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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    RIP Learner, I would've never known to boil gnomes in a stew on IP without you.
  2. You wanted change to the game when you do NOTHING inside the game itself. That is a valid point I made. That's like asking someone about a topic inside the game and someone giving advice who has no idea what they're talking about at all. My name is Burn, and I got people banned for saying my name ingame because I couldn't handle it.... Oh wait, that wasn't me and also an 'ingame' thing, but oh well... Attacking a developer who has no idea how the game works since they DO not PLAY the game itself and only develops the game is also valid. If you want me to get personal then I still haven't gotten "personal" because all the stuff that happened is known within the community and happened inside the game itself. Probably one of the best things to happen to you "burn" is you aren't mod anymore and can exploit hydro with powers/exploits.
  3. You make a comment and on forums and expect not to be questioned about it? I have been doing invasions ingame for over 10 years and I don't think i've ever seen you fight once. What I said has merit to the fact that if you don't even fight at all and comment and agree with someone about this topic why should this suggestion be taken seriously? It's not even 'personal' just an opinion and if you don't like it then prove me wrong about the ingame topic. We're here to talk about a 'suggestion' and not everyone will agree with you and vice versa. -solo
  4. Do you even play the game these days bluap? let alone do invasions... Back in time meant being told nowhere was safe... but I forgot you didn't play 'back in time' and just virtue signal as usual.
  5. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Removing CD for SRs would solve nothing, and you know why? You can spam SRs or EMPs without any setback. The old PK days didn't have that problem and fights didn't last forever because (beaver tokens) didn't exist and mana management was a thing, and to counter the amount of potions you brought to a fight they didn't stack. I never EVER want to see that stupid skill buffed back to the way it was unless shortbows also get buffed to the shooting speed they used to be and other combat skills reverted back to the way they were after the big update which changed EL's fighting formula and caps went to 48... Spamming 1 button and spamming another in quick succession and whoever had the most HP won, yeah... no thanks it was just as OP if not more OP than beaver tokens. Remove beaver tokens and bring back mana management and i'd be on board with this. -solo
  6. Alpina and alts banned

    Just because you're open about what happened doesn't mean the ban is unwarranted. You proceeded to allow the macro to happen on your character, and even going as far as wanting another person to do it for you after repeated messages by mods for EVERYONE in the community to see for months that macroing was bad. You're an older player and should've known better but your own greed got the best of you and there is no excuse for that imo.
  7. Alpina and alts banned

    You wanted him to do it knowing well that it was against the rules with your own character, if you wanted to stop it Chester you shouldn't have allowed it. You are just as guilty as Calsonic.
  8. Alpina and alts banned

    If you truly cared about the game then you wouldn't have broken one of the worst rules that 'everyone' especially 'older' players know never to do. Those 'buddies' of yours are known scammers throughout the years and have never contributed positively to the community like you claim. In my honest opinion as an old player your pals are lucky they even got a chance to come back after all the trouble they caused in the past and unfortunately for them due to your actions which they fully accepted by giving you access to their chars it ended up with them getting banned including yourself. Why are you given special rights to come back with a sto wipe and your chars back when others have done far less and never given that chance to ever get back on their characters? you knew the rules and proceeded to break them after mods were insisting for months that macro was not ok. You are only sorry you got caught and this is another plead that most of us in the community have heard before and it's always broken. You spending your RL $$ doesn't gain you sympathy or empathy, just sounds like you're desperate knowing that might've been your last chance to ever play the game. YOU willingly broke the rules and you alone are at fault for it. Somebody even trusted you with their PW (As shady as they have been in the past) those actions you took got them banned too and again why should mods let alone the community trust you will mean what you say after that? -solo
  9. kingpin banned

    You have been doing shady stuff for years now Kingpin and when you got backlash for scamming Caduceus, you tried to play it off that someone else did it... 'your cousin' and begged the community you would never do it such a thing and your 'poor wife' situation 5+ years ago. Everytime you get caught doing something that will be looked at by the community as horrible or ruin your so called 'reputation' of being a goodie two shoes it is either RL situation forced you or someone else's fault for it. You ruined your reputation and only you here, and now you are paying the consequences of officially breaking one of the worst rules to break while openly admitting to it multiple times for the community to see who you really are. I have no sympathy or empathy for you, many of us have done things for far LESS and we can NEVER get our characters back. You reap what you sow and if you truly cared about this game you wouldn't keep repeating the same things over and over again. There are very few people who get second chances and you have had so many chances to change for the better and even now after all this time you have not. -solo
  10. Ranging Medallion

    There aren't very many 'low' level invasions to begin with, so i'll assume you just instance at the lower bracket. Ranger medallion would effect all levels in general and ER already has a 30% or so chance per shot to not use arrow on top of WH and if you get the 60AP as a ranger you're gonna be hitting like a truck even at lower levels. I don't know how many 70s you know in melee that can hit a mob without taking damage in the process or without any form of danger to begin with. Fighters risk breaking gear and at the lower level bracket it would be way harder and more expensive to replace in comparison to a rangers arrow usage. I was tanking at the very high level before warranties existed for fighters and enh sun meds were used and the rangers did far more damage in general back then compared to a fighter with no risk to their gear. And in 2010 (my guildie) choris used to farm ice dragons in hulda just ranging in leather/shortbow... A pure ranger would never lose more gc than a fighter due to not dying and losing rostos 125k+gc ea now per death as well... so, implying that ranging is more expensive is quite a broad accusation.
  11. Ranging Medallion

    Oppose the idea... Do you not remember all the complaining people did before PD was ingame for PK? the boost in ranging damage would essentially remove any form of PD effect bosses have and most mobs don't even have PD to begin with unless very high level. ER perk/WH perk (Bows now give each effect so no need for both anymore) and the removal of rule 5 makes instances much easier to farm as well. Increase the instance availability slots beforehand or you will see an influx in farming. (perhaps boss serping too in invasions) and it isn't as if ranging is a 'godsend' damage boost as is especially for the lower level bracket. (easily 80s damage per arrow) gl getting that meleeing withouting dying in the process due to FA on back with huge def penalty/mirrors unlike a ranger who can sit back without worry and just shoot not taking damage.
  12. Is there any chance to increase the amount of instance slots for everybody? 2/2 is often 0/2 and depending on when people go or how busy they are in RL, the farmers will still farm either way. - soLo
  13. So... You say it is discouraging to go ice after 2 hours and not profit? how about we go back to before where the average ice instance share was 25k and no MBs at all? This sounds like greed just like how people were going nasp wave to get millions of def exp with sop and afk. Instances were never meant to go with so few people originally and now you can even solo them with alts... Hit or miss you have the option to go again get a 'nexus' for nice profit unlike before where the chances were super low since it was just 2 bula and we all know whoever ice instances that regular bulas suck in comparison to MB. In my opinion the ice is fine the way it is and the drops are fine having experienced that from before. - soLo
  14. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    The n00b squad giving advice to real newbies? count me in kk
  15. "Do not ban people for having a different playstyle or opinion" that's some crap right there you are spewing maxine... I remember when you and burn and raistlin tried to get me banned for serping people. Let alone you always jump on the bandwagon to screw stivy over for playing the way he does. Fyi it's a great idea to have someone suggest things or even take their comments seriously when they ban people just for saying their name ingame. Cough cough