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  1. Is there any chance to increase the amount of instance slots for everybody? 2/2 is often 0/2 and depending on when people go or how busy they are in RL, the farmers will still farm either way. - soLo
  2. So... You say it is discouraging to go ice after 2 hours and not profit? how about we go back to before where the average ice instance share was 25k and no MBs at all? This sounds like greed just like how people were going nasp wave to get millions of def exp with sop and afk. Instances were never meant to go with so few people originally and now you can even solo them with alts... Hit or miss you have the option to go again get a 'nexus' for nice profit unlike before where the chances were super low since it was just 2 bula and we all know whoever ice instances that regular bulas suck in comparison to MB. In my opinion the ice is fine the way it is and the drops are fine having experienced that from before. - soLo
  3. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    The n00b squad giving advice to real newbies? count me in kk
  4. "Do not ban people for having a different playstyle or opinion" that's some crap right there you are spewing maxine... I remember when you and burn and raistlin tried to get me banned for serping people. Let alone you always jump on the bandwagon to screw stivy over for playing the way he does. Fyi it's a great idea to have someone suggest things or even take their comments seriously when they ban people just for saying their name ingame. Cough cough
  5. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted yes on this topic because PK is basically dead as it is and I don't see it coming back to fruition anytime soon. I will say that I don't know how it would change the constant grind for higher levels when fighting though... given the possibility of more "freedom build" choice. - solo
  6. Possible Invance Rehab?

    The person obviously has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Mages revi the hp given to them already has a big edge. Sure they lose more hp because the lack of vitality although the extra hp makes up for the lack in most cases if not all. considering if they do sit back and just heal or kill lower mobs in the 120+ invance the end is the same... Mages more hp > Rangers more damage > Fighters less hp than mage but can stand their ground. they forgot to mention EMPs/GHP + MD/SoP/MoL can help a fully geared mage with staying alive considerably.
  7. 120+ Instance

    If this is about the pr0 instance i have said this time and time again... the nasp/blued chance was a bad idea in the first place. secondly... I have done hundreds of pr0 instances and only gotten about 3-4 nexus removals from bulangiu before it changed... the chance was already crap and the average gc was 25k. NOT including if you break armor/weps. so glad i don't do them much anymore and on top of it a lot of people who think they know what they are talking about when it comes to average drops they truly never did instance the pr0 that much because i don't ever recall seeing them at BH. - solo
  8. Split KF in Half

    poofing mage skirts will ultimately end the same way pk wise for many given reasons... in my opinion lets say you take away 60mana you still have emps/mana drain from bears or vice versa. you talk about long fights luci but when people gain armor compared to lose it (full ice dragon) the thermals would be useless anyways and brod would be harder to hit against higher armor aswell.
  9. why make it so those who only do 140s~ invasions and not even capped in anything besides 2-3 attributes mess around? if you aren't even close to maxing attributes how would it be any different then now? sure you could harm more or you could dodge/hit more... pots already do that though. - soLo
  10. I love people who complain about dragons look at how many actually go to BD and ice dragon spawn. there are people who care only about gc but gc isn't all that great with farming dragons... its not "win/win" from what i have experienced melee wise. i have to risk breaking gear 95% more than those who pin the mob, on top of it there is a 8min respawn timer. so take the good with the bad, risk being serped as a ranger, breaking gear as a melee and dragons ignore you. - soLo
  11. Wing Guild

    I'd love to see you in any PK map along with any of your guildies tokie...also another thing to keep in mind Wing was created in 2007 clearly not over 7 years ago. - soLo
  12. pr0 instance lost its worth

    The problem is you don't do the pr0 instance as much as i do... so therefore you shouldn't even give ideas. You are too busy soloing the 120-140 and livestreaming it then bragging about it after you are done. - soLo
  13. pr0 instance lost its worth

    Rabbitman what does the 120-140 instance have to do with this topic? just stop right now to be honest, you don't even do pr0 instances regularly like I do and a few others. I also do not like the changes and i am 170s defense. - soLo
  14. Buying Mirror Greaves

    Hi i'd like to buy Mirror Greaves, PM me ingame. soLo
  15. KF Clash #4

    I'd like to spectate in all honesty.
  16. KF Clash #4

    if it's not gonna include spectators there shouldn't be as many rules and all the other contests of this caliber jhave included spectators... which would make asking for " If you are willing to enforce a rule restricting access to KF only to competitors for the 30 minute duration of the event it would be greatly appreciated." kinda BS. - soLo
  17. Sunday AA Invasion

    invasion last night was great fun. Thank you Radu and Asgnny.
  18. CalsoniC

    You will find being hated by most guilds nowadays is not really fun.. don't go complaining on channel 6 or anywhere else when you don't get a share during an instance or invance TvMan... also dont ask for sympathy when poofing 11k boar ings.
  19. Sign up for WTF!?!? instance US evening time

    It's been over 950~ish hours since I went to a WTF insta.. I'll gladly go. You know me as soLo ingame (160s a/d - 60s range 60 AP - max mule level- max attribs besides will)
  20. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    Brod effect has already been decreased in the past iirc.
  21. Vallath - Fate

    Vany knows best
  22. Vallath - Fate

    I just have to say.. why would someone try and get me known as a scammer when i'm not? (LoL)
  23. Yeah, I have this suggestion about NCa or other such 1vs1 maps or pk areas. I have found that there are counters to spells or weapons but the mines or RC mines there are no counters yet. It's like a 1vs1 but with 4other people do damage, Cause in fact Well lets just say harm or others yeah.. mages can be counterd with MI. Rangers can't attack in 1vs1 maps when others are already fiighting another. I would just like to say if there could be a spell or counter for it great, or if it could be reduced to not hurting others in 1vs1 maps thats cool too:P just a suggestion.
  24. Auctioning Thermal Serp

    Yeah, I'm auctioning thermal Serp 600k starting bid. BIN - 650k Ingame name if all you are wondering Vallath SOLD!!! no more offers
  25. BraleX locked for long time.

    I'd like to know if I could have my old acc back.. it's been a couple years or.. a year and a half. I know the guy I did that to, and we are friends, we just put that behind us.. now. I was just wondering if I could get my acc unlocked. I don't need the sto or anything..It doesnt matter to me. my last post was about a year ago to get it unlocked.. I thought i'd try again but if you say it cannot be done thats okay too