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Found 1 result

  1. Guns.

    OK searched the forum found unt nothing. EL needs Guns. Two types of Gun, a Pistol & a Rifle both of ~16th century musket design. Bullets should be made using Eng skill, with Ings; 4 Iron bar, 1 white fabric, 5 FE & 1 black powder. to produce 5 bullets, this would make the bullets at ~70-80gc dont know a good level to suggesting The guns themselves should not be manufacturable & secondly should be expensive, ~15k for pistol ~35k for rifle or more, they arent supposed to be cheap the guns cant have magic upgrades eg. thermal rifle the guns use eng skill to reload and have chance to crit fail causing loose of bullet only the rifle is 2 handed, slow, innacurate but powerful and causing considerable damage have visions of pistol being used in close combat as well as ranged (not sure how possible is this), single shot, cant be reloaded whilst fighting , same principles as rifle. the pistol would be a great addition, to my arsenal. in invance etc, if i have a brace of pistols, shooting the mob a little before i charging in, without having to get bow & arrows out etc also another use for white fabric outsde of pure aesthetics, maybe change the 4 Iron bar for 10 Gypsum. Hope you like my sugestings edit is for poor English