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  1. Bot expiration

    Laubster renewed Receipt number: 5GF1585942932144F
  2. Bot expiration

    BoneHead paid Receipt number: 8FF79878U3098984H
  3. Receipt number: 7BL422882E494644R
  4. Everything is working great now. Thank you!!!
  5. Hello. Just wondering if Radu has seen this or not? Would love to get it fixed so we can do quests that we periodically get in this room. Thanks! Jeff
  6. Door at Magic School of Tarsengaard [162,223] says "You are too far away." and you can't get through into the Library. - Jeff
  7. Android client, 6th release

    Wondering if it's possible to make a setting so people can log into other servers than main. I have a char on PK server I'd like to try the phone app with, and others may want to do things on test server with it. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Crafting update?

    +1 to change gold/silver ring recipe for more than 1 ring +1 for chance of hydro ring Never seen a hydro ring for sale. Bots are now paying over 20k gc for a ring, and I believe some friends and I calc'd break even point around 15k gc for a ring and trying to mix a bunch of swords on site. With a chance of mixing them then the price may come down, or at least could be more available. Another example of this kind of rare mix would be LDB summon stones. They are a rare mix when making any summoning stone, and prices for them are still around 22k gc each. So no guarantee that prices would drop, just that they would become more available, and would make ring mixing more worth while. - Jeff
  9. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted no, mostly because of this. If instances/invances/invasions are lower risk for high level or rich players, then they need to be made harder so there's still a chance of rostos being lost. I work hard to level up and buy attribs, so i can mix whatever i want, and still be able to fight. But making things harder for uber fighters means I have less of a chance of surviving.
  10. Yes, would be nice if it was added like Vixen and Gerund. I finally broke my ti chain today and thought I was done. Also this quest took me over multiple computers and was excited that I was finally done, then found out I am not. My logs have 4 things broken, and I really don't want to go back through breaking everything else again. Thanks, Jeff
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like 5 batches of 10k wheat, 15k gc per batch Thanks, Jeff
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order 5 batches of 20k Tiger Lillies @ 0.75 gc each. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Since gold coins are now being sold through the shop, I was wondering if rostogol stones could be sold on NPC like nexus removals are. I was thinking that rosto price on NPC could reflect gold coin price through the shop, at 80,000 gc per rosto. People spending $100 to buy rostogol stones through the shop are still getting a better deal than the NPC would offer. This would provide a few things to the economy (in my opinion): - Price control on rostogol stones, since the limited supply is making prices jump quickly. - Encourage shop sales for gc and rostos, since you get a better deal when spending $100 - Encourage more people to still use rostos. With a bigger supply and inflation control of an NPC selling them, you know prices won't go above that, and you won't stress as much about losing them. These are just a few of my thoughts on it. - Jeff
  14. Expiringbots, November 2015

    Laubster renewed Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5E922919GK505423G.
  15. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    renewed BoneHead. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 3CM78358JG389091J.