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Found 1 result

  1. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    Hey hey.. After 3 years standing around in TD waiting for harvesters to kill i've goten bored.. I thought to myself. Should i do an invasion and kill players.. or should i give them a better chance of surviving my invasions.. in the end.. i gave way to all the newbies. (Yes i am a newb to, just so were all clear So i've talked to Radu about an increase in attribute caps a while ago (Also OA & A/D cap increase though that would need a new client, so i've decided to pursue the attribute increase cap). He's all for the idea, though he wanted to see if the EL community was onboard. Now.. for those who know me. Im Alphabet. The always dieing in invasions risk taker.. probably because my instinct is 4 and i don't have all attributes maxed Though regardless, im not going to let my incapabilities of getting higher attributes affect the game overall. Trust me.. i kind of don't want to see caps raised because i can't afford max attributes right now, let alone when they are capped at 60. The only reason why im making this topic is because i think everyone will enjoy the gameplay more if the caps are rasied. Cons of having attribute caps at 60: -Costly -Higher mirror damage Pros of having attribute caps at 60: -Cannot be bombed if you do a hydro run (im currently 140 engineering, and if someone has max phy/will they cannot be bombed with the proper gear on) -Higher heals -More exp from rationality.. ie ranging.. training etc -Higher health & mana -Higher chance to hit mobs -Harder hits -Less chance of dieing (Well not if you fight mobs with mirror perk ) -Can read books faster -Can carry more emu.. He's.. srs etc. You lucky harvester alts! -Buying stuff from npc becomes easier, can buy say 500 bars or 1k ess at once. -Increased emu in mule form -A higher goal for others who left the game because they feel they have "accomplished" everything. Now i know that everyone is thinking.. well omg it cost so much. I've suggested to Radu that we have 2 perks that give us PP'S. One is a Wraith perk, you can only get it if you have 179 overall (Or any overall) that gives you x amount of pickpoints. Second perk is a Redeemer perk, Radu's idea is that you lose X amount of A/D exp, and gain X amount of PP'S. Now whatever you guys think is a fair for the exp/pp's gain post it below and vote. Having a small change.. is better then no change. Hopefully if this goes well, others can start making legitimate polls on what would make EL better.. instead of just voting no Thanks o/