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  1. Retro Eternal Lands IP Party and Contest!

    If I had been active at the time, I would have given the same answer. Radu has obviously since chimed in with his answer of the day on this one. In any case, I think this falls under the unwritten "don't be a dick" set of rules. A hidden entrance to a guild map is obviously meant to be hidden. If not, there would presumably be a portal room or other public entrance to each guild map. Many guilds are supporting EL with guild maps and bots, and are paying for some semblance of security. Furthermore, I don't want to read back pages of PK Central spam, filled with obsolete bots and PK alts. It's a waste of bandwidth. I will push to have PK Central report only PKI kills (for players 65 average att&def).
  2. #nu Guild

    Folks, please do not flame, nor bring RL into forum threads. About half of this thread has been removed. I'd urge you to post the resolution (if any) to this thread, and nothing else. Failure to follow the forum rules may result in restriction/removal of your posting privileges.
  3. unban dragon_94 please

    Can you explain why MayWader was locked? Last time you tried, it was nothing but lies.
  4. banned ?

    You've violated the terms from the previous times you were locked, so there's no point in making new ones for you. Boasting that you've knowingly been breaking the rules for months does not make a strong argument in your favor, either.
  5. banned ?

    You don't seem to follow any restrictions anyhow, so what is the point in letting you back yet again?
  6. Inactive accounts?

    If it's of any use, among the latest posts I show for you: [Ryu5659 @ 3]: Would i be safe entering the north NC cave with 26 def? [Ryu5659 @ 1]: Where is the best place to fight with a/d/p/c. 23/26/18/16? You may want to spend a couple of days leveling up a new Ryu5659, rather than spending such a great deal of effort recovering your previous char. With the new and improved tutorial, returning to 26 def should go fairly quickly, while reminding you how to play.
  7. Client update test

    Thumb is cut off by the bone (too far "back") Note: This actor is on a horse, which makes the viewing angle more severe. Edit: Unrelated issue, also likely because the #horse command is a purely visual effect: While harvesting, when I hit a teleport nexus, the horse disappears. I'll try to grab sigils and essences for teleport to range for further testing. I'm not sure whether this phenomenon is the case for "real" horses.
  8. Client update test

    Typing #horse while sitting on a chair, then walking off, results in the char walking off, followed by the horse about a second later (out of sync). This is similar to the other synchronization issues reported by others. My client crashed (segfault) "[01:16:18] Inconsistency between queues of attached actors asgnny �HIM (30) and (-1)!" when I typed #horse a second time (to dismount) while sitting on a chair, (in the IP underground), facing east. My character immediately disappeared (with the horse still remaining), and the client crashes a few seconds later. I was able to repeat this twice in a row, but not a third time. Edit: After sitting still for a while on the same chair, and dismounting (#horse), once again, my character disappeared. When I typed #horse again, a second horse was superimposed over the first. I was unable to walk. I tried #set_neck on myself, and it said no actor found. I tried #set_neck on a nearby character, and that finally crashed the client. [01:29:47] Inconsistency between queues of attached actors asgnny �HIM (269) and (-1)! Last message repeated 35 times [01:47:02] Unable to add command 26 - 269 Last message repeated 1 time [01:47:04] Unable to add command 25 - 269 [01:47:08] Unable to add command 22 - 269 [01:47:16] Unable to add command 13 - 269 [01:47:21] Unable to add command 14 - 269 [01:47:21] Unable to add command 20 - 269 [01:47:22] Unable to add command 24 - 269 Last message repeated 1 time [01:47:23] Unable to add command 25 - 269 [01:47:26] Unable to add command 24 - 269 [01:47:26] Unable to add command 23 - 269 [01:47:27] Unable to add command 20 - 269 [01:48:11] actor not found (trying to add a medallion to my invisible self) [01:48:14] actor not found (same) [01:48:25] actor found, adding neck item (client crashed) #Edit 2: I was able to add a horse to creatures (such as brownies and rabbits), though not bots. When I killed the brownie or rabbit, my client crashed. (I realize rabbits are not meant to have horses, though I thought this may be pertinent in case future monsters are mounted).
  9. New critical damage

    Would it be possible to add a hidden modifier for break rates (something like that of EFE production rates)? If the rates are tweaked as required, small adjustments could be made as they become necessary. I'd imagine most fighters will claim that break rates are too high at any given point, factoring in the recency effect in recalling their last armor or weapon breakage. If break rates increase by e.g. 5%, this makes little difference to an individual, however spread across the entire EL economy, such a change is significant. Making it less likely for one to break armor after having broken the same before worries me a bit in that frequent users of armor (i.e. fighters) may experience lower relative break rates than the occasional armor users (i.e. mixer/gatherers).
  10. Crash at Startup

    There may be additional clues located in: ~/.elc/error_log.txt
  11. Banned

    Domination was indeed locked just over 1 month ago, for repeated foul language/flaming and many inappropriate links. Assuming you can control yourself, I will go ahead and unlock Domination. With that said, since it seems that you don't even know why you got in trouble in the first place, I have my doubts.
  12. Ezah & YetiO Banned

    It is quite apparent that you're completely unaware of, unable to control, and unwilling to change, your actions, so I need not waste more of my time here. Haze was not banned because you were laughing at something someone said. Ezah and Yetio were not banned for sending an #abuse report. You were banned for the reasons I stated in my original reply in this thread. The only truth in your previous post is the "I GOT BANNED" part. We agree on this point, and it seems you understood, so let's leave it at that. Enough already.
  13. Ezah & YetiO Banned

    Gladly. You have shown nothing more than blatant disregard for most in-game rules, time after time. While you still had your main character (Haze) locked for repeated bouts of foul language and spamming, you continued to do the same with your alts, Yetio and Ezah. This, coupled with your continually wasting moderator time, as well as harassing and severely verbally abusing moderators, is why you are banned. You were given many warnings, many chances, many mutes/boots/character locks, etc., and as evidenced above, none of this is sufficient enough to keep you from being an intolerable pain. As such, you are banned indefinitely.
  14. Banned

    Yes, I locked your Onuris character. I don't think spamming bot owners and the server alike with (literally) thousands of rapid-fire PM's (often several per second) is in any way reasonable, nor within the confines of the spirit of the rules. It is my understanding that the gc and/or items you obtained from the Adarah bot were obtained only through your having broken an in-game rule. As such, I am considering those proceeds as "fruit of the poison tree". In other words, those items are ill-gotten. I would consider unlocking Onuris once these illegally obtained goods are returned to that bot. To clarify, I consider the items obtained as a result of misplaced trust (i.e. those from the LNX bot) were obtained legally. That's like asking Bernie Madoff if the SEC told him that securities fraud was illegal. This was obviously a deliberate attempt to breach a bug, possibly a server bug (not 100% certain as of the time of the lock), as it has been explained to me by a bot owner. While extra code could be added to double-check that the ID"s being sent from the server are not crossed at any point, this does should not exonerate anyone deliberately (paraphrasing from the rules:) exploiting and communicating the existence of any exploitable (one which grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) bug. Assuming for a moment that the bug is in the bot code (mind you, Onuris is not currently locked for exploitation of a bug), that does not mitigate the fact that the server was deliberately spammed with thousands of messages over a relatively short period of time. I believe our friendly UObeyUOk bot was disabled for this same reason. If it's okay for one player to send thousands of messages in a short interval, is it not then acceptable for everyone else to be able to do the same? This situation is brought to the foreground as most bot owners have their bots set up to forward (via PM) the commands received by their bots. This feature is useful to catch abuse, as well as to provide real-time knowledge of which items are selling. For normal use, the end result is useful knowledge being passed to a bot owner about trades and commands sent to their bot. This is a valuable service, and I believe, is why I believe bot owners are willing to spend $100+ at the EL shop for their bots. Following is what I propose as the most expeditious, reasonable resolution to the issues at hand: 1) A complete review of the events which transpired, to determine which, if any, goods were obtained illegally. 2) Verification that no illegal multiplay has occurred. 3) Verification that no (server) bugs were exploited. 4) The return of any illegally obtained goods. 5) Onuris would be unlocked (assuming 2) & 3) check out). I am hopeful that this situation can be resolved quickly and fairly. edit: thanks radu...
  15. HaZe Banned