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  1. stay_puff

    shut up about powr u noob secondly like the way u skipped all ur own comments and only show his nice work there.u ppl never mind serping except when it happens to u.pfft next subject
  2. cf flowers

  3. cf flowers

    selling 400k cf flowers,at least 33k of each flower for 515k or equal amount of cf depending on price per food. pm quagmire ingame with offer,selling all at once.giggity
  4. Creature Food Flowers for sale

    69k for whats left
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5k gypsum plz ingame name rajun,btw was wondering i know 5k gypsum at a time but can i make more than 1 order?like i need 20k gypsum can i do 4 batches of 5k also knowing next 5k will be done in order. ty
  6. More Day stones

    agree,sux getting some days removed for nothing,especially when ppl that have the perks that some of us want remove the day just so others cant.stones that cant be removed would be a welcome change.
  7. Instance enter scam (don_jack)

    #1 ignore koddy his reference to this matter is irrelevant #2 he is not pmming ppl for instance enter first off 60-80 cant go to 100-120 #3 in a nutshell,if some1 u dont know asks u something ask some1 who knows a little more for help,a mod if u need [despite my pasts comments they r here for a reason,to help] #4 unless u know them never trust any1 ingame for anything,welcome to mmorpgs anything that can happen will and does happen # 5 we really should have a section for know scammers,bjers etc..most new to the game dont know any better and well when u know no1 ingame then getting beat makes u wanna play a different game which we dont want ppl to leave cept for the scumbags,i mean just thier names disputes r for details Rajun/Quagmire noob 4 life
  8. Expiring bots

    MEGA has been paid 9X7663477D1495810. tyvm
  9. hoping for unban

    ty usl,sorry for my remarks either way
  10. hoping for unban

    we all make mistakes,i was over zealous learned my lesson and was just hoping
  11. hoping for unban

    its been a month and would like to know if quagmire can be unbanned plz. sorry for starting trouble but have started none since then and would like him back ingame if i can.
  12. giggity

    im not cussing or screaming at any1 i just asked a question i want this to stop and dont want perma ban on my char that i have been working hard to build up,i run my own little flower shop and try to keep the economy flowing i just wanted know why usl wasnt fair to me and how long was ban did not want all this too happen
  13. giggity

    ty for nothing i tried to be civil and not post but u called me names wasted my time u and the mods treated me like crap and for what? ppl cheat every day and yall give them breaks i did 1 thing as u say and i get perma banned i said i didnt want to start any more trouble and usl had to spit in my face.i just asked how long was ban and couldnt get 1 answer.then he posts if i lie i can play el again :/ i dont bag trade multi nothing yet banned for this.i just asked ingame how long ban was and u made me post this here by refusing to answer,oh look u still cant or refuse to answer the age old question why wasnt i giving the same fairness as anamir was why didnt i get mod pms that was my whole question.why did u give others fair chance and not me and why cant u answer me.
  14. giggity

    if u ask others who have been in the arena with me i never talk in local nor do i pay attention to those around me, i talk in gm and in a ch i frequent. i checked on the food in the microwave for my kids was gone 10 secs since there is no documentation thats states whether or nor this is legal or otherwise,i did not know u couldnt leave for 10 secs.i dont know u hope that dont change.i replied to u at once meaning i couldnt have been away if u would have pmmed me i would have answered u but i dont get that privledge i guess.my whole problem with this is why did u pm others and not me oh wait u still wont answer that question will u? i did not know that to do anything i had to listen in to 6 and do nothing all day.so if i lie and say i heard radu say it was legal im good,but if i tell the truth and listened to others im not.if 1 gets a ban for not answering after 3 mins then all get same not 2 mins for 1 and an hour for another.i would have stopped had i known 10 sec was to long but again why did u pm others and not me?answer plz.moderators should have to be fair to every1 not just thier friends.if u would have pmmed me and i was afk or didnt answer u i would have never said anything.but u didnt, why not?