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  1. Konv

    Yes maam ty ig LOL have a good one
  2. Konv

    In december 2011 i recieved a tokie character and changed the name to drtydevil later to whiterhino well in order to do that i had to have konvict1 locked due to my no alt rule in 2013 i scammed someone with whiterhino character which caused me a ban i returned in 2017 and have had very very little problems i no longer have any accounts and was curious may i have konvict1 unlocked im not going to cause any issues im now 28 years old and i hope ive proven a little more mature than i use to be i know its a 70s/80s acc im asking for to be unlocked im asking for all the hard work i put into it would be a shame to never play on it again if its a no i fully understand ive asked before a few times and was told no at the time i also had whiterhino also was originally put on no alt rupe for trading with my stepdads acc drtysouth in 2009 have had no other rule 5 problems until rule 5 was removed for tradibg with myself or with accounts on the same ip address without strict permission i am sorry for the drama ive caused in the past ive spent years apologizing
  3. Forgot password

    Thank you momma frfr i appreciate that
  4. Forgot password

    I cant help i just forgot my pw aislinn i swear all it is i hope thic can elate my situation aislinn im sorry for the spam by the way not trying to just attempting to,resolve this (this is from mrsdrtysouth and myself messaging)
  5. Forgot password

    Im not having any issues i simply typed in the new pw almost a year ago and forgot,what it was ma'am im not causing issues i didnt when i returned last time im not going to,now i was 14 when i started playing aislinn im now 28 when you delt with me i was a teenager even in 2012 i was only 19/20 i didnt do anything wrong this time i swear
  6. Forgot password

    Yeah lol i remember that i have pictures of me on whiterhino after that date on my facebook profile in riot guild with thyralax and kraken also ujuwana cherut had recieved moderator after that post of mine also im sure she can verify it was me on my account as i was trying to,join her and wizzys MAD guild at the time and informed them it was me back,on my account ill find the,pictures and share them it will make things easier and i apologize i forgot about the personal information bubba
  7. Forgot password

    Hi, about 300 ish days ago i changed my password to my whiterhino account to,protect itwith my android phone i have a feeling i hit the wrong key typing fast or either just forgot it flat out i remember all prievious passwords was curious if i may please recieve some assistance radu please i attempted to send a forum pm however i no longer have those privledges due to how i acted when i was younger on forums i also sent an email from johnathangriff@yahoo.com to verify who i am as we have had previous conversations about the account in question i also if need be have tons of screenshots from when i received the account in 2012 from attilathehun (<real name removed>) also when i returned on the account i took screeshots while doing guild projects just a few months prior to forgetting my password Thank you for your time
  8. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    The day is so rare that it wouldnt do much to change the circumstances unless the day came around more often?
  9. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    I dont have 100k silver And i agree with the npc being 2 that would be effective
  10. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Lol i agree 😂😂 Also i do train almost ever day for hours at a time... if the break rate were increased will it only effect used or damaged items ?or is that even an option?
  11. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    See and this is why i suggest the actual market be moderated people like this^ I actually do sell my stuff to people cheaper than market when i feel the peice is ridiculous im sure several of my guildies can vouch If it was moderated to where people actually recieve a consequence for raising it above 2 it would eliminate people re selling it for more it does nothing when one person sells cheaper ive tried people just decide to re sell it.
  12. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Suggestion is ask harvesters to lower silver back to 2 each iron 4 each etc for people to quit raising how much they want for something everything is effected by the markets greed not only alchemy if anything id say manfacturing is the most effected efe 30k binders 50k lol in 2008 iirc when you started they were 7.5k for an efe and 25k for a binding stone? Its the player markets greed make it to where if someone goes over a certain price for ings they lose trading privledges for a week or something people complain about prices all the time i say just regulate it tbh make the actual community better again not just alchemy just my idea on it if the grind becomes harder and harder for years eventually no one wants to gind so they quit and in doing this im not saying mess with drop rates or gc amounts from monsters nust regulate actual market prices not special things just what the players require to thrive in the community (reasources) i know my grammars off i just do enjoy this game alot
  13. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    To be fair, would it not make players charge more for those items equaling the npc prices as they did with everything else? Which will increase the harvestable prices again and make it harder for the people who just dont like to mix? I dont disagree with increasing it by equaling it to the current player market however those prices were placed in order to keep the market in check increasing it does nothing but raises the prices again. People just need to quit trying to pinch every penny out of everything and causing the market to go up dramatically it may not effect certain people now but it does everyone else
  14. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    OK cause I can't on for some reason or that's how I would have handled this
  15. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    I have text where she admitted and I showed the officer she can either release it or go to jail fr fr