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  1. Questions about game future

    And my pledge for $50 to marketing still stands
  2. Questions about game future

    Guess I’ll just be another player enjoying the game for now.
  3. Questions about game future

    Ok, I think I’m understanding it correctly now. It’s not that I don’t want to or am not willing to help. I just don’t know how I can help. I also understand that I was wrong about how I confronted the marketing from a business standpoint when it’s a community not a business. I appreciate the perspective you provided me. I can tell I rubbed some the wrong way. That was not my intention.
  4. Questions about game future

    I pledge $50.
  5. Questions about game future

    I think we are going about this the wrong way and I never meant for this to be critical or anything negative. If there was at the very least a plan for marketing and a donation button for that plan, I would donate to that plan. Right now that’s all I am able to do is donate. I just want to know that my donation would specifically go to that plan and some details about the plan. I don’t think I would be the only one to donate. Maybe someone in this community would have a good idea to get the plan going. I just have no experience that would be of value to this task.
  6. Questions about game future

    You are a Moderator lol? I think people should be paid for the work they do. My suggestion was to PAY someone to help increase. PAY for marketing. There is a difference between willing and capable. I am not Capable nor have any type of experience related to marketing games. Would you pay for marketing of anything that you receive no compensation for? Would you do work for free that involves skill, knowledge, and experience? If you read my first post, I was asking if there was a marketing plan. The future of the game? Not to volunteer. If you don’t have one, then just say you don’t have one. Maybe take a class on effective communication skills and customer service while your at it.
  7. Questions about game future

    Gotcha. I knew there were things I didn’t know, because I’m not in the position nor have the reasons to know what’s been done and what’s being done. Thanks for an amazing game that has brought me back multiple times. I’ve played probably over 100 mmorpg games and Eternal-Lands is still the best for me. Marketing does work, just have to be consistent and hit the right audience. I know absolutely nothing about video development. I’m about to launch 2 new businesses with different partners along with other things on my plate and currently don’t have the time to learn. I could see myself learning video dev in the future cause it would be a valuable and pretty neat skill to have. Before that though, I have goals like piano lessons and such. I’d be willing to create some videos for fun to help out. Not going to be able to fit it in right now.
  8. Questions about game future

    I just ignore answers that seem to be of a lower intelligence required to have a conversation. It does help. I’ve been going back and forth on pulling up my accounts and setting up the maps again. Because it’s very easy to causally play this game I’m gonna play again. Sadly, I am not the person to do any type of video or social development and would only bring myself. I still hope the devs could put together some type of video introduction to the game and do a marketing campaign. If no one is doing videos, then someone has to either work for free or get paid to do it. As a entrepreneur, I my thoughts would be to higher it to someone who already loves the game. The rewards don’t have to be money and could in game rewards. Maybe even a competition of very short videos creating rare items. It takes a community to grow a community and a lot of inspiration. Sadly, that’s not me. My true inspiration is with real estate and building passive income. If there’s no budget for marketing or a marketing plan, I would strongly urge for one to be made. If there’s no compensation for creating such a plan, then create the compensation. Most high geared players need Rostos and there’s plenty of people spending money on games they only play for a month to 6 months. If relying on players to share and build hasn’t worked, then when is it supposed to work?
  9. Questions about game future

    Seems that the player base has been dying off. Are there any plans for marketing to bring in more players? There is no game like this one and it's one of my favorite old school games. I'd like to come back, but maybe not if it's gonna eventually die off. I remember playing when there was just iron armor and the game has grown as a game very well. No complaints about the game, just worried about the player base. There are billions of people on this Earth and the most hit is 988 14 years ago. Not sure what marketing is being done, but a few $$ thrown at a marketing campaign or even paying someone to play it on their twitch account would easily multiply the current player base. This is from a perspective of not understanding the whole situation. Just like the game and would like more game lovers to find their way to EL.