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  1. Mobs that can range players

    If i understood hows mobs are done in EL, it would require a fair amount of work to do something like this, since it's not really set up for much variance (i believe most mobs are files based on certain mob models with things tweaked and changed in the coding of them, along a bit of a hardcoded way, which is a bit less flexible). However, i do think it would be an interesting thing to do, it would require thinking in terms of mobs ability, as well as line of sight being probably an issue for invaded range mobs (since the horde will make them limited in terms). Only somewhat helped by the instant reaction AI can have. It'd probably take quite a lot of thinking in terms of making them balanced to be an additional challenge without being annoying to fight.
  2. Increase the slots in inv.

    bots is a negative, thing radu's $$ balance. No chance to be implemented. Too many bots anyway, and ruin player - player interactions. Very few useful things are still unstackable. Topic killed lol
  3. #allies_list

    Could always happen again; would be interesting to see what caused it oh and hi circe
  4. Increase the slots in inv.

    Depends really how many pots you use when you fight/PK I always found i used less in instance than invance (some HEs, My armour, bow, Some Srs, some Brs, SoP and all the arrows possible.) than invance (which i use more combat pots if I get them bloody 2 Feros and a WT boss encounter ) Can come in handy for some people. On the other hand we could restrict them and have inv management add strategy (if done Well it can be great fun fiddling with it for optimum solution for yourself)
  5. melee/magic distance.

    Hate how when doing range/magic its too far and your characted does naught to cope with it. Just makes me feel like the char i'm playing is incompotent. Just adds to the irritation of using these skills, especially if you set out to use them as an alternative to melee (not wise sadly, unless you go uber harm anything instantly to death with <300 hp mage). Though, this makes it nice for the ordinary players, creating less hassle, means them uber OP mages can kill easier too... Upside Downside Upside-Downside cake. mmmm
  6. Increase the slots in inv.

    Not a perk. What's with making everything a perk, or require earning, leaving out XX% of game from any update? Just make the tile within inv tiles from 6x6 to 7x7 (so from 36 tiles, to 49, for those who cant do basic maths), let everybody do it. Considering the amount of items ingame, it makes sense. Also adding armour is completely different thing, if its Vixens because thats a permanent buff to combat. Food is extending the top of an expendable point system. Levels is novac, yeah? different This is completely unrelated.
  7. Starlite, what chars have you had? I just need one more person i like and i might start playing (a little) butler endorses this guild in many colours.
  8. Boar updates

    Lovely speculation when i spent a year in 4060 range seeing people quitting and dropping off all around me. And the amount of newbies on IP i talked to, got on buddy list, gave stuff to and never saw again... If your bored, go sit at wraith for a month and see how many players popup (count out the alts), see how many talk, figure out how to get onto @@1 or stay for very long. Im not being cynical about this, was research i did when i was still very much in love with the game, though i hear most "newbs" aren't popping up on @@1 nowadays but @@6. Boss ideas nice, same kind of thing L's planning/got a single example of in his server, but still a really nice idea.
  9. Boar updates

    Like the idea, but need thing for players straight from creation, because most quit within half an hour of starting (so usually on IP) or before level 40 afterwards, so this might help the <40 group, but will do nothing to help any that are deterred at start, as well as: So if people at those levels don't even take advantage of the invance, why do more things for them? So I waste my time for something that will be unused? Besides, there are tons of quests that can be done at those levels. And the daily quests take the level into account.
  10. Susje only use you

    What was i saying about it being easy to circumvent? \o\/o/ People will always take advantage of the fact bots can't effectively prevent abuse and safeguarded at all really. It's always been possible to buy up and price hike everything, buy from one bot selling something cheaply and sell to another bot, or use them as another means of getting antisocial buyers money. All done by me and my friends, because its easy as crap to do. Bots are a very good thing in the toolkit for anybody to make an easy profit without much effort, both maliciously and ordinary, so tbh. If you don't want to use bots to screw others over or allow other people to screw you over, then stop paying for them 10/10 post, even thought you banned me from your bot for my name :<
  11. Susje only use you

    Enough proof for LeeDonaldson at least. You know, there's no trolls in unoff so it must automatically be true without any critical thinking. Very good point. Right now they are happily giving out free grammar lessons as well. Such well behaved, completely accurate and useful information is abundant on the Unoff.
  12. Susje only use you

    I love how people fell for coincidence. You should have realised it was too good to be true lool.
  13. Susje only use you

    different people hold different opinions, obviously yours conflict, and it wont be resolved. Also afaik most of the people posting in this thread have spent so much time on the game that it would be good for more people to get a life, as it would prevent both parties from getting so heated on this. #drama
  14. Buying Guild

    guild costs 30k to make from scratch... easier just doing that wouldnt it?
  15. Susje only use you

    This is an example of if it happens to me is terrible, what happens to others is acceptable and due to their own idiocy. this isnt directed at anybody, but apply it as you will. also am i banned from your bots susje?