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  1. Server Update Suggestions

    Regarding new tokens: cyclops token: gives the user true sight for 5 minutes sslessar token: for 3 minutes, when ranging or in melee, gives the user a 5% chance to inflict stackable poison (like toadstools) for each hit on the opponent little pink dragon token: gives the user +10 magic resistance for 3 minutes leprechaun token: for 30 minutes gives the user +50% gold drops and +25% chance for rare drops An additional idea: For players who have maxed att and/or def, instead of the exp amount above your head each hit or dodge (which you no longer get), substitute the words "hit" and "dodge" or something similar so that you can still keep track of your combat efficiency. At some point the default when you log in was changed so that your summons don't attack (I think it was when the indicators on the bottom of the HUD were added for summons). The default should be attack at will or your previously set summoning mode.
  2. Radu, Several of us have been compiling a list of ideas that we think are worthy of your consideration for server updates. Please see below: toggled yellow food bar under hp and mana bars for speed hax (below your name)(bluapp has added this to the client already) change KF back to normal (no caps) but still no-drop. Maybe add a giant spawn and/or trice or two? Like KF, return dpa 60 to former status: true 60 cap=(a+d)/2<=60 no other limitations. There was much more action when it was this way. People made toons specifically for the arena and there were a lot of fights there. Easier/faster way to spawn invasions. Would love to see some sort of window pop-up interface where we can click and spawn. Change the rat in the outhouse back to something more dangerous(elaborate further) new #mule command to tell mule level or add mule level to #ach allow more names on buddy list little dragon blue scales used for instance cooldown - 6 or 10 hours? dragon and bronze armor repair npc add 2 more instance slots to all ranges Some more variety in the instances?(elaborate further) Remember the pk instance discussion from way back? That would be fun! New mob(s)(elaborate further) Command to show a list of completed quests (and possibly incompleted) mini games within EL - example: play poker at the taverns Have tomborul (lottery guy) announce reminders periodically? More storage slots Make snare hold time a little longer(elaborate further) Put the barricades ingame When you click on a mob or player that's too far away, start walking to it like you clicked on the ground, not just stop dead npc's let you buy to fill emu or use all gc amount to buy stuff soft reset stone, removes all pps from attr's/nex/perks and makes them all available to redistribute NPC for warranties and shop items Remove harvesting mini events Ability to use haidir passes for engineering and harvest dailies 10 Glow in the Dark removals + Male Orc stone = RIG Book NPC/Mary to buy ALL rare books More animal/mob tokens--they're fun! (elaborate further) allow more active channels! Change Day of Evanescence so that mobs don't also get the advantage. Turn mirror perk on/off like we can do with glow Allow harv exp if you log in after a new day Toggleable option to auto att (turn to) either highest or lowest combat level mob/player instead of always lowest like present. #sto/#storage command shouldn't stop harvesting Also should be able to eat while harving New command: #dailies which will report all started but not completed dailies and cooldown until next daily for each. Example: Haidir: you must wait for 2 more in game days; Daritha: incomplete, 15 steel shields; Maia: ready for new quest, etc. NPC to sell arena tickets at Irsis ranging arena. add irilium, obsidian and another flower or two so that harvestables don't have such huge gaps after tree mushrooms and to make new items(tirun) add ranging potions, potion of Tailoring, mule speed hax potions(tirun) When creating ring, make it rare to get a hydro ring(tsc) Also when u have already done Wine quest/ Leather quest get those prices at any npc(tsc) High level alchemy skill to combine some day stones to create combination days. You can limit this to specific combos. IE: Day of faster respawns + Sun Tzu(majora) A day stone that spawns a completely random day. Allow it to even pull from days that dont normally have stones. It being completely random, can even get a bad day (majora) Instances can pull from a random map. For example you do pr0 instance and instead of spawning on Ice map chance to spawn on like the 80-100 map (mobs unchanged)(majora) A small chance for a more difficult version of an instance. Like a 1% chance (or even less) that you do ice and you get a casty as a final mob instead of 2 mb/bula(majora) Remove the p2p coupon from bulangiu drop pool in instance. I thought of replacing it with 1 Random item giver. Team can choose to use it and sell the loot or just sell the rig(majora) Add more Giant spawns. They are a nice mob to farm/train but very limited spots for them in game.(majora) (this one is very unlikely) Create a new currency. Create npc that sells shop items IE: thermal serp. Allow NPC to buy rostos in exchange for currency. Creating effectively an ingame way to do shop items.(majora) Increase the amount of exp rolls while training. Its currently 15 rolls maybe bump it up to like 20-25. Not abusable but makes training some higher HP mobs a little less annoying (flee training sucks)(majora) Add / create some mcw spawns. There is currently only 1 double off the top of my head and its in KF. Just adding an additional one to the spot in ida cave would be great. They have long respawn timers and that range is kind of rough. Especially useful now that ROT was nerfed a while back(majora) Allow to use a whistle while running. Im not sure if its possible to even implement this. (majora) Bricks R exp doesnt require a brick in inventory to take effect. This is small but i cant be the only one to turn in a daily forgetting a rosto (lol)(majora) Daritha pulls from storage and dont need to carry the item to her(majora) Global quest pulls from storage and doesnt need to pull from inventory (i personally find the fact you gotta harvest gypsum AND haul it to npc needless tedium)(majora) Running perk that reduces food consumption on running. Allow it to stack with runners cape to not make runners useless(majora) Add a potion + crafting day. To current knowledge its the only 2 skills with out a 2x exp day(majora) Allow players to wear a cape even if they have the perk. NO idea how difficult this would be to implement but some capes look nice with clothing options and are wholely useless to the player if they have the perk (mirror cape for instance)(majora) make breakers / japita etc identifiable--even if just a different color than its regular art counterpart(raz) - Improve hitboxes on both Harvestables as well as creatures. Often times it's hard to click on harvestables (such as sapphires) even when zoomed in all the way because their model doesn't match what's available to click on for the hitbox. This is frustrating for both new and returning players.(nekot) Improve cursor change reaction time. It's often frustrating to hover over an NPC and instead walk to them instead of talking to them because you didn't wait long enough or the cursor just didn't register to talk to the NPC (nekot) Increase targeting radius for walking to monsters by 1 (unit? square?) One of the big pain/quit points for new players is the combat, or rather, getting to the combat. Often times it's frustrating to either be following a monster or be relatively close to a monster, only to have the message "get closer" despite it seeming like you two could kiss from that distance. You can eventually 'get used' to it, but that doesn't mean it's perfect or even good. I feel like increasing this by a small amount would help alleviate some of those issues for new and existing players.(nekot) Fix or at least improve rates of invasions for Invasion day. According to what information I've gathered, Invasion day seems to be broken with how few, if any, invasions are actually spawned on that day. Should at least have 1 guaranteed invasion spawn on that day. Or just remove it from the pool of possible days.(nekot) Remove EFE from tools. No one mixes vials/merc etc because it's simply not worth the loss when the tool breaks. Can add an enriched energy essence if you want to give that a use, or just 50-100 FE's instead of the EFE to make it still not a cheap tool.(deadlytears) Add double or even triple spawns to good monsters. cockstrice/yeti/mcw/acw/giant. Make people want to train again instead of flee training and/or standing around for a minute+ on respawn time. Put them on maps that aren't used a lot to get people to want to go there. (deadlytears) Automatic way to start an invance. Have the NPC need 10-12 players to sign up in order to send out the message.(deadlytears) **New instance maps/dungeons** Just adding emphasis to this. We've always had map makers around, and just need to brainstorm balanced waves. We can have more dungeon like maps where different waves are locked behind doors/barred doors instead of walking 50 miles to the next set of monsters.(deadlytears)
  3. This has happened occasionally in the past while on bosses, but it was particularly noticeable and annoying last night: During last night's KF invasion, when I attacked a player and they were then attacked by 7 invasion mobs (8 attackers total), I could not turn toward my PK target and would get the message, "Your target is already fighting with 8 others". I was one of those 8! If they killed one of the 7 mobs on them, if I timed it right, I could turn to them but as soon as one of the mobs on me died, I turned away to the weakest on me again. Annoying and frustrating. Hopefully an easy fix.
  4. some changes

    That can be worked around.
  5. Unarmed female orcs do not give defense experience

    Confirming that they do give def experience, but they were changed years ago so there is not nearly as much as before the mob's attr's were changed.
  6. Guiness is Banned

    Meanwhile, on LION's guildmap . . .
  7. Guiness is Banned

    What a bunch of horse hockey. You've been saying you have proof for months and this big post was coming to out everyone! It's just full of more unfounded ranting and accusations. What a disappointing expose'. I was really hoping for something juicy
  8. Guiness is Banned

    Well, this is disappointing on a number of fronts: 1.) I thought you were bringing "proof" of all your accusations; 2.) I'm pissed off that I wasn't invited to any of the private invasions, especially the ones on LION guild map.
  9. Top Players Has Returned

    Thank you, Burn. Much appreciated!
  10. Excellent job, Burn. I'm loving the site so far.
  11. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    L, you were treasured, and will be missed greatly. I hope you have a brandy in your hand at this very moment. Peace.
  12. Peace Day Poll

    It's fine as is, except you should not be able to kill with engineering either.
  13. Status update

    Thank you for your service, Raz.
  14. Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

    That was beautiful. Thanks for posting.