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Storylines Development Plan

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Just to keep all of us on track on what we're aiming for and what we're supposed to do, I've outlined a general plan of action for the next half-year or so, as follows.


BOLD = Completed


Storylines Development Plan - Outline


Milestone #1: Beginning In-Game Publications.

= Estimated Deadline: End of June 2005 = (pending release of client version 1.0.2)


1) Proofreading and editing to be done for the top three entries of both categories in the Storylines Contest. We will use those as our test stories for the first in-game books to be published.


2) Texts to be converted into XML format, either by the authors themselves, Quinticus or myself. (Or by any volunteers who want to help :P)


3) Texts matched with the appropriate background art files created by Derin, and committed to CVS languages pository by either myself, crusadingKNIGHT or Lachesis.


4) Items (books) that will house these texts to be identified and marked in the WSC, Portland, and Tarsengaard libraries.


*Congratulatory Break! :)*



#Milestone #2: Integration of Storylines with Quests

= Estimated Deadline: End of October 2005 =


1) Proofreading and editing to be done for the following stories: Saii's History of the Lands and Battle of Portland, Tumaros' Great War, Great Battle of Grubani and Peril in Mynadar, Silencio's Kilaran Fields Part 2, Master_Templar's Beginnings of Tirnwood and Curse of Naralik Catacombs, Arafin's Story of Fingolfin.


2) Main Story and Historical Timeline to be updated and integrated fully with the above stories.


3) The Story Section of the main Eternal Lands website to be redesigned for a more interesting way to display the stories. All stories above to be put up there in the new format.


4) All stories above to be converted into XML and published as in-game books.


5) All current quests rewritten to fit new story. (Will be taken care of by the quests team)


*Congratulatory (and well-deserved) Break! :)*



Milestone #3: Races, Religions and Recruitment

= Estimated Deadline: December 2005 =


1) Wikipedia for Writer's Resources to be compiled. Archivist to be recruited to manage the database of resources. First job will be to track the major events in history set out in Milestone #2.


2) Dedicated artist for storylines to be recruited to draw illustrations for publications. First job will be to draw concept artwork/illustration for the gods.


3) Extended discussions on Gods and Religions to flesh them out even further. The new God quests, written by Derin, to be integrated at this point.


4) Eternal Lands Races to be discussed more in-depth.


5) A new Storylines Contest to be started, specifically to generate more Racial Lore and/or Religious Texts. Stories generated by the Contest to be published as in-game books/scrolls.


6) Eternal Lands main website and EL.net to be updated with new information on Gods and Races. Encyclopedia to be updated too.


*Congratulatory Break :D*


That, I hope, will be the plan that will keep us all busy and united until the end of the year. :) After that, then we can move on to the next phase of development. Does anyone have any questions, or issues to raise with this? I'd like to hear your input as well.



Edited by Lord_Vermor

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I'll step up for the translating to book-xml part.

With the right tools, I don't expect it to be a lot of work.

Editing once it's in XML isn't as nice though, so it would be better to have the final check done on stories in batches, rather than all due on the same day, spreads the work out a bit



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I will try and work on more serouse work this month evan though theres no contest i hve bein thinking of writing forging poems for darves to sing

or somthing ex


There once sat a darf on his bench

Hamering a sword for the gods

He would take it to a temple where the holy men were

For all who didnt do this where a fraud

The preist accepted this holy gift

And he gave it to the lords of the sky

From that day he was blessed with luck

And happily he lived until it was his time to die


Mind my writing

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Hrm... How goes Milestone #2?




part 4 and 5 are well underway. I don't know about the first parts tho.

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The Proofreading is of course not done. I am working on Proofreading/editing two stories right now. One is the RP story spinoff from the update and the other I have not touched in a while, but should finish is the "Great war" by Tumaros. It is a great read if no one has read it yet.


We could use some good Volunteers for Proofreading.

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I've been cowering in a corner for quite some time on number one. With the discussion of minor gods, and the lack of someone to write the appropriate backgrounds, it might be wise to concentrate on proofreading before finishing the Great War story. As i understand it (i've read all 4 chapters) The Great War needs to be finished as it leaves off at the conclusion of he battle in Killaran with the next target being Porland. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


If minor god's are to be implemented their "promotion" could work hand in hand with the finishing of The Great War. Plus we will need someone willing to not only finish the story but also someone willing to write as close to Tumaros' writing style. At least I think it would more readable if the writing style of the beginning and body suit where the last part is picked up.


This of course is subject to Roja's thoughts on all of it.


As for proofreading, Brom I can help pick up on the chapters you still need to do on The Great War. I'll also start on the rest. Once that's done it's pretty easy to integrate.


As far as #2 is concerned I think it's pretty well set, for the moment. Of course it is still pending the finishing of all stories thus yet incomplete.


And #3 I haven't even looked at in light of all this other stuff. I would think it's pretty simple. The graphics for an appropriate background image has already been provided. That is we can use some of the same images that are being used for the in-game stories and poems, if they can be stretched to fit a larger area. So adding a background image is a good start to making it a little more interesting. I have Frontpage and can play around a bit with it, unless Roja or someon else has some input on it.


That's it for the first three on my end. Lord_Vermor adequately commented on the status of #4 and #5. I'm willing to take a crack at finishing any of the stories, but theres some big shoes to fill and i'd need the dev's okay to finish and rewrite to fit the end. As always it would be a help if anyone else would be willing to help out with proofreading.


Any other questions, comments, and/or concerns?

Edited by Quinticus

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#2.4 is very easy. it's a ten second job to XMLify books. editing and such is what takes a while

#3.1 is something I'm working on currently. having an index of all stories that are crosslinked back and forth (oh, this item was in this story? where else was it used? ahh, okay. and what are the significant events of this race? and when did X happen to them?) should be a big help for a lot of storylines work


I'll also try to get some moe proofreding done soon

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I could make an announcement in EL that we (Storylines) Need Proofreaders for the stories. Im sure many will flock to help. People are just waiting to help. And this, anyone with decent english skills can do. Come to think of it. Let me know if you need anything announced. I am the one of the Storylines liazons, which of course I cannot spell.


Have we talked to Tumaros about "The Great War" he might take it back up and finish it. He is quite an amazing author.

Edited by Brom

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I'd like to help too :P.

Edited by Dunian

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Have we talked to Tumaros about "The Great War" he might take it back up and finish it. He is quite an amazing author.


Hmmm I don't know what Tuma's status is...I haven't heard anybody say he wouldn't finish his story...yet I do see people saying somebody else needs to finish it. I think we really should ask him first lol.

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