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Update Suggestion From the Wizard

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Update Proposal Eternal Lands

1) New NPC Quest Story of The Dragon Necromancer (quest reward could be a book of Obsidum Weapons Modification)

2) New Harvestable: Obsideum 
   Book Obsideum Harvesting 250kgc
   Requirments harv 125 recommend
   Requires Little Blue Dragon Scale
   10 ACP per harvest

3) New Weapon
   Obsideum Spear (use currect spear model_
   Formula 10 Obsideum
   2 Spear 
   Binding stone
   2 enriched energy essences
   Tools Saw, hammer
   Osdisrum Spear Building Book requred.

4) New Monster  Necro Dragon Uses Grey Dragon Mesh
   Red/Black/Ice and Blue Dragon have a chance to respawn as a necro dragon
   Necro dragon Only takes damage from Obsideum weapons
   Not pinable 
   Obsideum weapon uses acp / round
5) New Weapn Obsidum arrow 
   PK arrow + Obsideum to make
   requires book to produce
   Uses acp when fired per round
   inflicts damage to necro dragon above.

Necro dragon should be a team effort to kill and should perhaps have a random 1/50 spawn 
Drop 45% chance orange
Drop 30% chance pear
Drop 20% chance grape
Drop 5% chance nexus removal

That is our idea, Drop rates and formuales given are for example only..Best determined by DM Radu


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Adding something new to the game is not only exciting but very much needed especially for very high level fighters that tend to think EL as the Eternal Bore. (I tend to disagree :P). EL needs more of this, good suggestions to come to "life" and give everyone something fresh to look forward to. As much of a hassle it may be, if the suggestions and new additions turn out to be a bad decision. It could be removed. I think it is a great idea, Wizzy. +1 from me :rolleyes:

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not that it holds any weight, I add my +1 to the idea!


We need NEW stuff to keep EL fresh.

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2) New Harvestable: Obsideum 


I'd like to see the exp about 50% higher than dung.  We need something with better exp for the higher level harvesters.


(I've been doing dung for years, it would be nice to have something new.)

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So all this extra work just to kill a new dragon?

We already have plenty of unused weapons in the game, even though I spent years adjusting them to be all different and useful. Adding a new resource and weapon that do nothing but kill a monster doesn't seem like an useful idea. It also denies people with good weapons, some of them bought from the shop the opportunity to use them on a monster.

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Since the drops are decent, and since it's a doom-dragon anyway...


Give Necro Dragon brod any non-obsidian gear:


Kill a normal dragon \o/

Necro dragon gets summoned from corpse \o/

Necro dragon brods your shop bought r2 /o\

Radu gets to sell more insurance \o/

Necro dragon brods your everything else /o\

You brick and die /o\

Radu gets to sell more bricks \o/



You missed a bit Wizard. (also the bacon)

Edited by Diealot

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Well why not use weapons that's already ingame? tweek the weapons/armor that's not used. So many in-game items already that's not used but won't be used unless they get changed. Alot of things that could be changed but doesn't. I like wizzy's idea but as he said it's just an idea. Not been an update in forever could make use of what we already have and add some fresh tweeks to them and create something new. We need more fresh stuff in EL.

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Ok, I’ll start by saying that there is no monster in EL that 52’s cannot solo. I have watched Cher solo a bricker. Other than having to restock once, it was little effort on her part. She might say different, lol. I know others have solo'd casties.


Here is the quick version for the A.D.D. impaired.


Gray Necro dragon, 10,000+ hp. Equipped with a COTU, a dragon blade and PD


COTU will prevent quick kills from brownie tokens. Dragon blade will mana drain or mana burn attackers mana. The drop should be worth the effort of killing it.





Longer version for the more patient.


One of the most deadly perks is self destruct. I got caught in Wizzy spawning 50+ phantom warriors and he nearly bricked me in seconds. As fast as I was killing them, I was losing Hps. No magic protects from SD.


The gray Necro dragon could spawn 50 phantom warriors at some point, 5000 or 6000 hp like casties/brickers do. Maybe again at 4000 hp.


Again, drop should make it worth the effort of killing.

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Spear could use a tweak; it has a good chance to bypass your opponents armour but the damage spread is too wide and unpredictable. Suggestion: Make the lower damage 20 instead of 10. Then the average damage is 45 (lower then Halberd which is 50) but the higher crit to dmg makes up for that.


Blue dragon sword: nice stats but low damage, hence it doesnt get used much. Give it +12 magic damage instead of +5 and i think it would get used a lot more. Specially if the necro dragon has a weakness or no resistance to magic damage. Then the tweaked blue drag sword and magic serp would be the preferred weapon for that monster.


Dragon blade: since there is not much PK nowadays it might be an idea to replace the 2% manaburn with a 2% chance to do 100 fire damage. Increase base dmg to 30-40. More towards Scythe which actually does more dmg but has a much higher chance to break.


Sunbreaker: good chance to bypass armour but very low damage. Tweak damage to 30 like a jagged saber which has high accuracy instead.


Eagle wing: give it something extra like a cold damage bonus of +12.


Emerald claymore: give it something extra like a high def bonus of +12 so this sword could be used when high def is needed: so low dmg but high def (with shield +20)


I'm sure people have ideas for the axes aswell.




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