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  1. EFE's giveaway

    77 - Suzuki
  2. Christmas contest! :)

    sounds like fun good luck everybody
  3. Nice list of suggestion, that would be interesting!
  4. Russian

    Привет Браћа Руси из Сербии
  5. Srbija!

    Ima li koga...OS naravno da je nase silom je oteto,vraticemo pitanje je vremena.
  6. Bad news about Forgiven

    Rest in peace
  7. Server crash?

    Same here
  8. Srbija!

    Jel ima neko i dan danas ko igra ovu igricu?
  9. YUGO is back!

    bilo bi najbolje da samo srbija itd ? pa de si ti angel nema te ucicu ija samo da popravim el
  10. Problem

    Full disabled
  11. Problem

  12. Problem

    Its about port. 2000. Its blocked. What shoud i do?
  13. Problem

    Hello, i have problems with logging. I have read some topics but not helpful. When i try to log in, it doesent happen anything, like when its banned but i am not. I can log on test server. I tryd cmd > telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000 But failed. Also when i enter el, background is white colored. Please help. regards ~reap
  14. Mortos

  15. hleb

    No sorry big mistake. I just realised its problems with my EL thanks