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    Hunting the wild Joker.
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    Dunian:<br />Joker hunter<br />Alchemist<br />Ranger<br />Wannabe RPer
  1. Need help with the game

    This is a long shot, but have you tried disabling shadows?
  2. AFK Fighting

    Not being a fighter, I am struggling to understand why this is an issue. If someone is afk, just fight the silly monster yourself.
  3. Free for a month, perhaps. Or a two-week trial like some other mmorpgs do. Or both.
  4. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    Sorry mate, but I'm already buried and cannot take your order at this time.
  5. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    Sorry about that, I just must've missed it. I'll instert it into the waitlist at the proper location.
  6. Selling storage

    I'll buy all the AEs, And the excavator cape
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Another batch of 10k Diamonds please -- 33k
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Diamonds please -- 33k
  9. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    I appologize for the slow service, what with the time of year and all. Orders will be completed much more regularly after Sunday.
  10. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    I'm baaaaack! Here's how it works: I will have three committed orders, and then orders posted after that will be non-committed. As I complete committed orders, the non-committed ones will move up in the queue. I reserve the right to withhold service from the enemies of Iron, either red tagged guilds or pink tagged guilds (You can check here to see if you guild is one of these). Announcements: No more orders are currently being accepted. Prices Essences (3000 max) Air Ess -- 8gc ea Earth Ess -- 8gc ea Energy Ess -- 8gc ea Health Ess -- 7gc ea Life Ess -- 5gc ea Matter Ess -- 9gc ea Magic Ess -- 7gc ea Water Ess -- 6.5gc ea Bars (1000 max) Iron Bars -- 40gc ea Steel Bars -- 51gc ea Silver Bars -- 40gc ea Gold Bars -- 48gc ea Titanium Bars -- 50gc ea Seridium Bars -- 6800gc ea (5 max) If you see something that is not on the list (Matter conglomerations and whatnot) you can PM me ingame or here on the forums and we can work something out. Confirmed Orders 2cute2 -- 3000 Water Essences Orders waiting for pickup Fearm -- 1000 Steel Bars nicktehbrick -- 1000 Steel Bars Completed Orders bbmany -- 5 Seridium Bars Chosen -- 3000 Energy Essences forever -- 3000 Water Essences Kalix -- 1000 Matter Essences Wizzy -- 3000 Air Essences Smurf -- 3000 Air Essences sevsem -- 3000 Air Essences XenaMT -- 1000 Steel Bars yaserhameed -- 3000 Energy Essences mattyu -- 1000 Energy Essences caecus -- 1000 Steel Bars amar -- 3000 Health Essences Raz -- 1000 Steel Bars Waitlist forever -- 3000 Water Essences
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Sapphires please -- 32k
  12. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    Weel, first it looked clockwise, then I realized it was an illusion and I could then see it counter-clockwise. Does this mean my brain takes turns?
  13. Past Maps

    So much work... it's probably not gonna happen, though its a nice idea
  14. Ye Olde Alchemist's Booth

    I may see if I can talk a guildie into delivering them for me, Iron has a lot of people in Europe