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  1. Sun Tzu stone

    I approve this message
  2. Standard Policy for guilds

    I'd like to VETO this..
  3. Smurf for Mod!

    [smurf @ 6]: You advanced to level 100 of harvesting! Now make me a mod. now I love smurf lots and i think he would be a great addition to the mod crew. he has been playing for a very long time. knows a lot about the game and he is a caring guy. [some people may disagree ] but if it ever came down to it. I would vote smurf for mod.
  4. =hc=

    PkG already got that going.. nice try
  5. The Art of the Signature

    pr0 sigs. I Recommend all to get them!! <33
  6. NFL League

    browns suck. jets all day
  7. New Day-day of no perks

    im feelin this right here!! woot no hellspawn for a day. pr0ness
  8. Beware Terrance PKG

    make my old char look good :] im proud
  9. NFL League

    Im down. Terrance in game name. Edit: New name Rico ingame..
  10. Selling NMT cape

  11. Selling NMT cape

    grrrr. 385k
  12. Selling NMT cape

  13. EL Depot Grand Opening :]

    Essences (Max of 1k): Fire: 3gc Water: 5gc Earth: 8gc Air: 8gc Spirit: (Unavailable) Matter: 10gc Energy: 8gc Life: 5gc Death: (unavailable) Health: 7gc Magic: 8gc Minerals (Max of 10k): Sulfur: 2gc Coal: 2gc All Quartzes: 2 Ores (max of 10k): Iron (max of 5k): 3.5gc Silver: 2.5gc Gold: 3gc Crystals (Max of 5k): Emeralds: 2gc Sapphires: 2gc Rubies: 2gc Diamonds: 2gc Flowers: PM Dan9 or Que for flower prices Bars (Max of 1k): Iron: 40gc Steel: 50gc Silver: 38gc Gold: 45gc Other: Fur Gloves: 7gc Fur Hats : 7gc Fur Boots: 100gc Fur Torso: 110gc Fur Pants: 75gc Leather Gloves: 40gc Taking request on All C1 rings . Pm In advance for prices ALSO PAWNING ITEMS PM: Dan9 or Que for more info Also hiring workers :]
  14. Storage sale

    Flowers: 228 Cactus 10 Yarrow 12 White Chanterelle 5 Ogre Toes 162 Red Rose 11 Red Snapdragons 11 Valerian 11 Blue Berries 501 Rue 7 Daffodils 17 Wheat 600 Mullein 54 Lilacs 140 Blue Star Flower 1 Poppies 1 Tiger Lilly 1 Henbane 1 Tulips 1 Red Currents 48 White Asiatic Lilly 1 Blue Lupine Ores: 116 Gold Ore 1664 Silver Ore 18 Honey Comb Minerals: 80 Quartz 612 Rose Quartz 162 Blue Quartz 74 Diamond 24 Sapphire 66 Coal Tools: 1 Hammer 5 Leather Gloves 2 Medallion Mold 9 Mortar & Pestle 1 Saw 6 Pickaxe Weapons: 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 9 Bones 2 Iron Broad Sword 1 Iron Battle Hammer 1 Steel Two Edged Sword 7 Wood Branches 1 Quarterstaff Armor: 1 Augmented Leather Armor 4 Augmented Leather Pants 5 Leather Gloves 1 Crown of Life 1 Leather Boots 1 Steel Chain Mail 1 Steel Shield Magic: 1 Ring of Disengagement 1 Harvester Medallion 8 Unicorn Medallion 1 Stars Medallion Essences: 71 Life Essence 80 Earth Essence 1410 Health Essence 24 Energy Essence 40 Death Essence 13 Magic Essence Potions: 553 Potion of Spirit Restoration 19 Potion of Will 5 Potion of Defense 5 Potion of Attack Animal: 5 Deer Antlers 9 Bones 13 Brown rabbit fur 43 Skunk fur 17 Red Snake Skin 6 Green Snake Skin 68 White rabbit fur 37 Beaver fur 16 Snow Leopard fur 38 Hawk Feather 5 Black panther fur 74 Leopard fur 1 Small Dragon Scale 75 Feran Horn 17 White Tiger fur 64 Bear Fur 1 Phoenix Feather 15 Falcon Feather 20 Brown Snake Skin 4 Fox Fur 661 Raw Meat 32 Tiger fur 18 Wolf Fur 33 Polar Bear Fur 25 Racoon fur 1 Deer Fur 95 Rat tail Clothes: 1 Augmented Leather Armor 4 Augmented Leather Pants 2 Fur Cloak 1 Racoon hat 1 Skull Crossbones Scarf 1 Cape of The Unbreakable 1 Leather Boots 1 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Fur Boots 1 Fur Pants 1 Black Cavalier Hat 1 Red Scarf 1 Body Piercing Cloak 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Excavator Cape 1 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants 1 Black Tunic Purple Shirt 1 Fox Scarf Misc: 46 Wood Logs 225 Leather 6 Thread 3 Skeleton key 7 Wood Branches also have ti set and orc slayer.. crappy sto i know..one mans trash is another mans treasure :] I take all offers. PM me ingame: Arcadius or leave a reply here.. thanks..
  15. Shop Item for Harvesters

    great idea! i'd buy