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  1. Rule 5 gone...

  2. After client update 1.9.3

    (We begin this report with a reminder that we can be very computer dense and often require someone to hold our hand if we do anything new regarding EL installations). Yesterday evening I attempted to install Sir_Odie's El_Windows-Client. I followed the directions (download, extract, copy into the EL program(x86) Eternal Lands folder. Replacing any current files with the same name. When I attempted to run EL (desktop icon or from the program file) nothing happened. At the suggestion of a guildy I downloaded the above file (bluap's post #10). Or rather I attempted to download it. I would get as far as 'Open' and I would get the error message 'The program can't start because SDL_image.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.'. I did some searches and attempted to find information from the Microsoft site (always disappointing, useless and frustrating) and ended up updating DirectX and running it to 'find any errors'. Again useless. I re downloaded a clean verson of EL (Yes, remember we ARE stuuupid and we did not back up EL. A guildy had gotten Sir_Odie's to work and we 'assumed' that it would work for us...) And moved over that SDL_image.dll file. Now the EL client would pop up for a second and then crash. Bluap's file would still not download and we got the same error message. I am now playing from the clean install and have the Sir_Odie file saved elsewhere on the computer. Any thoughts, idea's or downright hand holding would be appreciated. Ignoring is also fine. A guildy recommended we post. If I have this problem it is very likely that someone else has this problem, or will have it at some time in the future.
  3. Naralik outsides

    I was just harvesting Blue Star Flowers in Nara. I got hit my a teleport nexus and was teleported beside Ardur the bookseller. I was stuck there and had to get tele ess from a guildy. There used to be stairs leading up to that area but it was removed when a larger house was put there. (The one the large spider sometimes gets stuck in). I recomend that a ladder be added leading up to Ardur or the walkable tiles be removed.
  4. Storage Sale

    23 Enriched Water Essence- 2kgc each 17 Enriched Energy Essence- 1kgc each 500 Mule Glyph- 245 each 216 morter & pestle- 100gc each total- 207,100gc (for me, not resale) (not for resale except the glyphs, which would be for the exact same price to guildies)
  5. Reconstruction Day!

    Okay! New time has been arranged for Recon day! CEL will use the stone On Saturday the 20th of July, on the day that starts around 11am EST. (No I do not have the other timezone times, sorry)
  6. Reconstruction Day!

    Since it is School day we cannot use the stone. We will update you when we know when the stone will be used. It will not be used after School day is finished, too late for many members.
  7. An EL Thank You!

    Update: The Conspiracy has been completed! A giant thanks to all who donated (especially MAD guild!)! You are all marvelous, it is great to see that EL community can come together! The Oranges will be delivered when the Target logs on.
  8. An EL Thank You!

    Super Secret Conspiracy Challenge! ie. Get Olivine a Thank You Present Introduction: New amazing UNofficial maps have been created by Olivine. You can see the original post here---> http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58579. She did this amazing job by herself and continues to improve the maps! Goal: Our goal is to conspire and raise funds/Oranges to enable Olivine to acquire the ‘Big Belly Perk’. At the end 30 Oranges will be presented to Olivine so she can take the ‘Big Belly Perk’. Details: Donations of gold coins to purchase Oranges, and Oranges would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to guinevereanne or CanCowGirl. Donations can also be made to the bot Incura in Palon Vertas and Oranges can be sold to her cheaply for use in this project only. The percentage of funds and Oranges will be recorded to keep this post updated. If for some crazy reason excess gc is raised it will be donated to GWIS. WARNING!!!!!!! -You must NOT #ig CEL to donate funds as Olivine may be online. -You must NOT tell Olivine we are doing this for her! (Remember Conspiracy!) -You must NOT point out a post on the forum that Olivine ‘needs’ to read. Remember: Olivine put in lots of time and energy to create the amazing Unofficial maps. The maps that are up to date with the current game and highly detailed and amazing. We are trying to do something nice for her in return. Current: 30/30 Oranges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Reconstruction Day!

    Reconstruction Day! CEL is happy to announce that we will be using the brand spanking new Reconstruction Day Stone on Sunday the 14th of July between 3 and 3:30pm EST. We hope that many people will be able to join us and enjoy the day!
  10. Let's talk invasions

    Alt: Diana: a/d 38/38 p/c 8/20 Went on a whim when I heard there were BEAVERS! Noticed: -Yes, no one worked in teams, everyone was scattered and it felt alot like people stood back and let others kill things. (I immedeatly attacked a feran and almost died. Several people jsut stood around and watched me almsot die (br's FTW!). -The little critters were super fun. I loved fighting the brownies and white rabbits! -Few people have good armor, alot of hp, or restore. So remote heal, heal and br's (which can be expensive if you don't have a friend) pretty much limit you. -Multi is fun with little critters and ebil with big ones (wolves and foxes being big when 8 are attacking you at once.) -No one has Gatherer's so there are alot of bags. -Other people hang back and then come and pick up the bags, and also don't return death bags. Recomendations: -Well, a single map would help. -Or, spawning less mobs at one time. Have more waves of fewer critters. -Spawn the critters in different areas. Diana dove into the small spiders and was very excited nad happy as beavers and rats and racoons and foxes joined her. But then the wolves came and killed her (she couldn't keep up/do enough damage)
  11. Appreciation

    I know I've taken breaks, its always missing the people, the community (althought not @@6) that brings me back.
  12. Expiring bots

    Superity Ooops. Totally slipped our minds. Astronomy (now owned by CEL guild) renewal sent 5GC26065NM730781R
  13. Happy Earth Day!

    Oh my. it wasn't what I thought it was. But I still have more then 5k of it in storage. With 5 guesses to silver (and 142076 silver ore harvested) it wins! (Red roses were only at 88k) I'll contact you guys ingame, and I guess the contest is done. Happy earth day everyone!
  14. Happy Earth Day!

    HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Anyway, the first 5 people to guess what I have harvested to most of (according to this computers counter) win 1k of that harvestable. The rules: 1 guess per person. You must post your guess in this thread, no ingame submissions. If your name here is different then your ingame name you must post it. This contest runs 24 hours. In the off chance that 5 people haven't guessed the harvestable well, you're plum outa luck. No hints, repeated pm's/whatever for hints will disquallify you. The award: As I said 1k of that harvestable. I will do my best to catch each person right away (please don't share what the harvestable is) but I do have a life (as assumably you do)so pelase be patient.
  15. At the start of each day have their be a global announcement with a hint for the pear #Message from Pear: I am on a pk map #Message from Pear: Find me in the silver #Message from Pear: Haha! I'm somewhere in Seridia #Message from Pear: Oh my! you need a leather glove to pick me #Message from Pear: I'm inside! It doesn't have to be specific, just a rough hint.