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  1. Peace Day Poll

    This day could be useful if bombs would also not work and honestly i would prefer that. Maybe less often, but not quite as rare as Christmas Make it removable would just make it a bad day from every point of view
  2. Ranging Medallion

    I think it's a great idea
  3. efe...fire arrows

    Maybe increase the exp given to something like 50k. For this exp I would definitely spend one in schools during eng day.
  4. stivy bagjumps

    I lost stuff that way so... i'm sorry to hear it. It can happen.
  5. efe...fire arrows

    It's nothing bad with 80gc per FA, it's bad the cost for producing them yourself - like with other things in the game. And if i make one EFE myself i would rather sell it and buy FA with the gc, because i would get few times more arrows. And even to get engineering exp you have better options. So the point is that it's not encouraging you to mix them, just like with other items. But maybe adjusting the ings to make producing them profitable would provide more diversity to the game-play.
  6. android app

    If you want better quality maps download this: http://www.eternal-lands.com/main.1.el.android.obb then place it in a dir called Android\obb\el.android (on your phone) The obb file is just a zip so you can create your own map pack with your own maps, just make sure you keep the zip structure.
  7. New stone: Stone of War

    Peace day may be unpopular among some players, but it's a very good day to finishing some quests and even explore new areas. And it's such a rare day that i don't think it's a big problem for those that are not interested in it. I would also have mines not working during this day so it can be truly peacefully.
  8. Guns.

    Sounds like a very good idea. You put some bombs at entrance in pk and take a gun to make sure you kill everyone. This way any noob can kill anyone. Seems fair to me.
  9. Happy New Year

    Happy new year!
  10. I think it would be more useful to have the blessing for a longer time, like one hour, and pay more, like 5000 gcs. So instead of +15 attack that decrease by 1 each minute you have +15 attack that stays the same for one hour - or decreases during one hour - and you pay 5k gc.
  11. New perk ideas

    Weightlifter Gives emu = 40 * might instead of 20 * might 10pp
  12. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    Just to clarify, i never complained i was scammed and never called anyone names. I did said the price change was subtle and worked just like scamming works but only to make a point about the transparency of the trade. I admit i was the sleepy head and Susje proceed in his interest without breaking any rule. But i think it's pretty obviously that Susje expected more trades from me and decided to exploit that. He didn't changed the price only after the first trade but after every trade with me, including after the last one, when he dropped the price to 60gc. There were 3 price changes in 7 minutes(2 of them in one minute) so i think the intention is obvious. It worked because i didn't expected something like that and i was too superficial to do any check regarding the price. I think warning everyone about this is the right think to do. I had zero incidents with Susje until now, so this can happen to almost everyone. Take care
  13. Client disconnect?

    Good suggestion, i've also been thinking that would be useful. Having to open two clients with different display options is annoying and sometimes i just need to log off(like when watching a movie). PS: disabling and enabling your internet connection also does the trick:D
  14. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    Yes, you set the price accordingly with what you need, but this time the change was pretty subtle. When the bot say "I am buying up to 2721 Creature food for 81.1 gc each." you actually expect that he pays 81.1gc for each cf, but that is not the case. You can sell 960 gf max in one trade and each trade the price is lower. It's this subtle change that i find unfair - and dangerous considering that the price went down 25% after 3 trades. Somebody who doesn't expect unnatural behavior won't notice the change - and that's how scamming works most of the time. The part with filling the bot i don't understand... you decide how much to buy/sell and for what price. If you buy all that you wanted than you should be happy. I really don't understand what is the problem if somebody sells you for a really cheap price and and you can resell for better. And when i checked the market the bots paying better were only buying like 50 cf.