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Found 14 results

  1. Snow blind

    Is there some way that little snow mounds and hills on Iscal and Mt Sorrow maps get their colors adjusted. Add a little more blue or gray to them, so that they look different than the ground. I get on those maps and I click and not go anywhere because there is a mound there. I've tried adjusting shadows and whatever else, and it's been no help. There is a hill in front of the tree. Everything is just WHITE on white.
  2. hello can i get my old account SarcaTus unbanned plz ? i want to come back to Eternal Lands , when i played i only got 12 years old now im older , i know i got banned , but can i get the account back ? now im 26 and want to go back to my first MMORPG who i love to play , im coming with 5 friend of me to they start play and i want go back , but i want go back to game on my main account ! can i get it unbanned ? plz ? now i understand "RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED" ! Thank you and have a nice day ^^
  3. EL forum Name Change

    How can you change the Displayed name for the forums account <http://eternal-lands.com/forum >
  4. A new friend

    Hello most know me as Stewie, ofc. I am wanting to say that there are a few players that are on game that said that Elven_Lord is same IP as me. Just to let you know that this is a friend that I invited to join this wonderful game. Just to answer your questions No Elven_Lord is not me, yes I have been on that char here and there to help out but in the last day or so I haven't been on that character (Reason why I was on that char was to help give items and help train abit and get the tutorial done, yes he could have done it himself but I was being nice). But Elven_Lord has asked me to ask this to you guys since he said he's busy cleaning up and moving today. (mostly moving boxes into house) 1) Can he make his own account? Since he's doesn't have one and he's a rl person (that's not me or anyone in our family trying to make a new account) 2) Can people stop calling him "Stewie" in chats and PM's (KingKhaili was doing it the most, as far as Elven_Lord Told me) 3) And he would like to say thanks for the game being free, and he will wait at least 6months before spending any money on game, incase he doesn't like it (For any money spending, as far as I know he always waits a year but since I play it he waits half a year). Stewie
  5. Resolution Problem

    Sup ppl. My Eternal Lands feels very cluttered, and runs on a very low resolution. So i ecided to change that, but now i cant seem to set a custom resolution, as the option of user-defined resolutionin settings is unclick-able. HELP PLZZ!!
  6. Hello all. Thanks for all the people who cared to give a shit about this post. I am a complete newbie in the game, and I want to recreate my character. But after browsing on many forums and wikis, I found that frst you've got to delete your original character, which can only happen by using the command #killme yes Well, i type #killme yes in console, and again when I am prompted, but when I press alt-x to exit, it logs my character back into a server and it isn't deleted at all. So, how do I actually delete my character to recreate another one with the same name? Al the help is appreciated, thanks guys :-)
  7. Started again

    Dear players, I am level? 80 and have not played this game in year. I must admit I almost forgot everything (only that I liked it very much and played a lot). However, it did not stay with me. So, what can I do best? Any tips for catching up? Thanks!
  8. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    Bom Dia! or Good day in english... I was wondering if there is a way to play eternal lands in singleplayer, even if it was to build a small server just for myself ...My internet is horrible and eternal lands weighs a lot, if you...
  9. An EL Thank You!

    Super Secret Conspiracy Challenge! ie. Get Olivine a Thank You Present Introduction: New amazing UNofficial maps have been created by Olivine. You can see the original post here---> http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58579. She did this amazing job by herself and continues to improve the maps! Goal: Our goal is to conspire and raise funds/Oranges to enable Olivine to acquire the ‘Big Belly Perk’. At the end 30 Oranges will be presented to Olivine so she can take the ‘Big Belly Perk’. Details: Donations of gold coins to purchase Oranges, and Oranges would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to guinevereanne or CanCowGirl. Donations can also be made to the bot Incura in Palon Vertas and Oranges can be sold to her cheaply for use in this project only. The percentage of funds and Oranges will be recorded to keep this post updated. If for some crazy reason excess gc is raised it will be donated to GWIS. WARNING!!!!!!! -You must NOT #ig CEL to donate funds as Olivine may be online. -You must NOT tell Olivine we are doing this for her! (Remember Conspiracy!) -You must NOT point out a post on the forum that Olivine ‘needs’ to read. Remember: Olivine put in lots of time and energy to create the amazing Unofficial maps. The maps that are up to date with the current game and highly detailed and amazing. We are trying to do something nice for her in return. Current: 30/30 Oranges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hello. I'm trying to compile a program using Dev++ and using the MinGW compiler, Dev++'s default compiler. After I'm done writing the code, everything is typed correctly with no errors or anything. But I am getting these errors: In function '_mingw_CRTStartup': [Linker error] undefined reference to '_dys_tls_init_callback' [Linker error] undefinied reference to '_cpu_features_init' Id returned 1 exit status [build Error [Project1.exe] Error 1 Those are the errors that show up at the bottom of my screen when Execute -> Compile and Run. I just downloaded the software today and started trying to learn the language. Maybe it's the installation process? (hopefully I posted this in the right section of the forums) hellp
  11. Can't log in to the game

    Hello i am skoshie44 in game and when i try to start the game i get can't connect to server. just wondering what is going on thanks.
  12. Forgotten Character's Name

    I have stop playing Eternal Lands, for about a year now, and I was wondering if there was any way to find out my Previous Character's Name, My Email for this Game is Either Mikeybach3@gmail.com, or Gang2tergorii1a@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate helpful replies, and Emails.
  13. to hard

    hi theres any way to make easy the atack click ? cuz when i hunting habbits to train my summon is so hard to hunt them...c and many small enemys they just walk and when i click it say that i am too far from them it is so frusting anyone have tips for this ?
  14. I cannot log in due to my driver is too old lol i have windows xp and intel built in driver is there any way i can play ? i tried every download of new drivers possible lol