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  1. NFL Pool 2011 - 4th year!

    I'm in it again. Bugabear is too. That's right, I am bringing in a ringer. See her in game for the gc
  2. Defending my name from iZu's lies/rumours

    I agree with you on some things Munt, but, KF is a pk map. People have to know you can get pk'ed if you go there. I hate to hear people complain about dieing on a no-drop pk map. I understand there is a harv daily there, but there is also team work, diss rings and tele essies. Imo if you die there while doing harv daily, you either wasn't prepared or just to nervous to react. Either way, it is their own fault, not the player who went into a pk map, looking to pk. There is nothing in this game that can not be overcome, with a little fore-thought.
  3. PandemiC fail scam

    My bad..... Australia. I will try to find Men At Work on the radio to make us even
  4. PandemiC fail scam

    Yea, but your from New Zealand or something.
  5. Respawn(ing)

    I say if you die in PK, your body should lay there, like a dead mob for 2~5 secs, then you spawn in hell
  6. It is what it is.

    #nu is red tagged, and I still buy from your bots PWNED
  7. GP Haidir's daily bugged

    Took me 36 . Also, when you turn it in to Dragburn, it says I killed your desert chims... instead of mountain chims.
  8. Expiring bots

    Paid for Quim Your receipt number for this payment is: 4149-2182-2242-2562.
  9. LuciferX - BJ's bahavior

    If you choose only one venue to make gc with your skill, thats your own fault.
  10. LuciferX - BJ's bahavior

    Yes was a bit off topic . I once again say, I dont agree with it. Serping, to me is a waste of time, and have rarely serped in retaliation, just not worth my time. As far as the novac part, there are ways around this. Luci don't play 24/7 afaik. Adapt and overcome, there is always a way. When he gets to Ice Dragon, someone may show up and kill him, again, part of the game is finding ways to get things done. Imo, the players that have been here a long time are the type to be creative to accomplish what they want, and in some way revel in it. If it was all easy and cut and dry, most really would not be here.
  11. LuciferX - BJ's bahavior

    I don't agree with serping or bagjumping in the least, but this thread reminds me of the ones about Quimbly serping in feros cave. This is the way some things go sometimes. Fighters get serped, mixers get bagjumped. The differance is, most, NOT ALL, rangers complaining here have not grinded anything, you just bought gc and then maxed ap, and bam, your killing the strongest mobs in game. At a profit, no less. The rest of EL have had to deal with the same issue, and found ways around it, but taking a shortcut has left you unable to. There is always range arena to lvl your skill at, if thats what this is about. If it is about lvling with not cost, then you get no sympathy from me. I find nothing is EL is so easy. If you maxed ap and put all your eggs in the basket of farming red dragons, thats your own doing. Best to have alternate ways to do things here, just like if you train and spawns are full, instead of thinking what you like to do will always be available for you.
  12. I have never done the tailor skill, but seems to me, most who want cloths, has them. No way for them to leave game has to kill demand. They are expensive, so should be a small chance imo. Same for arti and exca cape. Thats why I support the idea, and figured mixers would LOVE the chance to make more special items, at a cost ofc. Tbh, would prob help to lower costs of said items, which again, would help high end mixers. And, the worst that would happen, is some of the arti capes that are sitting in sto's and on bots would sell. Everything has a down side, ying and yang, but none of the prior posts have found it yet.
  13. I agree with Kid and Wizzy, both make good points. Many have invested the pp's and there should be some bonus. An npc to cap the price would help as well. I have always thought clothes, arti cape, exca cape, and other items that are never used to fight in, and therefor won't have a chance to break, should degrade. More enter while none exit. And as always with arti, if you don't want it, don't invest the pp's. On a side note, I dont understand the "zomg, people would horde" argument. Either people watch to much of the tv show horders, or they are just haters, cause someone has something they don't. This isnt communism, if you want something, work for it, then do as you please with it.