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  1. Unable to connect to server

    Okay, make a shortcut of your Eternal Lands Client on your desktop. Open up the properties on that shortcut you made by right clicking it. You will see under the "Target" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Eternal Lands\el.exe" put a space after that last quotation mark and then type "test" but don't use the quotation marks around test. Hit apply and it should work
  2. Storage Sale

  3. Global Quest FAQ

    Yes, there are 3 trees somewhere in Draia. I am not sure where they are though, could be on either continent. Those trees have some special worms on them, which I need for a special extract. Oh, and you need to wear a visor in order to detect the worms. So if you want to help, put a visor on and look at all the trees you can find.. So far we have found 0 trees.
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    Excellent, your 420 Amber will greatly help, thank you! Excellent, your 10 Refined Vegetal Mixture will greatly help, thank you! Excellent, your 1 Orange will greatly help, thank you! I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10000, 1200 Amber and I have 1200, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 16, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 12.
  5. Storage clearance

    I'd like to buy all these. Shoot me a PM when you're on next in-game to discuss! -SneakY
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I would like to order: 10000 Sunflowers: 7500gc 10000 Sunflowers: 7500gc 10000 Sunflowers: 7500gc 10000 Sunflowers: 7500gc 10000 Sunflowers: 7500gc Total: 37500gc Thanks! in-game name Sneaky
  7. Having problems with pasting

    Hello. I'm having problems pasting links, text, etc.. on EL, I can do it anywhere else, chrome, word documents, etc.. but when I try it on the game, I get nothing. I had this problem as soon as I installed 1.9.4. I restarted my computer, and it started working again, but i exitted out of the client, reopened, and got the same problem again. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you, Sneaky
  8. Wanting to buy

    Looking for a Titanium Serp Sword of Ice/Fire... PM me in-game if you have these items, and we can make a deal... - Sneaky/Kricket
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Can I get 5k Gypsum, I finally got my forums acct. Sneaky in-game
  10. I think it was meant to be like this... same with Steel Greave of Ubber defense... when they proc.. it raises your defense by 5, up to +19. Pretty sure it's same concept, except you go -29. Reason for edit: accidently put -19 instead of -29.
  11. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Pretty much sums up what i think about the matter +1
  12. bow making

    I don't like the idea of making a bow for a certain creature - would make the game too easy to make money, unless you made a special arrow for each new bow, which would take a lot of programming I would think.
  13. Win 30 rostos contest

    You are in [258,364] MM tavern
  14. Becuase if the Mare Bulangiu went on a single combat map, no body would go kill, even sometimes on a multi map, so they changed it
  15. Need advice please

    If you are worried, pm radu or aislinn a photo of u and ur daughter, and specify who is who, and then it SHOULD be ok. but I am no mod so