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Good suggestions that never seen the light of day

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We have a ton of suggestions that have never made the cut. They go either unseen or for some reason or another ignored. I only went back 3 pages on the suggestions and I am sure there are many more I missed.


Guns, specifically muzzle loaders



death message for ivan, something like lenny.




day of more grief vs. day of no grief.



more magic spells (this has been suggested many times, too many to pick form)



new uses for action pts



new weekly/monthly quests



mixing medallions, like the idea, bad for macroing though.



new dailies



mage class/perks


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If you read the day of no grief topic it asks for the addition of harvesting 'n' mixing equipment (pickaxes, harv meds 'n' arrow head mold ect) to be unable to break on this day. Not the adition of the day.

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Yes, that is why I posted it in the first place, but wasn't awake enough when Revi posted what he did.

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We've not really had anything new in years and maybe, just maybe, if we had some new stuff it might bring life back into the game.

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