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Found 1 result

  1. Wing Guild

    Over seven (7) years ago there was an invasion in Morecraven Marsh, A left over M-B was "being pinned" against the North East Silver Mine Entrance by Wing Guild Fighters...and would be "Dissed to kill who ever walked out of that Cave". Shortly after the Invasion, I signed on game about 6:00 am EST , walked out of that Cave, and was killed by the M-B, leaving my DB with my CoL inside. Halil was closest to the entrance and PM'd me stating that one of His Guildies got my bag for me, but then PM'd me and claimed there was nothing in it but some fruit after He ( Halil ) got on it. I sent an Iggy requesting that someone form the Wing Guild please return my DB in whole, and was told in Iggy to "S.T.F.U. n44b no one has your CoL" and was then told to stop sending Iggy's to them. At that time, the Guild ( Poundin' You ) started asking questions and I told them what had happened...and we then and there set Wing Guild to #Ignore and SandMan set their tag to Brown / Kill at will. It's been that way for over 7, almost 8 years now, and nothing has changed. Not once in 7+ years has anyone in Wing Guild ever said one word of any kind to me except for telling me how #nU sucks...still the same crap from the same Higher-Up's who still think that their $hit don't stink...and now suddenly Wing Members want to know why they are Blocked form Iggy with #nU and can't use my Trade Bots,( not all #nU Bots are mine, just a couple of them, and if the Guild wants to allow others to use THEIR Bots, so be it...just not gonna' happen from MY Bots )...well now you know. I don't care if it was Halil who stole my CoL from my DB or not. When the Wing Guild was notified that one of their Members got my DB, and they replied " S.T.F.U. n44b no one has your CoL and stop Iggying us." ...that means that the whole Guild condoned the actions of those who had the Creature Pinned against the MM Silver Cave Entrance and were allowing it to kill those who exited the Cave without discrimination, so that they could take the spoils without having to work for them like the rest of us do. Taking the easy road by hauling off Death Bags might be funny as Hell to you when you do it, but remember...Guys like me never forget. I will never forget. And I will never forgive those who transgress against me, or any member of this Guild. Respectfully, Tokie