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  1. Seventh Annual Raffle

    16 hours until the raffle, and we've added new prizes and updated the ticket holders list! You only have a few (~12) hours to get your tickets! Thank you for your support for this great cause, and good luck to you all!
  2. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Updated the prizes. We still have a few awesome prizes in the work, so get your tickets as soon as possible! Please check the ticket list and make sure your name is on there if you've made a donation Only 2 more days to the drawing. Don't miss out, be sure to get your tickets! Thank you for your support!
  3. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Only one week to go to the raffle! Be sure to get your tickets! Check out the updated prize list and don't miss your chance to win one of the awesome prizes!
  4. Seventh Annual Raffle

    I've updated the Prize list with great new prizes! There's only two weeks to go until the big day so get your tickets as soon as possible! There are also plenty of ingredients to mix with still. If you'd like to make something for the raffle, please let us know what ingredients you need and we'll provide you with anything we have. Thanks so much!
  5. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Thanks for all the donations! Lists have been updated. Only 4 weeks to the raffle, get your tickets soon!
  6. Seventh Annual Raffle

    We have a mixer who would like to make a Red Dragon Set for the raffle! To do that we need 7 binding stones and 22 Red Dragon scales, so... do you have some you could donate? Let us know please or donate to one of the bots (Iduna, Arachnid, Islena or Adarah) and send me a message. Thanks!
  7. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Calling all mixers! We have a lot of ingredients available to mix into prizes for the raffle. Let us know what you need for the prize you want to mix and go at it . Prize, Ticket and ingredient list updated. Thanks to everyone for all their support!
  8. Seventh Annual Raffle

    I have updated the prize and ticket list. Please contact us if you'd like to mix anything from the ingredients we have on hand. Please note that I will be out of town for the next two weeks. Please contact Eru, WolfWitch or #ig Riva with donations or mixing requests. Thanks to such a wonderful community!
  9. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Updated prize list, ticket list and mixing items list Thanks to everyone who is helping so much!
  10. Seventh Annual Raffle

    There's now 30 prizes for the raffle! I've updated the prize list in the first post and the available ings list in the 3rd post. Thanks all!
  11. Seventh Annual Raffle

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who have started making donations already! I have just updated the prize list so take a look To make donations, please contact myself, Eru or other members of Riva guild. We will ask you to go to Naralik and trade them to RaffleSto. Raw ingredients will be made available to mixers, prizes will go directly on the prize list (raw ingredients can also be prizes . In addition, any items donated to (not purchased by) the following bots will be used for the raffle (either raw ingredients or finished items): Iduna, Arachnid, Islena, Asteria (gypsum only), Adarah. If you donate to one of these bots, please send me a PM (here, in game, or via mercator, etc.) to let me know. If you have donated something and do not see it on the list, please let me know so I can track it down. Lists will be updated mostly on the weekend, so please give me until then to get them added . Also, many people have asked what they can mix. So, I am posting here all the items that have been donated or remain from last year as ingredients to mix prizes from. If you'd like to mix something from these ingredients, please tell us what ingredients you need from the list and we'll give you the ings. Animal 2 Skunk fur 58 Deer Antlers 41 Fox Fur 16 Racoon fur 10469 Bones 209 Rat tail 5323 Raw Meat 11 Feran Horn 36 Tiger Summoning Stone 2 Puma Fur 4 Red Snake Skin 56 Deer Fur 14 Beaver fur 29 Wolf Fur 20 Brown rabbit fur 1 Bear Summoning Stone 1 Brown Snake Skin 4 Green Snake Skin [*] Armor 20 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Titanium Shield 5 Leather Gloves 2 Titanium Chain Mail 7 Steel Chain Mail 22 Padded Leather Armor 3 Iron Helm 1 Wooden Shield 22 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Steel Cuisses 3 Steel Greave 1 Steel Shield 20 Leather Pants 20 Leather Boots 20 Leather Helm [*] Books 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Book of Fire sword 1 Book of Biochemistry 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Book of Crafting Potion 2 Book of Titanium Molding 1 Book of Axe Construction 2 Book of Elf Fighting 2 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Book of Titanium Mining 4 Book of Potion of Physique [*] Clothes 20 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Warlock's Cloak 9 Blue Tricorn Hat 22 Padded Leather Armor 22 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Fur Cloak 1 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Fur Boots 20 Leather Pants 20 Leather Boots 1 Body Piercing Cloak 1 The artificer cape 1 Cape of passive camouflage [*] Essences 365 Matter Essence 18200 Earth Essence 3484 Water Essence 2 Enriched Death Essence 8 Enriched Fire Essence 651 Spirit Essence 37370 Magic Essence 70 Health Essence 121109 Fire Essence 9629 Energy Essence 14 Enriched Life Essence 2 Enriched Magic Essence 26 Enriched Water Essence 3049 Air Essence 5 Death Essence [*] Flowers 10520 Impatiens 564 Lilacs 10637 Yarrow 3095 Mullein 10000 Toadstool 19926 Blue Lupine 14053 Poison Ivy 14319 Tulips 11041 Nightshade 10712 Red Currents 4004 Mugwort 6533 White Asiatic Lilly 28 Cactus 76481 Red Rose 5224 Tree Mushroom 2164 Swamp Candles 4276 Valerian 11748 Dandelion 91510 Sunflower 690 Ogre Toes 26445 Poppies 7095 Wormwood 2 Cotton 13219 Rue 13074 Henbane 9949 White Chanterelle 3441 Blue Star Flower 12080 Blue Berries 5525 Daffodils 8221 Tiger Lilly 43493 Red Snapdragons [*] Food 10142 Fruits 10085 Vegetables 25 Wine 10000 Toadstool 5048 Potion of Feasting [*] Jewelry 6 Polished Ruby 11 Gold Medallion 400 Polished Emerald 400 Polished Sapphire 100 Silver Ring 167 Silver Medallion 48 Gold Ring [*] Magic 10 Stars Medallion 50 Ring of Disengagement 1 Saving Stone 10 Ring of Morcraven Marsh 10 Ring of Isla Prima 5 Ring of Portland 10 Ring of Glacmor 2 Gatherer Medallion 41 Unicorn Medallion 2 Point Defense 18 Sun Medallion a Moon Medallion 10 Ring of Anitora 2 Red Dragon Scale [*] Metals 18 Hydrogenium Bar 1881 Iron Bar 1000 Titanium Bar 10 Tin Bar 154 Silver Bar 4 Gold Bar [*] Minerals 137378 Coal 113 Quartz 7642 Diamond 66 Gypsum 4664 Rose Quartz 10000 Blue Quartz 1906 Turqoise 4732 Ruby 16800 Sapphire [*] Misc 7 Binding Stone 43 Mercury 320 Creature food 1328 Ashes 330 Wood Branches 3000 Thread 354 Empty Vial 6 Enrichment Stone 7 White Fabric 1 Bones Powder 51 Yew 10 Red Dye 87 Wood Logs 1188 Leather 10 Black Dye 11 Serpent Stone 2 Invisibility Removal Ward [*] Ores 13 Honey Comb 23000 Silver Ore 1000 Cinnabar 85624 Iron Ore 14540 Titanium Ore 18835 Gold Ore [*] Potions 5 Potion of Accuracy 1000 Potion of Spirit Restoration 320 Creature food 1 Poison Antidote 2 Potion of Body Restoration 5048 Potion of Feasting 14 Potion of Extra Mana 13 Potion of Great Healing 10 Potion of Manufacturing 5 Potion of Evasion 4 Mixture of Power 40 Invisibility Potion 1 Potion of Minor Healing [*] Tools 5 Hammer 9 Needle 1 Mortar & Pestle 27 Gemstone hammer & chisel 4 Saw 5 Leather Gloves 1 Scissor 5 Loom 33 Ring Mold 30 Medallion Mold 2 Vial Mold 1 Alembic [*] Weapons 125 Steel Two Edged Sword 50 Pking arrows 6 Iron Sword 2 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 10469 Bones 1 Wooden Battle Hammer 21 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 1 Iron Battle Hammer 330 Wood Branches 1 Modable Steel Long Sword 1903 Pking bolts Here are some suggestions of things that could be made for prizes: All essences All bars Hydrogenium bars Steel sets (1 cuisses and 3 greaves are available, they just need the other parts) Ti set (already have one shield for a set) Other armour sets Daritha armor sets (there are already some parts, we could use more to round out sets) Ring sets, both c1 and c2 SRs EMPs GHPs Other potion sets Mule sets Great and other enchanted swords (there are several modables waiting to be mixed with) Any clothing sets anything else you can think of that can be made in EL Thanks!
  12. Seventh Annual Raffle

    It's Raffle Time again! Following in the tradition of the raffles in the past six years, myself and the Rivan Warriors will bring you another big raffle. Current Prize Value: > gold coins The prizes: 1 Red Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Reya 1 Black Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Apparition 1 Ice Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Morpheus 3 Phoenix glyph - DerSachse - BuXaTo 5,000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - Scorpion_King - Apparition 5,000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - Scorpion_King - Morpheus 1 Crown of Life - Stone - Ghrae 1 Titanium Plate Set (including helm) - Stone - momr58 1 Iron Plate Set (including helm) - Stone - Zeza 5 Nexus Transfer Stones - CherUT 1 Will Removal Stone - CherUT 1 Rostogol Stone - snowfire23 1 Vitality Removal Stone - K&M Guild Medallion Set - 1 Medallion of Live, 1 Star, 1 Unicorn, 1 Gatherer, 1 Sun, 1 Moon - Evanmarie 5 Harvester Medallion - Scorpion_King 5 Harvester Medallion - Takhan 30 Point Defense - CherUT 100 Ring of Disengagement - Takhan C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - wood_man C2 Ring Set - 10 of each C2 ring - Ghrae 1000 Potion of Body Restoration - Raistlin 1000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - WolfWitch 1 Scythe - Brendal 1 Staff of Protection - Irongrip 1 Steel Axe - Cabman 1 Cutlass - Scorpion_King 1 Rostogol Stone - DsoD - Jeffiner 200 Pear Finders - loir - Ghrae Big Book Set (Manufacturing, Potions, Tailoring, Crafting) - bob88 - BuXaTo S2E Glowy Sword Set - mixed by ScaryMary, ings from ScaryMary and many others - bud 10,000 Health Essence - mixed by Bren, ings by Stone, Bren and others - momr58 A Potty Pot of Powerful Potions (100 each of 10 diff attribute potions) - SirCamolot 100 Treasure Finders - icevodka - Cabman 1 Will Removal Stone - MrOne - Maxine 5 P2P Shop Coupon - Krrick 1000 Treasure Finder - Loir - Takhan Ranging Set (1 short bow, 500 training arrows, 500 pking arrows, 100 fire arrows) - tropatropa - RagZ Book of Fire Sword - tropatropa - momr58 No More Tears Cape - Stone - momr58 Eagle Wing - Reya - Apparition Sunbreaker - Reya - Morpheus Titanium Serpent Sword - Reya - Cabman Minel Quest Pack - Cabman - RagZ Indicator Pack - Cabman - Ghrae Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - Irongrip Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - Irongrip Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - donkey Mixed Armor Set - BD Mail, BD Cuisses, ID Greaves, TI shield, Cutlass, Gatherer - Dendar - Cara 50 Potion of Extra Mana - Hussam - BuXaTo 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Aislinn 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Reya 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - BuXaTo 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Apparition 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Morpheus 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Takhan 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Myd1 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Raz 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Irongrip 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Zeza Staff of Protection - VinoVeritas - momr58 C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - NatureLover - Irongrip C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - NatureLover - Evanmarie Scythe - Lembitu - Viper Bad Day Removal - icevodka - Takhan Elegant Pirate Set - Black Jacket, Black Baggy Pants, Black Buccaneer Hat, Black Boots - Raistlin - Reya Tunic of Ninja - WolfWitch - Takhan Leather Armor Set - 20 each augmented and leather - Bonus Bronze Helm - Scorpion_King Mixed Armor Set #2 - Steel Chain Mail, Steel Cuisses, Steel Greave, Steel Shield, Bronze Helm - Celenthil Mixed Armor Set #3 - Ti Chain Mail, Augmented Leather Pants, Steel Greave, Ti Shield, Bronze Helm - Raistlin Book Grab Bag #1 - 6 random books (at least one rare) - Ghrae Book Grab Bag #2 - 6 random books (at least one rare) - Reya Cape Set #1 -Warlock, Body Piercing,Artificer, Camoflauge - Irongrip 10k Coal - Irongrip 10k Coal - Myd1 10k Coal - Apparition 10k Coal - Maxine 10k Coal - BuXaTo Random Weapon Set #1 - Maxine Crossbow Arena Set - Crossbow, bolts, mules for 2 arena trips - area - Ghrae Instinct Removal - Nintenduh - RagZ Physique Removal - Nintenduh - bud Vitality Removal - Nintenduh - momr58 Reasoning Removal - Nintenduh - momr58 Badaran Hunting Kit - MWAR guild - bud 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - SirCamolot 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - bud 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - Raz 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - Takhan 50 Treasure Finders - Raz - CherUT Dressing well by calif - bud Day of Faster Respawn Stone, 5 Invasion Tokens - Myd1 - PrincessWolf C1 Ring Book Set - Jeffiner - CherUT 1000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - PrincessWolf - Takhan C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - PrincessWolf C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - maddi96 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Apparition C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - DarkPresent C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - momr58 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Maxine C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Ghrae C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - momr58 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - CherUT C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - wood_man C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Cabman C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Maxine C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Apparition C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - bud MoM, Enhanced Unicorn, Enhanced Sun, Gatherer, MoL - CherUT - Morpheus Well Dressed - Robes and Tiara by CherUT - Mirt Summoning Stones by CherUT - Ena 5000 Air Essence - Ghrae 5000 Earth Essence - Krrick 5000 Earth Essence - Ghrae 5000 Earth Essence - Irongrip 5000 Magic Essence - momr58 5000 Magic Essence - Morpheus 1000 Life Essence - Princess Wolf - Apparition 10 EWE - K&M Guild 10 EWE - Scorpion_King 5 ELE - Evanmarie 5 ELE - CherUT 10k Vegetables - Apparition 10k Fruit - Arcanite 5k Toadstool - Takhan 100 Moon Medallion - Ghrae 100 Moon Medallion - Takhan 100 Moon Medallion - Cabman 1000 Titanium Bar - Cabman 10k Coal - momr58 10k Coal - Krrick 10k Coal - Evanmarie 10k Coal - Cabman 10k Coal - Krrick Dragon Blade, 2 Giant Summoning Stones - Aredhel, GunnarF, bzdziagwa - Morpheus 100 MI Removal Wards - WolfWitch - Morpheus Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Cabman Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Maxine Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Apparition Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Domino Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Sennia Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - donkey Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Brendal Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Ghrae 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - Apparition 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - K&M Guild 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - Maxine 3k Health Essence, 4k Fire Essence - knuffekatze - Irongrip If you have won a prize, please contact Guild Riva or myself to collect. Prizes will be handed out for 1 month following the Raffle, please contact us during that time to receive your prize. Prizes not collected within a month following the raffle will be kept for future raffles or donated for contests. We will probably ask you to come to Naralik storage. If you are less than Def 26, please let us know and we will meet you elsewhere. Please contact me if you've given me a prize and it's not listed above. Note: Anyone wishing to donate items to be added to the raffle, please PM me, or contact myself, Eru, Gampa or other members of Riva The cause: Disability Assistance Dogs Disabilities affects one-fifth of all Americans. While not all disabilities are serious, all affect the person's ability to live a "normal" life. Service Dogs (one type of Assistance Dog), be they guide, hearing, service, companion, psychiatric, diabetes or seizure dogs, provide a very serious and meaningful service to people with disabilities or disabling conditions. Service dogs compensate for physical limitations by pulling wheelchairs, turning light switches on and off, and picking up dropped or needed items. Guide dogs are trained to maneuver visually impaired individuals around obstacles and across streets. Hearing dogs alert the hearing impaired to sounds that might otherwise go undetected. And all provide emotional support for those in need. Additionally, disabled individuals with assistance dogs attest to the fact that having the dog with them has decreased the social isolation that is a part of being different in this society - a very important part of the value of this concept. Assistance dogs can also assist with rehabilitation, in all types of therapy, and in schools in ways that no human can help. They can help in a person's home to relieve the loneliness of living alone and isolated. I have been interested in Assistance Dogs since I was a young child. As an adult I started raising puppies to become Guide Dogs and later took on training them. Tamarr, a very special dog that I trained, became my own Service Dog and we were partners for 12 years. I now recently started training Zaakir who I hope will be my partner for a long time to come. His wonderful help makes it possible for me to lead a normal life. Disability Assistance Dogs began 7 years ago when people asked me to help them. It has grown and has added more trainers and expanded programs. In the last few months, I have turned the reins over to a new group of people who will continue the work. I continue to help in a primarily advisory capacity. Funds go directly towards caring for and training the dogs and placing them with people who need them. Every year Disability Assistance Dogs participates in Birdies for Charity which works as part of the John Deere Classic on the PGA Tour to raise money for participating charities. The 2012 John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity generated $6.9 million for participating non-profit organizations last year. The participating charities receive not only the money donated for them, they also receive a bonus from the Partner Program. Last year, that bonus was 8%. That means that Disability Assistance Dogs will get all of the funds you donate + ~8%. The Timeframe: Last day to purchase tickets for the lottery is Saturday, July 13th at 6 am Pacific Timezone, USA (find your timezone). The drawing will be held on Saturday, July 13th at 10am Pacific Timezone, USA (find your timezone). The drawing will take place inside the White stone City Palace which can be found at White Stone City [38,731] and will be announced in local. A winners list will be posted in this thread. A winners list will be posted in this thread. The rules: Raffle tickets are $5 US each. To participate: Send me a forum PM with your real name and dollar amount of donation, and Make your donation at one of the following locations: http://www.disabilit...es-for-charity/ and complete the form and make your donation via paypal. Be sure to include your EL username in the message section. Or print out the pledge form and mail it in and send a forum pm with your RL name, the pledge amount and your EL name (mailed forms must arrive by July 1st to be processed by Birdies for Charity). Please mail pledge forms to Disability Assistance Dogs, PO Box 1, Osco, IL 61274 instead of the address on the form - the form and donation will be forwarded on after your raffle tickets have been confirmed. Only flat donations (not pledges) will count toward raffle tickets. Pledges are greatly appreciated as well! The Drawing: Winners will be selected by lottery. For every $5 a person donates, they will get get one "ticket" for the drawing. The drawing will take place using the list randomizer at http://random.org/ with the list being one entry of a ticketholder's name per ticket they hold. Prizes will be awarded in the order they are picked, prize 1 goes to the first draw, prize 2 to the second, etc... How can I help? Help us gather prizes! All types of items can be used as prizes, donate an items we can use as prizes. Put together a guild project to make prizes for the raffle. Unlike in previous years, Riva will not be handling an ongoing project. All donations of items will go directly into prizes. If you'd like to organize harvesters and mixers to support the raffle, please let me know and I'll include the information here! If you'd like to donate ingredients for mixing, we will hold them and make them available to those who would like to mix - if you'd like to mix, feel free to ask us if we have some of the ingredients you need that have been donated by others. Sponsor a pre-raffle contest. Contests in game help us announce the raffle and encourage more people to participate. Put together a contest and use it to announce the raffle. Also, on raffle day you can help us hand out prizes, announce winners and all kinds of things. Just let us know if you'd like to help! Notes: This event has been authorized by Entropy (Radu), and prizes have acquired or manufactured by myself, members of Riva, or donated by the EL community. There is also a RL contest and prizes, please see the Birdies for Charity pledge form for details. All electronic pledges received by July 13th will be transfered to official pledge cards for the RL contest. Please see the Birdies for Charity pledge forms for deadlines for entry to the RL contest. Remember, this is a charity fundraising event that just happens to have prizes as an incentive. Donations are tax deductable in the US. If you do not like the terms, don't participate. I understand that some people are not in a position to buy tickets, so I'd like to mention that donations in game will help add to the prizes, and will be truly appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance, and good luck! Current Ticketholders: Apparition Arcanite Ardhel Brendal BruSu bud BuXaTo Cabman Cara Celenthil CherUT DarkPresent Domino donkey Ena Eru Evanmarie Ghrae icevodka Irongrip Jeffiner K&M Guild Krrick Lasovaska LukeWarm maddi96 Maxine Mirt momr58 Morpheus MrOne Myd1 NatureLover PrincessWolf RagZ Raistlin Rastafarius Raz Reya Scorpion_King Sennia SenZon SirCamolot snowfire23 Takhan Theryndan VinoVeritas Viper Willa WolfWitch wood_man Zamirah Zeza Note: if you are supposed to have a ticket, but don't see your name on this list, please contact me ASAP before the drawing.
  13. Expiring bots

    Bot fees paid for Iduna, Arachnid, Adarah and Islena. Transaction ID: 6RB2665808327902T
  14. Thanks bluap! This is great
  15. Loving this feature, ty bluap! I'd just like to make a suggestion on the formatting. I'd like to see who the trade is from/to in one line which will make searching for a specific trade easier. Two ideas come to mind (using vino's trade from above): [17:20:34] Trade log 2013-02-13 17:20:34 items from VinoVeritas (you) to Violet: 15000 Gold Coins (s) items from Violet to VinoVeritas: 3000 Fire Essence (s) or [17:20:34] Trade log (VinoVeritas <-> Violet) 2013-02-13 17:20:34 --> 15000 Gold Coins (s) from VinoVeritas <-- 3000 Fire Essence (s) from Violet or a slightly shorter version [17:20:34] Trade log (VinoVeritas <-> Violet) 2013-02-13 17:20:34 --> 15000 Gold Coins (s) <-- 3000 Fire Essence (s) My preference would be #3 I think as it is the cleanest with all the information.