorize and/or alphabetize storage items within a category, e.g. have a menu option to categorize individual items by alphabetical order or by type or by both type and alphabetical order. For instance in the Magic category, type would have all rings grouped together, all meds together, etc. and if you checked both the type and alpha boxes, Ring of Valley would be sorted after Ring of Idaloran, for example. Thanks again!