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Found 1 result

  1. pr0 instance lost its worth

    So after a short period of this new update on pr0 I can only say one thing... why did it have to be changed and why didnt we have some discussion about how it could be changed? Ive seen most team that have gone now and end up with a gc amount that make this pr0 thing not worth doing anymore... Ofc there might be some that disagree, that its more entertaining with hardship of completing it but it was one of those fun and entertaining way u could actually make gc in this game.. not spending countless hours on some spawn farming like hell. Before this update (Ive calculated this by the average drop rate) we got about 30k each (4 man) at the lowest which is ok but not good when u calc in the arrows, the red scales needed to lower time from 0 - 150h etc etc. Now with this update u wont even cover these expenses by a long shot, so whats the fun of that? Spending more gc to do something thats meant to provide it. So one way to solve this is to increase the drop rate of the mobs for instance purposes only, little blue drags drop shit but drain up alot of hes/srs, make some rare drops like those of acw could provide atleast something, and for god sake remove pds on blues in instance... main reason for the very low gc u get from an instance is that u need to use more arrows cause of blues. So hope we could atleast have some discussion about how this could be changed to be entertaining again. And ofc this is my opinion but spoke with alot that have done it and most agree to it.