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  1. very old players

    I remember there used to be a discussion about newbies/oldbies/etc. - Last time I heard the discussion, newer players were newbies, before the crash were oldbies, and if you weren't one of them, there wasn't a real consensus to what to call you I started in January 2005, played actively through about late 2007, and have since tried to make comebacks, but with RL happenings and kinda EL fatigue... (not so much with the game itself, but in the way I chose to play vs. leveling requirements). Eventually, I may come back, but for now, I'll occasionally log on to chat with old friends.
  2. Static

    I died in invance, and I know I should have had a rostogol - I didn't. Usually, we can trust ANYONE on our team. However, this time... DarkDiablo held my bag for me, and was returning it to me. However, in the split second between DD moving and me going for the bag, Static teleported onto the bag, and raided it. When he moved, I then took my bag - only to find some of my armor removed. Taken were a Titanium Shield, Titanium Greaves, FR Cloak, and some gc drops out of the invance. I am not as concerned about getting my armor returned, I just post this to warn that Static is without honor. Take care in any dealing you have with him - he also bagjumped Rhyander in the same invance.
  3. Haidir passes

    I voted "really crappy" I typically take what I get and have yet to get anything I couldn't take with a serp Sun Tzu, I'll try for higher ones, but I mostly get better on those days anyway (luck of the draw)
  4. Cash for clunkers safe?

    After watching the video posted by sora... 1.) Anyone else think that looks about as "environmentally safe" as burning tires? It looks to me to be a very wasteful process, producing more pollutants all at once than are saved by not letting that car "live" out it's life on the road? 2.) Not necessarily connected to the video, but still to the program... Is it really economically viable in this rough time to force everyone into buying new cars because older ones just won't be available? 3.) Is the environmental impact really worth the effort and red-tape and loads of taxpayer money? My thoughts, NO. Nice try, Obama, but not sound judgment at this time.
  5. Environmental saving ideas!

    The paperwork for an "Indecent Exposure" charge is not environmentally friendly o.O My personal environMENTAL saving proposition: Find pseudo-scientific political windbag spouting about "global warming". Shoot said windbag. EnvironMENTAL benefits: Less emissions of hot air, leading to less global warming! One less politician! Body can decompose, returning vital wasted resources to the soil! NOTE: This is only intended as a humorous proposal, and should not be taken as an endorsement by me or an actual plan to take the life of anyone. This is written for those with a sense of humor, and if you have a chance of taking it seriously, I suggest you disregard it immediately before the rabid squirrel commando death squad comes to eat your entrails - with sporks.
  6. Michael Jackson dead.

    Just to clarify a glaring mis-statement I have seen... I don't think that in American court trials, juries can find someone INNOCENT. I could be wrong, but I think they can only find them NOT GUILTY. Whereas the two are similar, they are not the same, as the former means that the accused could not have committed the crime, where the second means that the evidence provided doesn't conclusively prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime. If I am wrong in my statement that American juries can't find someone innocent, only not guilty, I am confident that the use of an "innocent" verdict is extremely rare, as to say that the "not guilty" verdict is far more common. That said, I don't feel that MJ's guilt in the matter is something that is up to me to decide, whether he actually did it or not. If he did as he is accused, it's pretty sick. Even if all he did was holding sleepovers for kids, without allowing chaperons, and nothing perverse happened (such as the accusations of liquor, pornography, sexual conduct), I still feel that's inappropriate. I can't say that if I had children, I'd let them stay in a similar circumstance, fame or no fame. That also said, I believe this boils down to a few facts: Michael Jackson was an artist, who changed his industry with his work. He's deceased now, and whatever he did in life, he has only God to answer to now. I do hope he rests in peace - as I would wish for anyone who dies to rest in peace. I admit I'm kinda late in the game here... also, I do admit a "religious" bias. For the first, I apologize. For the second... I can respect your views, but I will hold mine - please respect my views.
  7. 80's music!

    <slightly offtopic but merely tangential> This thread reminds me of one of the shows at one of my workplaces... Seriously, why in 2009 does an amusement park need a show about the 1980s? And why did they need it in 2008?
  8. Probably already stated, but my personal opinion: If you die, and you lose your "death bag" or "db", those items are, per game rules and mechanics, lost to you. If you ahppen to get back to that db in enough time, and someone else hasn't gotten to it and looted it first, you're entitled to every bit of it you want. However, someone does get to it, tough luck unless they're nice enough to return it... and you shouldn't cry about it. That's the GAME rules. THEN, there are what the players have accepted as the rules they want to play by, that have no real validity to them - thus, the COMMUNITY rules. These rules hold such things as "db jumping" as wrong - thus, causing a dispute. Obviously, the "community" rules hold that, if you die in combat, unless another player bested you, that you should be able to run back and get your stuff back... the dispute arising if you don't. So, we have the difference between GAME and COMMUNITY, official and unofficial. If the poll were asking if I thought that taking "death bags" were abuse-worthy, I'd say not in the slightest - it's got nothing to do with game rules. But the poll asks if the action is worthy of the "disputes" forum. Since it's against this long-accepted-by-many rule, I'd say that's exactly where such threads belong. At the same time, if instead of trying to burn down the whole forum with useless flames, people would use it ONLY to post their disputes and attempt resolutions, then that forum just might serve it's purpose.
  9. Were you really there? Back on topic - you have never lived until you have heard a cowboy try to teach chickens riding motorcycles how to yodel, to break up an asteroid about to hit the earth. Ah, I miss Riders in the Sky... it was one of their crazier story lines. Sorry, thought this was zany yodeling stories
  10. Depletable Resources Poll

    Voted NO. I might amend my vote if the need for mass-harvesting, IE, the fact that it takes a LOT of resources to get anything, gets reduced... Just my quick thought.
  11. One character per person at a time

    I voted NO. I have one main and 2 alts, plus whatever "alts" I have run to assist in contests. Should this rule pass, without exception, contest "alts" become a thing of the past - who'd wanna sacrifice time with their main for as much as 3-4 hours, for a contest? I would live with the rule, if it came to pass, but I respectfully disagree with either its necessity or "definition". I agree with what was stated early in the thread that the spirit of the no-multi rule (#5) should cover the same thing this rule presumes to, without the negative implications... AFAIK, NO BENEFIT means NONE.
  12. Classified Ads

    wow... lmao
  13. Do you like the gummy bears?

    make it stop, please... I may gouge out my eyes for this
  14. Just one of those days.

    I agree with Gohan, tho when all else fails, flamethrowers are good venting mechanisms. That said, no flaming people.
  15. Manufacturing strike!

    As a side note - as I'm not a current active participant in game, my support or dissent against this latest move is null, or at best nothing more than just a "you can do it!" message. I will say that in the past, I know of two strikes and "unions" that formed with similar aims. The first, I was part of. The Alchemist Union was massively maligned, yet largely successful - we had good organization. I actually made a good bit of money there... but we eventually fell apart do to complacency when we got what we wanted. Strangely, I was making money this way WHILE MrMind was making money HIS way. The second, a "Manufacturers Union" started with one top player saying he was tired of selling below cost... This failed, IMO, because there was no organization to this... Just my two gc worth.