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  1. So-long Eternal Lands

    Yeah I can vouch for the deceitful, lying, dishonest, cheating, low-down, no-good character he was, just he described himself in his post. He truly was a troublemaker! (rule #1) But yeah, good luck in your future. And may these "epik memoriez" continue to flow back into your mind when you're treated the same way you've treated otherz! *thumbs up*
  2. s2e for hydro

    I think we can all agree the hydro/rosto/stivy trap thing going on is intended and won't change. I wanna make sure this post is more about s2e's and the economy slipping further down..and of course this comes in a long line of other reasons why the economy has dwindled. As things like this continue to shape the game, the result is the same with each one and it is obvious: Less players. Pretty soon there won't be anyone going on hydro losing rostos because there won't be any players. Want more rostos? Get more players. --- Make some updates that help boost the economy.
  3. s2e for hydro

    Alright, i can't hold this back anymore and it might come out a little jumbled but here goes: I understand the reasoning for Radu to support the prevention of just anyone going to hydro. Maybe he even pays/supports the Stivy group to stand guard... (might as well just remove the map and make it easier for poor Stivy but that's beside the point) In the past, maybe its been too easy for people to get hydro (although I think a case can be made for that too) My point is I think its clear that this has affected the market economy to the point where people are leaving the game because of it. Is that the goal? Because if it is, its working. Not only does the game need a new *alternative* use for s2e's, but steel bars, iron bars, Iron ore, coal, fe's ings etc all that stuff. As soon as people see that nobody buys it on the market, it cuts out a lot of economy. Harvesters, miners, alchemists, manuers ... which in turn also affects fighters, pkers etc. It just does. I took a break from the game for a bit, came back to see and its obvious. For the older more experienced players and pkers etc to argue that "its easy" to get past the stivy blockade, is obviously a weak argument. I used to sell lots of s2e's to high-level players and they have all disappeared. quit.. i don't know. I know they don't buy s2e's though. And why not? because as others have said in other threads, "its easier to just buy hydro bars" Well that's great, but like i said, that has proven to be a big dent in the economy. Which has affected the entire game. I don't know if Stivy and Radu are friends. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, c'mon Radu please make another viable use for s2e's or in the very least make an NPC that will buy them for a fair price. It's hurting the game! :(
  4. Expiring bots, November 2014

    katgut bot. owner littlebro2. trans ID: 0K343298B6766464T
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, May I please order: 10K Iron ore 10K Iron ore 10K Iron ore 10K coal 10K coal Thanks!
  6. To my understanding, there's currently no way for me to know if I have already read the "Book of Rdholam". So I go buy the book, (apparently again) and find out I already have. Would be nice to get it added into the #knowledge list of books. Thanks.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, May I please order: 10k iron 10k iron 10k iron 10k iron 10k coal Thanks!
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, May I please order: 10k iron ore 10k iron ore 10k iron ore 10k coal 10k coal Thank you very much!
  9. "Rabbitman, on 16 Sept 2014 - 9:29 PM, said: Really imo rostogols as a primary $$ for game, while effective, is not good. It creates this atmosphere of enmity between developers and players...I.e. developers make $$ off of player misfortune." I would add: This has caused some players to believe that the developers are actually the reason for deaths. For example lag spikes during invance/invasions. Conspiracy theory or not, I know some players who have stopped fighting entirely or as it has been mentioned, leaving the game because of this belief. And on the glowy swords subject: It's such a shame that they are currently about as useful as the different colors of clothes in the game. I like RM's suggestions. Please listen to him.
  10. omgsh. ok. <sarcasm> we don't want any more special days. or special things. lets also not make any new weapons, armor, or other ideas. we don't need interesting. or maybe just freeze the game as it is. maybe we should start taking some of special items out because some people like them too much. in fact, no more suggestions that might add more specialness to the game. I now renounce this suggestion and replace it with: "Please change all colors in the game to Black and White" </sarcasm> sheesh. sorry for mentioning it.
  11. resurrecting thread! Just thought of this and searched and found it was already suggested. Would love "Double Load" or "Increased Load" day All players whether in mule form or not get double or 50% more of their normal "Load". Don't try to change EMU..that would be too hard. Just "Load" * 2. or even "Load" * 1.5. If player is carrying more than the real "Load" allows when the day ends, they will have to drop something before they can move.
  12. Beware of Tyriel

    well, looks like he's back already. i see him sitting in storage now.
  13. Beware of Tyriel

    tyriel This player did nasty things and is locked
  14. modable steel two edged swords

    sounds like a reasonable solution and fairly easy to implement. although i'd rather see them be worth a little more.