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  1. Artwork Updates

    Wonderful! That was REALLY great to see. You have outdone yourself
  2. Artwork Updates

    Looks really good! Now I see that we finnaly can start to hope for robes (monk/wizard) as well. As always, great work Roja!
  3. Info for those interested in Role Play

    Sounds like a great RP. I will be happy to join once it starts.
  4. A very strange 'bug'

    In order for us to be able to help you, please follow these steps: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18846
  5. Clients compiled from CVS (Rule 5)?[SOLVED]

    The CVS client is legal in that sense that you will not be banned for using it. However, read the programming forum carefully to see what functions would be ok to use. And, if you run into problems using the CVS client, it would be better to report those problems as bugs in the Bug report forum ( http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showforum=4 )
  6. Question about rule 16 [SOLVED]

    Case closed. happy gaming
  7. Do you like Diamonds?

    When insan... errr dedication strikes, it strikes hard. WTG Placio, you set an example for harvesters all around
  8. Cross Compiling for Windows in Linux

    I get a 404 for this link. Could you put it somewhere else, please? -Walter As you might have noticed.... This thread is 1.5 years old, and Bongo is no longer playing or programming for EL. The files were lost when the reepgs server building burned down I think. In any case, bane do no longer have the files, so you will have to look elsewhere for this.
  9. Make a disk wide search for files named: el_140_install.exe
  10. Have you tried to delete the previous (faulty ones) and download again?
  11. as you wish. Case closed. Windows Me and TNT2 might not be the best setup for running Eternal Lands, so maybe one should get Windows XP or vista and then possibly get a newer graphics card. Don't forget to update drivers
  12. So do we close this or is it an outstanding issue that is related to the EL software (aka "the EL client"?
  13. My maps have holes [SOLVED]

    Case closed. Happy gaming
  14. My maps have holes [SOLVED]

    Please post here if that was the problem (wrong .elc folder).
  15. My maps have holes [SOLVED]

    No map problems there in the windows client, which makes me assume it is a Linux related problem. Hold on.