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  1. Missing gods

    Let's get 'em all! (bumping service)
  2. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    More playable races and more killable monsters sounds great whatever it is
  3. Being in a guild is awesome but doesn't really add anything to the game as it is, most of the things that I can think of are linked to paid services already so probably won't be added to guild bonuses such as special gear awailable from a special guild NPC and so on but something we don't have that might be posible: Add guild quests, both single and multi ones that can only be done when you are in a guild. With those add a ranking system based on points gathered from special guild quests that is used for a toplist on the website where you can see which guild is at the top. The guilds that are at the top 3 can get a cosmetic reward such as a medall next to the guild tag or a special color on the guild tag for a set amount of time and maybe some exp from the quests. I also would like some minigames yeah said that before..
  4. Let the phoenix fly :)

    No flying creature should take any damage by ground based items.
  5. Grapes Pears Bananas OMG: Global Messages

    A "Pfft You're too slow, someone just found the "Fruit/berrie name here" before you!" message would be fun and taunting ;P
  6. Reading this it seems like every other char is doing this, is it really that bad? Personally I thought this was one of those "features" when I did it. Was several years ago and it was well known, it was talked about long before I did my reset too.
  7. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    lol Awesome!
  8. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    So how do You cope with Yourself then?
  9. New stone: Stone of War

    Only stone needed is a "Random Day" stone where you get a 50/50 chance to get a good or a bad day when used I still miss the good old random days as they were in the beginning.
  10. 27. Mai 2015

    It was some years ago but it died away.
  11. Saxums idea making mirror perk/cloak mirror BRoDs are great! Would be nice to add some chance of karma in the game
  12. Idea: new multiplier stone

    WTF? A very late April fools?
  13. very old players

    Welcome back Cranny
  14. New perk ideas

    Negative Perk: Random Believer. All the special days that starts at 0:00 (good or bad) will stay even though they are removed by a stone and a new stone day started. Will give You 3-5 PPs and costs some Ks of GC..
  15. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Trust no one the truth is out there...