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  1. Video card OpenGL version

    Macbook Pro: Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT OpenGL Engine Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.26 @Radu this may be interesting for you to see, as it lists all the Apple graphics adapters and what OpenGL versions they have. http://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/opengl/capabilities/index.html
  2. Global advantages

    Increase gold carried by mobs by a slight percentage <Mixed feelings, someone had to suggest it>, Increase the rate of "stones" being harvested. Two cents. Increase rate of rare item production. Increase amount of EMU everyone can carry by small percentage. Increase Food max by 5 or so. Increase (or decrease) the size of creatures. With or without an accompanying att/def increase or decrease. This idea brought to you by the changing size of the Ants.
  3. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    - How old are you? 24 - Where do you live? USA, Colorado - Are you studying or working etc.? Working, also studying - Do you have long history with computer games or is EL your "first love"? Warcraft, Warcraft2, Eternal Lands. I have not really ever gotten past the last one. So let's start with "real" questions: 1. The most important reason you play EL? Progression 2. Is there any other reasons you play? Yes 3. How did you find the game? While looking for an online RPG that was was A) Free Linux-usable 4. How often do you play? A few times a week 5. Have you tried any other MMORPG's and do you still play them? No Why have you stayed in EL? Tradition, Fond memories and Friends 6. Have you ever bought from EL shop? Yes, and I probably will again. Why? Because I like to get a little "Boost" every once in a while. "Boost" being a nice item, or a few Rosto's so that I can play in invasions.
  4. This Item is sold. Just so that everyone knows, I sold it for 15K.
  5. Starting bid: 10k Also, I am willing to trade for a nice item or two, if you have an Offer, PM me on the forum or in game. Thanks, Brom the Storyteller.
  6. Server down?

    I believe others can restart the server. And, Radu checked in last night, he might check in again soon.
  7. Server down?

    I can't get in either. (Though I was not playing in the first place)
  8. new players

    I love this! Thanks for the comments, Keep up the good work, I have found that making friends in the game greatly helps in ways you could not even imagine.
  9. As an added bonus to this cape idea, I could wear it and monitor an invasion for an RP Hack N Slash... And see how the players are doing.
  10. MrsBrom created a character, and played the beginning of the game out. She quite liked it I think. These are the comments she had: 1) To Roja: The green pants and green shirt do not match on the female avatar. 2) The X that is the character on the map, is very thin, and sometimes hard to spot, can we make it thicker? 3) She wishes she could walk with the arrow keys instead of clicking, it feels better when you are exploring. Those are her current suggestions, I am sure she will come up with more as she continues to play. (hopefully)
  11. Quest Storylines

    Many of the NPC's are in place to be informative, so that you better understand why things are the way they are in EL. They are, in my opinion, a refreshing break to the monotony of harvesting, mixing and fighting.
  12. New monster type

    Gotcha. Thanks Ent.
  13. I would like to suggest two monsters. 1. Spit Bee Placed around/near beehives. These would be more of a nusance than anything else. They would be aggresive to all players and ignore MM, but they would only deal 1-2 damage for every stinger thrown, and they would have only a little better accuracy than a player. If the player engages the bee in combat, the ranging stops but the bee attacks like normal, strength like that of a rat. 2. Orc Shaman - More beast than man Larger foe, which does a good amount of damage 10-20 a shot, and has more accuracy, for the higher-leveled maps. Likewise, if attacked with hand-to-hand the ranging stops and fighting begins. Simple idea really, I have searched the threads and have not been able to find much on this topic.
  14. views after 2 weeks of playing this game

    Good work! This is an excellent and informative post! I second EvanMarie, talk with people. Not everyone wants to, but many of us love a good conversation, and after that converstation, you have another friend, soon enough people will walk up to you while you are harvesting and join you just because they want company too. Feel free to chat with me when I am on, I love helping out.
  15. Game ethics

    I believe I fall into the under-represented group in this thread: I have always stood for choosing the nicest path. I give back anything I find, I have never PK'ed, nor do I plan to. If I needed to harvest in a PK zone, I would hire a friend or guildie to assist me. I am not one for fighting much either, but...I am not a person to spend hours manufacturing either. There are people of all sorts in this game, I do enjoy the diversity. I really do enjoy working with other people, It is my greatest drive in the game. Without a good friend to chat with while I mix, slaughter, explore, or whatever, I do not have a good time. I do have a question however, what is the purpose of this thread? I see lots of ranting but not much being done about it. If you dislike something then please work toward a solution. Example: Create a head-hunting NPC. Where you can pay money to place on someone's head, Then head-hunters can work to kill the "ebul-doer". It would be nice if you could behead someone and keep the head as a trophy as proof, but even without this, it would be an interesting element. Bounty hunters would arise as a counter-class to much of the problems. (Plus it would be a cash sink, as placing a bounty would require money the NPC would keep) Just an idea.