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I like the dictatorship way of running the city, as it is the same as the guild system which runs nice in my opinion,


however, instead of giving one person all the money, why not make an npc for it?


So: everyone can send in a request at this npc to start a city, then he can ask all his future citizens to donate their money to his city-request at this npc.

when the needed amount of gc is met, the city becomes reality, people who have donated become citizens automatically.


maybe it would also be good that the starting person has to approve all the donations to his project, so he can decide who can live in his town and who cant from the beginning.


People who have donated should also have the right to withdraw their money as long as the city hasnt been initiallized. this would prevent the loss of their money when the starting person would quit playing or just is an ass.


Basically this is the second method, but with some safeguards for the donating players

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Instead of paying gc, you could require the "builders" to pay ressources which

are mostly used to build a house:

Nails, Yew, Gypsum, Steel bars, ...

But this in large quantities so that it is really something worth to own a house.

I think that there is not even a mayor necessary for the city. After some time

there might exist even some little bigger buildings, like walls and towers.

As long as only special persons have access to "their" doors (and maybe

the buddys of the door-owner), you could implement even some real

advantages for house-owner: like an own cave with diamonds, or a range

where you can quick-cook meat, ...

Of course all this advantages have to be VERY expensive and the advantage

shouldnt be more than 1-2% compared to normal players.


Ok, that's my cent to this nice idea of player-built cities :)

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Wow. Nice job bringing a thread back from the dead. Appropriate enough of timing.


I really hope that the new game engine doesn't have any problems so that we see it before 2010. It would be required for cities and I believe individual houses and buildings.


ReV_Enga seems to have a decent idea.


I have to wonder if we will get to buy small plots of land as well.


I wonder how much this will rely on engineers.

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Finally! Something in the game worth spending gc on :) And I mean CONTRIBUTING to the game development. Game skills are okay, and are essential aspects of the game, but hey - this is a grand idea! You get to develop your own piece of the game!


I especially like the zoning, economic processes, and security stuff. But we shall have to see. Having played SimCity for a number of years (until I got weary of it), I find city-building more gratifying than just work-trade-work. Now, I'm not comparing this to SC okay? What I would like to see is the cooperation of city dwellers of all ages much like a real community, even if the time zones are different. And, unlike IRL, the city can be managed 24/7. How? Read on...




Having one single player in charge of a whole city sounds risky (LOL), a small group of people (3-4) sounds more comforting.


What if the mayor goes on holiday or something? LOL. Someone who will be second in charge needs to be eleceted along with the Mayor then, eh?


But then again, the citizens of the city will be voting for the Mayor, so a trustworthy person would (should) be elected.




I agree with Sistema. But, like IRL, we can vote for Mayor, Vice Mayor, Secretary (Trade, Finance, Security, Resource, Environment, etc.) and other positions, who could manage the city when the top guy is offline. Also, a committee of responsible people can be called on to help. If anyone wants, I can contribute a structure of management hierarchy for this purpose.





questions in mind: Purpose of city?


storage in city?


harving in city? (doubtful, maybe flowers though)


city reserves, or a city bank? *IF* the guilds can establish their own city (and also non guild based cities) will there be a place for the citizens to come togethor and pool supplies (most likely harvested from outside sources) for guild/player projects?


enemies? can other players come in a city they are not a part of, and steal your shit? or ebuly pk you?


war? could city A decide city B doesnt deserve to live anymore? Rules of war? spoils of war?


allied city's?


location? toughy indeed. many variables to consider. 1. is there a storage in city? 1a. if so, how close will your city be to *useful* resources? 1b. *if* your making crazy new maps for these city's will you make some of the resource gathering spots outside city locations pkable for competition? (forcing teamwork)




My idea about the purpose of a city is to be a community - like in trading for example. If a person finds it difficult to raise money, he can either do a loan (bad idea imho), or do services for gc for the city. The city pays him after a target service and/or time has been reached - but it all depends on the requirements of the city as to what items are needed, and the price/cost of the item to buy from the player. So there must be an advertising system for it - like a market channel of sorts, but limited to the city offers.


Like Ent said, the city location will be on a blank map - superb idea. But what resources do we get on the blank map? Do we get to plant? Do we get to explore ares for metals and minerals? And if doing this will be the case, then we need more new tools - metal detectors, spades, trowels, rakes...


Could we also create/dig/make plant resources like water, soil quality, etc.? Or if existent, can we redirect the water flow by digging channels/canals/culverts?? Just some ideas that pop in mind.


In the absence of these for a new blank map for the city, first-time dwellers/developers may harvest and bring items into the blank map to stockpile building materials for the city builders. For this, we need a storage NPC - but not like any ordinary storage NPC, the only difference is that the items stored into that NPC will ONLY BE AVAILABLE in that map, and withdrawal of items are only made through the city leaders (Secretary of Resource, for example). Makes sense? Also, the NPC will not show any personal items of the player, only the cumulative items for the city. Problem is, how do we keep track of who stored what?


This is also a good place to store items for city use, and the items may not be abused by anybody not authorized to withdraw - removing the risk of plunder.


On another light, players who are not citizens of a particular city could be charged say 1gc per entry (to add to city coffers), or a price for multiple entry for trading purposes good for 1 ingame day. Or anybody can purchase a "city pass" for a length of time approved by the city leaders/council. Of course, non-citizens may not use resources (NPC, harvestables) reserved for citizens. And trade shops (tavern, general store, shops) will be open to all.


But to collect the "entry fees", the city map would have an entry NPC (or a player bot) that would enforce the charges and permit entry. The collected gc will automatically be entered into the city storage NPC or, in case of a bot, collected by an authorized player and stored in the city storage NPC.


PK areas may be defined by the city leaders, and expanded/capped as decided. I hope this could be effected. Maybe we could also build underground areas...


War? Maybe we are getting too far ahead. Why don't we try living in peace for once? This would be good for inter-city trading. Alliances may be contracted by the city leaders (for a fee of x amount of gc - to pay for game dev costs), and certain restrictions lifted. Trade will flourish much better than normal, as more people will find better profit through alliances. Also, competition between cities could form, as to how well the city can produce certain stuff - weapons, armors, essences, etc... Imagine a city specializing in a certain product - it is going to be very well known for that product!! A city may specialize in PK - schools, training areas, games, contests, etc...



So far i do not see any sane reason for me as a player to PAY for citizenship...




Paying for citizenship - let's take a look at this as a "tax", to be used for city improvement. Imagine - the more citizens you have, the more money you can gather for improvement. But this tax need not be high. Let's say a small percentage of a citizen's gc stockpile, increasing as the stockpile increases - like 0.5% for 10k-100k gc, 1% for 101k-300k gc, 2% for 301k-500k gc and so on, automatically deducted from their storage every cycle period (1 ingame month, 1 RL month, whatever is decided by the city leaders). This will drive the player to earn regularly so that he can keep his citizenship (if the player fails to pay, he is restricted to certain resources in the city until he can pay his dues). Different cities may have different tax rates, as the city has developed, and as the requirements demand.


So for the really rich people ingame (just gc, not $ - let's not make this a business, okay?) their contributions at the start will bear the most influence in the development of the city.



In addition to that, players will not be required to join a city, and the game will be playable as it is now (or better) for those who don't join.


You are also not required to go to those maps where the cities will be. No change for those who don't like it/don't want it.


Again, this issue of "requirement". As in custom clothing (OT), not everybody is required to use these cities. But everyone is welcome to join. And, as suggested before the quote, there could be exclusive spots in the city for citizens, not plunderable by outsiders.


You will have control over your house in terms that you can lock it and unlock it, but there will be no control over who comes in, when it is unlocked.


There will be some form of storage in the houses, via permanent bags or containers (to be determined).


I would love to have this implemented. Maybe we can have it like: a citizen buys 6 houses, and just like a normal storage, his items are available in all 6 houses. And for a certain fee (for "environmental" purposes), he can purchase a hazmat space.


Just my loooooooooooooooong 2 cents. I hope my recommendations are useful. And please, if there are any loopholes, bad judgments, or off-topic ideas in my post, please don't be harsh in pointing them out.


Thanks for reading! ;):) :)

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Well 2010 is almost here. I would suggest that there is only one amount to contribute and therefore a set number of players to start a city. This would truly make everyone equal. One person would hold the money but elections for positions would happen directly before the city was purchased so that no position would ever be given for any reason other than public support for the person in question. Equality is what makes this different than being a guild so equality has to be maintained. The rest of it I think we should wait on making suggestions for until we are asked for them.


TirunCollimdus GM of PATH

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Perhaps a City would initially have an NPC Builder who sells lots to players. Any player can buy a lot and build on it. When enough (maybe 25 or more) people own land in a city, elections start. Land owners who wish to run for office must get signatures of other residents to get onto the ballot. The builder continues to sell lots and improvements until all land is owned. A player can sell their lot to another player. Might need/want a real estate office/npc to conduct the transaction. Initially, lots would be residential, but after the city has a mayor/city councel, lots can be converted to other zones.

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I wanna be a mayor, i MIGHT give you planning permission to build that house, if you give me a little donation ^^


That sounds like politics. With all the contribution scandals..



How about a government ?

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Whatever happened to this great idea?


For what it's worth I like Acelons idea, or no 2, with a Claus that is if a player stops playing el for x time a new mayor or whatever is appointed

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