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  1. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    OK cause I can't on for some reason or that's how I would have handled this
  2. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    I have text where she admitted and I showed the officer she can either release it or go to jail fr fr
  3. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    Yes thanks I'm screen shooting and going to police for hacking to they've been harassing me and stalking me this just violated the peace bond I placed yesterday
  4. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    Sellable character auto correct on my phone. I payed 100 USD to have my character unlocked that should come with some protection yes?
  5. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    They can't sell my in syllable character though...
  6. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    Hi Shawn and Michelle stole my account which isn't suppose to have anyone on it I haven't been on in weeks then I heard drtysouth was on my character now my pass is different I don't know what happened but he stole my account that is not suppose to be shared.i need help bad
  7. AttilaTheHun :)

    every action has an equal and opposite reaction i just gave you your reaction lol i dont care dude i really dont i found my solution and dont worry this ip wont have me on it ever again:p so fuck you guys point blank:P delete my forums account
  8. AttilaTheHun :)

    how will she know if i move to new city new ip new comp etc new forums acc and a goody goody attitude and me not telling anyone ever who i am? shes probally going to bann the wrong person rofl just know you guys caused it bye peace ill let you guys think on your actions
  9. AttilaTheHun :)

    so keep wr it might be better if i just move and buy a new char you know and have a real fresh start with out restrictions see this is the issue you guys cause when wronging people like they cant get around restrictions ive moved alot now and always told her who i was roflmfao you can either give me attila back with restrictions or deal with me in a month when i have no restrictions at all and you not knowing who i am LOL i tried playing by the rules aparently you guys dont want me too so
  10. AttilaTheHun :)

    oh nvm then she said i coulod have it i assumed right now and still the pass issue headache>.>
  11. AttilaTheHun :)

    well why is wr still locked then and how am i going to ask for the pass because i wont pay for it lmmfao ii cant start a new char then ask for him back and if i do get him i can guarentee ill get a name change and not pm anyone because she said aparently just no buying/selling/trading not name changes and i still cant remember her saying this roflmfao only id do this because its been 6-7 maybe 8 years i played this game ok i got put on restrictions for no alts but that was years ago why cant i have an alt who is it going to kill why cant i buy a char if you know who i am its not physically hurting her or anything so id get a name change nd try to get away from hr hounding me for no reason just because she doesnt like my family and how do you expect me sell attila hmm whos going to unlock him after >.>
  12. AttilaTheHun :)

    well can we reasonably give me attila on a sto wipe? he is on reset already and i did pm her my new char so it would be no confusion and she didnt say that to me she may have forgot
  13. AttilaTheHun :)

    which i dont see this deal unreasonable since she is sooo shure she is right and you mods are behind her 100%
  14. AttilaTheHun :)

    no its trading konvict1 for tokie char thru aislinn iirc and she never told me i couldnt buy sell or trade if shed post real logg screenshots for proof ive told her how several times ill leave this alone if i am wrong you can kill my forums acc but if im right i respectfully request all restrictions be null and void and my chars returned to me
  15. AttilaTheHun :)

    groomish hi just like to say i logged on attila to change pass to wr's pass and to change attilas pass after that no more wr and it wasnt the reason i was banned it was buying selling and trading quit making excuses