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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all. Thanks for all the people who cared to give a shit about this post. I am a complete newbie in the game, and I want to recreate my character. But after browsing on many forums and wikis, I found that frst you've got to delete your original character, which can only happen by using the command #killme yes Well, i type #killme yes in console, and again when I am prompted, but when I press alt-x to exit, it logs my character back into a server and it isn't deleted at all. So, how do I actually delete my character to recreate another one with the same name? Al the help is appreciated, thanks guys :-)
  2. Susje only use you

    Hi, I wanted to let you know Susje only want to take advantage of the players here in EL. We had over the years a pretty good contact and I made stuff for him since I can make every item ingame he always come to me. I NEVER asked fee, but he gave sometimes an item(s) for the service. Was just a friendly understanding. We took thi guy into the guild who "scammed" years ago.. the really fault was at the botowner (who set the prices wrong, aka susje (you cant blame a stock seller to buy at high price and sell a lower price)) what Susje called a scam.. Just wanted to let you know dont do too much favour for this smooth talker, and he lets you think you have a silent agreement, he will drop you like garbage, like you never did a favour for him. he doesnt care, only think about his own profit. he banned my guild from bots (not that we care) but ABOVE all said Im not better than the scammer and all that pathetic stuff. now who is the liar, he trusted me with hunders of Ks worth of stuff .... you fill in the rest.