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Found 4 results

  1. Change character password

    Hi. I'm just coming back to Eternal-Lands after many years of not playing. I would like to change my character's password. What's the way to do that? Thanks.
  2. OK... I looked around but doing searches with the character word is, ofc, a nightmare... Is there a known reason why we can't type some characters ingame? It's not necessarily a selected language related thing - currently I have an english speaking guildie not being able to type # of all things! It happens in windows in this case but I've also know of 2 ppl not being able to type @, one windows and the other in mac. Any tips?
  3. Your Nickname for EL

    If you have problems finding a good name for your character , have a look here: http://hasani.net.ph.../celestial.html If YOU find a nice page, please add it here Unforuatly I have found many taken character names which are alts of someone but not used anymore. Then player end up with stupid names that you can not spell neither remember. Ruins gameplay imo. Plus a name can tell much about yourself. So take a good name! Examples: http://game.eternal-...hp?user=jupiter http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=mars http://game.eternal-....php?user=venus http://game.eternal-....php?user=titan http://game.eternal-...p?user=Callisto http://game.eternal-...er.php?user=sun http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=moon http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=star http://game.eternal-...?user=supernova http://game.eternal-...php?user=nebula
  4. Forgotten Character's Name

    I have stop playing Eternal Lands, for about a year now, and I was wondering if there was any way to find out my Previous Character's Name, My Email for this Game is Either Mikeybach3@gmail.com, or Gang2tergorii1a@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate helpful replies, and Emails.