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New and updated trade bot list

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First I would like to apologies for the delay in updating as I haven't been on the game in some time

so with that said here are the newest updates:



Please include Tove, trade bot for TKN, who is in Desert Pines at loc 165.61


you have been updated


Hi,you missed Chimothy,coords are 127,158 in crystel caverns. owners-Tokie and Taini.

Mekie, has been moved to Nordcarn,coords are 95,139 owners- Taini and Tokie.



I didn't miss you, it's just that I do not go on the game searching for bots

so if you don't tell me of if I haven't traded with it I don't know it's there.

But you are now here....welcome!


Xavierx at N.C. Coords 97/142


Owner the_grud





Ive a new bot since 2 week or so too...


Bot: Bomb_Shop

Owner: Cyberwulf

Location: Nordcarn [132,57] (near Minel)



Welcome to the list!


Zia left Tina to me, and I decided to move the bot:


[PM from Tina: I am in Morcraven cave [110,125]]



OK Dilly it's been changed!


moved negotiator to Zirakgunda [153,277]



The move has been changed.


Iduna has moved to a new location:


Crystal Cavern [149,174]


Thanks for keeping the list!





you have been moved!


Thanks glad to do it!

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For some reason I had a major Brain malfunction regarding the last 4 posts!

You may have already noticed that the changes were made but for some reason

I forgot to reply stating that they were in fact changed. My apologies but they are done!

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Citric now owns Citrine, nc 181,54


OK you are now listed!


Please update Minerva Bot owners to Fatboyjaxx, Ezmerelda, Cruella


Many thanks!



new owners now listed!




I became the new owner of the bot Caution, in MM cave 110, 140





Caution now added to the list!




New bot is Sandalphon at NC, coords are 164,154 and I'm the owner.


Thanks =)



You are now on the list!

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[PM from Zabadee: I am in Desert Pines - Corren [309,352]]

[PM from Zabadee: Right behind the Merry Soul Tavern in Corren Village!!]


Owner: WiFi



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