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Screenshot Thread

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Made by my guildie Bloodsucker - I just couldn't resist sharing this screen with all EL :)



Beware of teh mighty Gnome!

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Oh, about that one, i just forgot to add one more line: "Gnomes aren't food!" :)


And here some of my shots:

(clicky! to enlarge)


Yes. You CAN overdose invisibility potions:



Nice fighting screenie:



Beautiful view! (now I just love staying in Irinveron at night!)



Like I said... gnome archers! \o/



Special day: Today is a special day when you get double Lotheneil.

RPG: Lotheneil is so uber pr0 AFKer, that you cant imagine. Now you got her doubled.



Yeah... a/d training is boring... even for DC... Yaaaaaawn...!


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I was going thru my photobucket and seen my EL album. Looking thru it just about made me cry. I mean really >.< i felt happy and sad at the same time :icon13: Most of my screenies are either pvp or just me exploring and hanging out, lol. But here goes a few anyway




Test server fun i think :icon13:

c2 fun

Good Friends

Good old days



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Early September, the alch goddess becomes part of the game.


Her priestess hastily rushes to DP, caught by surprise at this turn of events.


Before she even has time to make her morning coffee, the priestess gets visited by a (then) level 70 alcher.


She wasn't happy about going to work so quickly (and before coffee), as can be seen by her response to me...




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I found a way into hell keeping my material pts w/o Hellspawn perk. It wasn't photoshopped and I didn't take any pots or heal myself.

c2 Hell

Edit: removed the codebox, didn't know what it was for.

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Ok, all I have to say is WOW! Thanks everyone for posting these! Talk about renewed enthusiasm for the game... The main site should really have some screenshots of the next-level battle scenes and even very artful / tasteful map scenes. They are incredible, and very well done.


I realize I'm taking the slow road with summoning, alchemy, potions so far - and keep losing money if I die LOL - but wow - these pictures make me want to keep going just so I can level up enough to be able to see these other awesome maps. Without dying instantly :(


Time to get back to making fire essences hehehehe


Take care,


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