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  1. Current day info

    https://holy-eternalland.de/eldata.php works perfect with jq. Very convenient. Thank you!
  2. Current day info

    I want to build a small raspberry pi based device with fetches the information from the net and informs about the special day status while offline or maybe a cron based reminder which tell me that is a good time to log in to el This is more convenient. Furthermore when starting the el client I am triggering a text to speech engine reading the current day info. In the case of bad days like acid rain I am informed in advance before logging in into a desaster. This can be done by just checking the website but I am too lazy for things like that. BTW: Thank you for all hints!
  3. I am going to write a tool which is able to inform me about the current ingame day (special day or not). What I did is, I just grep the information from the Mercator website. But the problem is, on Mercator only the last known special day is displayed independent of if this day is already over. Is there any better source in the net where I could grep the actual special day status from the web? thanks Erdie
  4. A possible solution to prevent cheating could be that the information the server is sending to the client is done without any coordinates, that mean, just the information that "there is a dragon in audio range" is sent but you don´t know where it comes from. It does not matter if someone will modify the client, he will not get more information like that. Even you visualize it, it would not give any advantages beyond the fact that you know, there is something around you. A visualization would look like a circle of the range. Of course with that information, you can´t generate a directional sound. If you want that, the server could send just a vector without the amount information. In that case, any further processing by modified client will give you significant more information that the fact that there is a creature in a defined direction but unknown distance.
  5. Sound extension snapshot

    New update available: Skeleton walk and sitting down applied with sounds.
  6. Sound extension snapshot

    you have a PM ..
  7. In Eternal lands there are certain distances where a player is able to see annother character, monster or enemy. Of course the distance depends on the stats and the type of the object, daytime and certain other parameters. As far as I know the conditon if a sound of a object is observable is exactly related to visiblity of an object (If you can see it, you can hear it). My idea is, like in real life, that the audio perception of the sound of an object would be possible over longer distances than the visual perception, so if there is a monster around you can hear it before it is visible. This means you might be warned by the sound of something in advance, which gives you a strategic advantage in dangerous situations if you are using sound. It would even make the games more exciting in certain situations. And at the end it would be a real motivation for players to use sound! What do you think about this idea?
  8. Sound extension snapshot

    If somone is interested in getting a preview soundpack for testing, just tell me, I will provide a downlodad.
  9. Sound extension snapshot

    Thank you, I will continue on this!
  10. Sound extension snapshot

    I was working on new sounds and bug fixes recently and I would like to provide it here embedded into a small demo video: It would be nice if someone could give some feedback on this. Thanks Erdie
  11. I found a servere client sound bug

    Thanks I just checked that. I found out that if you have bondaries defined e. g. for a cave which just a part of a bigger map, it is sufficiant when you just don´t put in a day - flag and it will played everytime. But for a complete map it works only if you define something. You suggestion works! Thanks.
  12. I found a servere client sound bug

    <deleted, my fault>
  13. I found a servere client sound bug

    Beside bug fixes I am currently working on a overall extension of the sound pack. There are many missing sounds which have been never shipped up to now and there are sounds which really could be done better. Even die amplitude balance is not well made in many cases. A few sounds are clipping when beeing recorded, which sounds urgly. I did it for personal use and fun but if the community would like to adapt it, I would appreciate this. For adding new stuff I needed to modify xml sources in the "actor_defs" directory. Should I even create a pull request for this? IMHO if these changes would be shipped to players with the old sound package, nothing would change, the new sound would not listenable as far as the sound package has been updated to my version. But this has to be approved first of course. BTW: @Nogrod I now figured out why I did not understand you previously - I was just struggling with an outdated file of mapinfo.lst instead of the valid one. And in that file the order was complete different. I costs me hours to find my fault lol But I have annother question: When I add a new map into mapinfo_c[x].xml and I want to add a background sound which is independed of time_of_day_flags (e. g. in the cave, it does now matter which time you have ..) how should this be done? Just not putting in the flag section .. or is there a flag for "play it at any time" ? thanks Erdie
  14. I found a servere client sound bug

    It is part of the sound pack so it will be easier to distribute because it is a separate package. I need to ask how this can become official. Maybe together with my current sound additions I am currently working on.
  15. I found a servere client sound bug

    Thank you very much, I will test it now! EDIT: It works