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Found 11 results

  1. Who is more trustworthy?

    Hi guys I thought it’s about time this has to be done as I have had about enough now. Very simple who do you think is likely to scam you or mug you off in shares Myself (starkie)or Violater. it be appreciated if you can share your experiences too honesty is the best policy
  2. Speedy gonzales

    Hi there, I have been giving some thought on a different kind of instance, that isn't based on the same range level of players, the idea is to bring competitiveness into the game It would be an instance you could go once every two weeks (more or less can be discussed below), the idea is to set a record and to complete the instance as fast as possible , it isn't to farm gc as it won't be profitable compared to the other instances. The team would consist of 4 players (again this can be discussed below): 1 fighter in the 60 - 90 range 1 fighter in the 90 - 120 range 1 fighter in the 120 - 150 range 1 fighter in the 150 ++ range The instance will have negative light so that it is hard to see the monsters, some areas could only be reached with teleport to range, some monsters would be capped, that means that if someone sees a monster he would have to call a lower team member to kill or will have to md them or something, but not sure that would be the best strategy if they are loads of rabbits, right ? This indeed involves some luck in finding the monsters fast but that is what could be fun and unpredictable to see what team finish faster. The monster I am thinking off are : Basically any creature / monsters, the bosses could be dragons with 2 polyphemus or so (this can be discussed below) How to advance in the next instance wave : Kill all the monsters even the invisible rats Ok so what are the rules : If any team member dies the whole team lose and will be sent back to IP shortly, yep that is harsh (that means protecting the weakest at all times One of you teleing out result in the team losing The aim is to bring fun and competitiveness a diverse range of players, which lacks in the invasion/instances because of caps (not blaming the invasions lol). Now what is the reward : The gc and items you have collected belongs to the team The team that completes the instance gets their name into the list of people that completes it Time it took them to complete + their names. Every EL year (or something) it gets reset, and the winner wins a prize of some kind (discuss below ). Oh and right before you tell me it won't happen, please every man is free to dream lol Also the idea can be polished into something better if you have ideas, we could even bring mixing/harvesting into this
  3. When I fight in an invasion I like to turn on instance mode. It raises my banner up above the names of the monsters. I have health numbers on, but I also will turn on health bars, ether bars and ether numbers and banner background. I looked in options and didn't see anything like what I am asking. Could instance mod be adjusted to have sub categories? So by selecting instance mode it would turn on or off the things I have preset. it would look something like this. * Instance mode Show names Show Health numbers Show health bars Show Ether numbers Show Ether bars Banner background So you could turn on or off any or all of these options. I know you are busy so there is no rush.
  4. I personally as a 6080 instancer would like to see that the scarba in 6080 instance replaced with polys. My main reason is because that scarba drop 500gc or less gc VERY often. There are some instances where the instance drops don't even cover the cost of an invasion token the polys would make it much easier to profit or atleast pay for the tokens we use to instance if they were added. (Challenge wise with 2 polys it is going to test our resources for the whole instance to make it harder) Ok thank you very much for taking your time to read this
  5. Hi! We are searching for a wtf instance tank, who would come with a lower level team. Contact me here on the forum, or in the game.
  6. Basically first you want to learn how to survive there and how to win as a team. But you can only learn that by going there as a complete noob and knowing how strong some monsters are compared to you. This is very discouraging and many players will consider them too weak to join one of those. So what if you don't drop any stuff when you die in your first 10 invances? Even more, once you get invance lvl 40 you get a pop up saying you can do those and get encouraged to join. Maybe even make a quest that will reward you with 1 rostogol stone after your first successfully 10 invances. And the same for the instance.
  7. Remote Heal Service

    I'm offering my help as a healer in the wtx- and pr0-instance. 320 Heals = 15k - 16k health 140 Heals = 6.7k - 7k health Price is negotiatable. My proposal: 10kgc regular enter price + 12kgc for Essences and SR (320 Heals (Mule Shape)) or : 10kgc regular enter price + 5100gc for Essences and SR (140 Heals) P.S. buying more Emeralds pm Polar
  8. I have just recently started instancing in 6080 range, and noticed we have a much higher cooldown than the higher levels, even though we have less people, and dont farm them. There fore is suggest we swap the cooldowns around, helping to make farming higher level instances marginally more expensive, but not restricting lower levels who dont farm the instances. Since theres alot of instance discussions atm, please stick on topic, only discussing cooldown, and nothing else. Ty.
  9. pr0 instance lost its worth

    So after a short period of this new update on pr0 I can only say one thing... why did it have to be changed and why didnt we have some discussion about how it could be changed? Ive seen most team that have gone now and end up with a gc amount that make this pr0 thing not worth doing anymore... Ofc there might be some that disagree, that its more entertaining with hardship of completing it but it was one of those fun and entertaining way u could actually make gc in this game.. not spending countless hours on some spawn farming like hell. Before this update (Ive calculated this by the average drop rate) we got about 30k each (4 man) at the lowest which is ok but not good when u calc in the arrows, the red scales needed to lower time from 0 - 150h etc etc. Now with this update u wont even cover these expenses by a long shot, so whats the fun of that? Spending more gc to do something thats meant to provide it. So one way to solve this is to increase the drop rate of the mobs for instance purposes only, little blue drags drop shit but drain up alot of hes/srs, make some rare drops like those of acw could provide atleast something, and for god sake remove pds on blues in instance... main reason for the very low gc u get from an instance is that u need to use more arrows cause of blues. So hope we could atleast have some discussion about how this could be changed to be entertaining again. And ofc this is my opinion but spoke with alot that have done it and most agree to it.
  10. High level monster drops

    This is another poll that has nothing to do with any official discussion or plans for change (afaik). I am simply curious how other people feel about this topic. Currently, when fighting high level monsters like the Bulangiu and Mare Bulangiu it is possible to put in a lot of effort and resources for the chance at a pretty decent drop or a really crappy one. My question is this: Do you like the system the way it is now where you have a chance for a really low drop and a really high drop OR would you like to see a system where there is a decent sized minimum drop in exchange for a slightly lower high end drop? Again, this is just me being curious as to how other people who experience these drops (instancers, invancers, invasion attenders) feel about the subject. It has not sprung from discussion anywhere in 6 or on forums or anywhere else lately.