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  1. Renewing EL website

    If you need some help with giving the EL Forum a new design, just send me a message. I found it has lost its old look.
  2. stivy bagjumps

    You have been forgiven , stivy. Someone delete this thread please.
  3. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    Ok, lession learned. You may brod me any time you wish Erebos. Can someone delete this thread please ?
  4. [PM from mercator: Guild members currently online: of the Guild own!] [PM from mercator: _killer_guy_] [PM from mercator: erebos] [PM from mercator: momr58] [PM from mercator: prometheus] [PM from mercator: violater] [PM from mercator: limitless] #guild_info own! Guild Honorable players guild has 34 members. The guild URL is: General info: Group of Close friends and players who enjoy Invancing, Instancing, Invasioning and PKing. I will hold everyone of the guild responsible. Maybe this was some kind of joke and you can replace the destroyed items from you own! pocket, then I shall overlook this. This is a warning for everyone who deals with this guild.
  5. without words ..

    I read in some comments and just quote: " United Airlines is known for beeing rude to its customers, now they are beating the shit out of them. "
  6. The Most Hidden Features

    After many years of playing, I still discover new things. I have found the Mana Bar ! Why is it so hidden ? Because there is no keyboard short, there is no checkbox in the options. There is also no configuration tag in the EL.ini. Instead it is safed in binary in the EL.CFG If you have Disable Context Menu like me to prevent opening a menu when clicking on yourself, then you have missed a really usefull feature. Vanyel agrees btw ^^. How often have you died in invasions because you forgot to fill up your mana ? Answer that question for yourself So, What is your most liked and hidden feature that deserves to be mentioned ? Make a post here and let me know Grüße von Solar
  7. Today is a special day: Day of Alfred Nobel Today Alfred Nobel is visiting us. You get twice the engineering exp. I thought great, let's go make a daily quest. I was asked to go to Flynt who asked me to place 10 small mines near the entrance of Palon Vertas in Thelinor (pk map) . Because I can not manufacture the mines myself, I bought them for 20.000 gold. Then I placed them directly at the flag and nothing happend ! Now i asked in help channel and revi said it always worked for him , so obviously quest is not broken. Stivy said I should try again with different coordinates and is sure still waiting for me to try again on the other side. Honestly I do not know what I did wrong here. It could indeed be the wrong place, or maybe I steped on a mine. But here is what I would like to say to radu: ( kindly but also seriousness ) It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure, that the quest is robust enough, so it can not fail . Please make sure that it works or give the NPC _specific_ instructions on how to do it successfully ! Viele Grüße Solar
  8. stivy bagjumps

    Old news. Stivy bagjumped. A full bronze set this time. Congratz to the winner.
  9. What it means to be Human

    Thank you for this video hatwood I forward it:
  10. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    http://pasteboard.co/9n3iSt8qB.png Thank you learner
  11. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Play your cards well ~
  12. Cologne

    I have a feeling this will make waves far outside Germany. Read the story: Germany after the sex attacks: fences are going up and the mood is ugly http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/09/germany-sex-attacks-cologne-immigration
  13. Category: Did you know ?

    Did you know that google will display over 2500 results for the words: rostogol stone ? More precise search with "rostogol stone" (strict) gives 600 results. The results are distinctly connected with EL. I found websites from russia and china, some results from pastebin, some blogs some forgotten guilds and mayor websites.
  14. Shadow Warrior from D3

    The boggart can not change once it has made contact with a fighter. And the pro fighter just LOVE their Halberd of Action. So why change your weapon right ? And I think radu will like this idea because it will a true rosto killer ^^. Maybe it could also a monster the Castellan could spawn..