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  1. 1 million silver ore for sale!

    I'll buy 15k gc worth of the ore
  2. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    -I'm 26 -I'm from Minnesota, USA -I'm a professional forklift driver -I started out playing Command and Conquer and the original Warcraft -I play EL for the nice people I've met there and as a good way to kill time (I was unemployed for quite a while) -I like how dynamic the game is -I found the game from a recommendation by a fomer roomate of mine -I used to play every day but now I have a daughter and work full time so I really don't have the hours of free time I used to have that is necassary for playing -I've tried a couple other games with most time spent on Auteria and Last Chaos -I used to buy EFE's from the shop and then sell them off to make quick gc's
  3. Summoning day

    This should probably be moved to the suggestions section
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/radu_privantu...57622215284309/ Teh god takes on Teh Shotgun, lol
  5. Astrology

    Not to necro my own thread but I am again curious about people's opinions after about a year of astology in the game now. My main question though is if it is worth it getting the skeptic perk for myself? I pretty much only harvest/alch these days, with a little bit of manu mixed in. Opinions?
  6. Storage Sale

    11892 Swamp Candles (I'll beat the above offer and go .6 each) PM/Gossip Big_Duo ingame
  7. Harvester Meds

    I wanted to clarify my post. When I said prices have gone up because of demand, I meant exactly what everyone else has said here. The actual supply hasn't changed one bit, just as Chr0nic said they aren't really that expensive to make, nor do they require and rare ingreds. It's the bot owners and other people out there who seem to think that because demand is up they can charge more. And that's what really grinds my gears edit: my enthusiasm has been diminished all of a sudden as I broke two meds in the last 20 mins, and to answer the likely question before some one asks it, my degrade astro right now is actually 250 to the good
  8. Harvester Meds

    Agreed, they are much more useful! But the sudden increase in demand has driven the prices up and I still broke two in 30k silver harvested On the plus side, demand for seridium bars is way up too so I can make the money back that way now too
  9. Harvester medallion

    Finally a good reason to get back harvesting seridium! It was always useful, but didn't have much demand. I look forward to this increasing the seridium market, if only slightly (other than making up a bunch of matter congloms, which is a pain in my... )
  10. City building

    I'd go for the second option if this idea was still going forward
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Please cancel 4k sapphire for big_duo, thx
  12. Thanks to....

    I wanted to say thanks to Bernie! I think I started playing in '04, maybe a bit before. I had no clue what I was doing and probably would have quit if she didn't help me get started out! We're still good friends to this day